U2 Fans Reporting On First Elevation Shows

1 Apr 2001
The Elevation world tour is under way, and your reviews from the first two shows in Ft Lauderdale have already flooded our inbox.

From the superlative ("this was the best night of my life--at least, since my wedding") to the downright weird ("Adam, sealing my senses in pockets of amber to be preserved forever"), from U2 virgins to those who've been intimate with the band from the start, the vibe is unmistakable: U2 take you higher.

You've welcomed the stripped-back stage ("less is more defines this concert") and the intimacy of seeing the world's biggest rock band in a small arena ("I was sat in the clouds but it felt like the front row"), and you've mostly cheered the set-list ("Bad is always so good") - though if there's one thing most of you seem to crave, it's the return of 40 as the show's fullstop.

The most frequent observation from the first two nights ? That this was more than *just* a concert. "I was baptised again," confessed one. "It was nothing but a spiritual experience--even from the back row of the stadium" whispered another across the ether.

And as for Bono's first night fall from grace - or at least, from the stage. "If you ever wanted to see 20,000 people go 'Oh shit!', this was the night," wrote Patrick Bremer. "Is it any wonder Bono fell off the stage in Miami?" asked Tim O'Malley. "He got too close to the Edge." Boom boom.

Maybe it was just the thought of playing piano on the Sweetest Thing...

"Better prepare yourselves to be shaken and stirred," croaks David Claycomb, losing his voice. "Because your night with U2 will, even in the smallest way, change you. Sounds melodramatic, but trust me. You will be different."

Seems like Elevation's taking off.

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(report for U2.COM by Brian Draper)


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