Twelve timeless tracks, twenty years old next month. But which is the one song from Achtung Baby that will always have a special place in your life ?

The single releases from the album colonised the airwaves in the early 1990's while tracks like Ultraviolet  and Until The End of the World have become live mainstays.

The Fly will always signal the moment when The Joshua Tree started toppling, Mysterious Ways has that unforgettable groove and One... what else is there to say about One?

But there are twelve tracks on this album and maybe your own Achtung Baby moment is none of these.

Which one song will always make it onto your U2 greatest hits collection - and why does it means so much to you ?

Who does it make you think of? Where were you when you first heard it? What is it about for you...  and why can you never let it go?


28 October, 2015
pure art ....
31 October, 2011
So Cruel
it brings the blood to a boil. "....Between the horses of love and lust. We are trampled underfoot...."
31 October, 2011
One then Love is Blindness
One is the obvious choice but Love is Blindness is a really poweful track for me.
30 October, 2011
Mysterious ways
So hard to chose... Ultra violet: brilliant! Stay: gives me shivers!! But those songs had to sink in to me (but those kind of songs are mostly the best) What really got me the first time I haerd it, was mysterious ways and one line in particular: "If you wanna touch the sky, better learn how to kneel" What an amazing thing to say for people so famous and talented. It's been my credo ever since. If only everyone would think like that, the world would be a better place.
30 October, 2011
Even if it is very difficult to make a choice, "stay" is a masterpiece as well as the video clip ... wao , it send you to the stratosphere of the senses ! thank you for all this guys !...
29 October, 2011
Achtung Baby
Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World has everything. Rock, love, melody, a story and more!
28 October, 2011
Don't let the bastards grind you down...
In twenty years, EACH and EVERY ONE of these songs has resonated with me deeply in some way. I am so incredibly excited for the celebration of this album both for how much of an art piece it is and how much it's meant to me for so long.
25 October, 2011
Achtung Baby...My Coming of Age Album
I had just transferred to a university 500 miles from home. I didn't know a soul and I embarked on the beginning of the life that I wanted to have for myself. It was a magical time in my life and as I look back on those times and what U2 has meant to me over the years it only seems fitting to have a U2 album to commemorate that year of my life and that album was Achtung Baby! My dormmates and I waited in line, outside of Tower Records, at 11:30 for the release of Achtung at midnight. It was SO FUN for so many reasons. There was such a sense of freedom and happiness during that time in my life. The line in that album that resonated the most for me was "...and a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." LOVE IT! Thanks U2 for walking with me on my journey through life. I've LOVED every moment of it and I totally get what you did at every turn. Keep going...our journey isn't over yet!
24 October, 2011
Mysterious One Ways
One & Mysterious Ways are my favourites. One is a perfectly built song (and should not be heard sung by anyone else ;-) and the best video clip by Anton Corbijn accompanies it. Mysterious ways is as mysterious as the name suggests with great guitar parts.
20 October, 2011
This song always make me feel in love ....
19 October, 2011
I am so much sure because 20 years ago you wrote a song that describes the past & the future in any relationship (even between Nations). Greetings from Greece
17 October, 2011
I have already posted my comment some days ago choosing One and Ultraviolet... after that I took my Achtung Baby cd and put it in my car to hear them again on the way to work... and I have to say that I rediscovered "Love is Blindness"... what a beautiful, melancholic and sensual song... now I have it on my mind every moment of the day...!
15 October, 2011
So Cruel, but also until the end of the
since I have to choose just one, I couldn't live w/out So Cruel, yes!! they're so cruel, but I love to be with the 'head on heaven, fingers in the mire' 'fear, desire, danger the drug that set me higher'. just AWESOME!!!!
15 October, 2011
Stay & One
The whole CD is absolutely great, but if i have two choose, i would call those two Songs, because of the fabulous Videos! Bono in the Bar Version on ONE & the Beginning of the STAY Video in the Bus & also Bono on the Siegessäule in Berlin are absolutely amazing!
14 October, 2011
This song always take me to another dimension ..everytime I heard it ...I dissapear
12 October, 2011
i started hearing u2 because of One, i simply love that song, it' the best.
11 October, 2011
Because it`s one of the best lyrics of the 90`s and the play it almost everyday on the radio
11 October, 2011
Until the End of the World
Would like to put all of them on the list, but absolutely cannot live w/out Until the End of the World!
10 October, 2011
Took a drive in the dirty rain....
"Wild Horses" of course
10 October, 2011
The Best !!!
09 October, 2011
Acrobat, for sure! This song has a special meaning to me. "...and you can dream, so dream out loud!"
09 October, 2011
Until the End of the World
I love the guitar in it.. Im glad they included in the tour this time around
08 October, 2011
Make It So
THE City Planer, Is Ashamed to be with such shinny, glittery, plastic and popular folks as You2. You are, and have been proven to be what he has hatted, true. You never herd him. You never listen to the faith of you drummer, you never combined the two. You2 (leader of the band) wanted to fit a social understanding. Hope it works out for you in the bright light. I am just about done with you2. Some (not from your social grouping) would call you a Fool. I don't as It is a curse to say such words.
08 October, 2011
Until The End Of The World
One of my favorite all time songs! The bitter lyrics, the pulsating rhythm, the HUGE guitar solo... great rock song!!!
08 October, 2011
Tied in 1st.
So Cruel & Ultraviolet are my favourite tracks but neither can be seperated for top spot. As Edge likes to put it So Cruel just seemed to "arrive"; and Ultraviolet had the riff of the album in my view. I was given goosebumps at the end of the movie 'Click' when it was played in full.
08 October, 2011
ULTRA violet (light my WAY)
When hear this song, I can see all the colors in the world, It opens all your senses.
08 October, 2011
ULTRA violet (light my WAY)
I listen this song, when I get up and go to run at 5 am (temperature is 4°C, at 3100 meters). Gives me so much energy, I feel like this song injects life in my blood. When I hear this song, I can see all the colors in the world. It opens all your senses.
08 October, 2011
Who's gonna ride your wild horses
I'd like to sing this song... and to play on guitar!! ONE, of course... Mysterious ways... Uh! beautiful songs!
08 October, 2011
think it would have to be one love it
08 October, 2011
One! Acrobat!
One is the best song of the 90's... And the sound of acrobat is really really good I love it!
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