U2360° TOUR

Jul 14 2011
Philadelphia, PA, US / Lincoln Financial Field
with Interpol

'City of the love train, where are you gonna take us tonight?
Where you gonna take us on this warm summer night?'

About four or five songs into the show in Philly tonight, Bono recalled that the band haven't been here for some time.

'It's been a while since we visited this great city, the city of brotherly and sisterly love, the city of Philadelphia Eagles,  the city of the Philadelphia Fliers, the city of Philadelphia cheese steaks.'

But where else would anyone want to be on a Thursday night in summertime? Nowhere as it turned out, but in this great city, 'where men would rather be hung for treason than give up on a crazy mad idea called America. 
'That's right - this is not just a country, its an idea, we love that.'

Everybody here loved the idea  too.

'Wow! 'Thank you so much. Phil... A... Delphia!'

And as this remarkable journey which began way back in 2009 now heads into a final handful of shows, maybe the band too are sensing something special going on. Bono muses on what he calls 'a bond of unity' between 'this band and its audience.'
' It defies physical proximity, defies age, defies gravity... it's a special thing we've got going and we don't take it for granted.'
'What do you think Adam Clayton? Larry Mullen ? The Edge ?
'We're still a work in progress....'

'Still Haven't Found' becomes Stay, Beautiful Day and soon Philly is a City of Blinding Lights - a city home to some special people too, like the good folk of Clare Brothers, and like Bob Koch who's brought his 94 year old mother Eleanor  to the show  tonight.

'Goodnight Pennsylvania...'

Lights down and phones out for Moment of Surrender and 'one last thing we're going to do': a stadium-wide rendition of 'Happy Birthday to Madiba' - Nelson Mandela - 'this man means so much to us'.

Meantime, if you were at the show tonight,  add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Philly!

Stay in Moncton
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Amazing show
What a great setlist! So many songs I didn't expect! What a huge claw they were standing under! The acoustic version of Stay was heartwarming. Edge's guitar was amazing on Where the Streets. Bono's voice was still great on Beautiful Day (And with Mark Kelly, so cool)! And I'll always love the early stuff. Sunday Bloody Sunday was incredible.
Best concert ever
My son bought me the tickets for my big 50. Then, disaster struck. We held on to those tickets for a year and a half. My son came back from Georgia. We had a crazy, spectacular, wonderful time. U2 has always been my favorite band (since I first heard them in 1984) and always will be.
Fan Club Thank You
For 27 years, I have been attending U2 concerts. I love my fan club membership. I was so excited to go to Philly and see the tour with my sister as I was able to prepurchase tickets for General Admission. Unfortunately for me, I gave her both tickets because I finally got a job after a 3 year job search of off and on consultancy roles. These tickets were the ones I had waited for over the past 27 years. The perfect location. I am so sad I was not there but am glad my sister was able to bring a friend and enjoy for me.
philly show
me and my daughter sec 115 row 17. wearing my shirt designed by Bono and you can see the claw in my glasses
Crazy amazing
Seriously an amazingly, crazy, spritually moving concert. From a slow down of Stay and bringing it back up with Beautiful day to the powerful experience of Zooropa while the messages went across the screen. It was a incredible show that even weeks later still has me moved. U2 never disappoints but certainly out did themselve on this tour. The wait was well worth the two years to have Bono healthy (not to mention that awesome full moon and perfect summer night weather). The stars aligned in Philly that night and it was most definately an experience I will never forget. Thank you Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono.
Philly Show
We had front row red zone tics...... I never dreamed I would be 3 feet away from the boys..... It was the best night of my life!!! A dream come true...... Thank you for sharing your gifts.....
Full moon over Edge
As the moon rose over the claw, it was hard to avoid with all the electricity of the place. Very cool shot... Thank you gentlemen.... See you again, sooner rather than later, I hope.
One cannot resist
Amazing Show... see you at home, one of these days, I hope.
So worth the wait....
The anticipation of nearly 2 years was such a killer. Having seats so long ago an just pining for the show to actually happen. When I heard the music, still what seemed like miles from our seats, you can help but start buzzing and singing along. Thank you for a great show. Thank you for caring about the world we live in. Thank you for caring about your fans and your families. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Never disappointed
As usual, Bono & the boys rocked the house. I have been to every tour since Unforgettable Fire in 1985 and am never disappointed. This show was incredible!! Loved it. It was like a greatest hits show.
Best track
Stay, of course!!! Thanks U2 for palying this song in Philly. Paulo Vinicius (Brazil)
Worth the wait!!!!
As Bono pointed out in the show that we were all 2 years younger when we purchased our tixs for the show in 2009.....I have to say, it was worth the wait...he def had a successful back surgery in Germany, cause he was all over the stage.....I have been a huge fan of U2 since I first heard of them ...the fact that I am Irish with family from Ireland drew me to listen to this new band of 4 young Irish lads in 1980....they captured my heart with the first words uttered by Bono....I have never heard anyone sing the way he does and the tune/sound of their music, is like no others....I too am the same age as the guys, so we grew up together..they have been a constant in my life for the past 30 years & I thank them for that and for the love they give to others all around the World.....if you really listen to the words in the songs...you will truly understand U2 and what they stand for...the show Thursday night was AWESOME, MIND BLOWING a one of a kind experience that only happens once...I love you all...Larry, Dave, Paul & Adam...thank you for being a part of my life all these years....and Cheers to many more years together...Love ya, Eileen
Best Concert Ever
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that being in a General Admission area would bring me 20 feet from the stage and in the heart of the U2 experience. Certainly sitting in the stands, something is lost. My brother took me to the concert for my 40th birthday (a year 1/2 ago), but it was well worth the wait. I felt the static, just as the band took the stage for "Even Better than the Real Thing". The unparalleled stage with cylindrical screens were a feast for the eyes, while the music was a feast for the heart and soul. The band and the whole night were perfect. It was my first U2 show, and I loved every minute of the performance.
For every beautiful concert full of emotions....thank you for Philly.....
No more The Fly?!?!
FANTASTIC SHOW in Philly!!! Although, I miss The Fly :/ PLEASE bring it back for NJ and PIT!!! Shine like a burning start, falling from th sky....Toooonight!
In the Inner Circle
The mega stage was spectacular with its ever-changing scenes and colors, it was like visual crack cocaine, it was addicting and you couldn’t wait for the next fix. Ya know that feeling that starts in your core and runs right up your chest, ya know, you use to have it on Christmas Day when you were a kid. Just think of every extreme moment in your life when you were so thrilled that you physically felt it in your body. And that in a nut shell was what the experience was like. The last song, “Moment Of Surrender”… “Two souls too smart to be in the realm of certainty” None of us have certainty in our lives and that is the real truth. We get through our day thinking we know what will happen next, but no one really does. And deep down inside that is what scares us and exhilarates us at the same time. Saying goodbye to the fans by playing “Moment of Surrender” was a sweet lullaby from Bono. “At the moment of surrender, I folder to my knees, I did not notice the passersby and they did not notice me." It made me reflect on how many times I just pass by fellow human beings without a single connection. But walking out of the Linc after that song I took the time to smile at everyone around me, no matter how much of a hurry we were all in, and I was hoping that my smile to them would somehow fill them with the same feeling that I was leaving with… ”We can have vision over visibility."
Such an amazing concert, best night a fan could ask for. Everything about it was perfect, the band sounded great, the crowd was jumping, and I will never forget this night ever. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!
First time at a GA show and waiting most of the day was so worth the wait. I got 2nd row right behid the outside rail on the right side looking at the stage. Met some great fans and had a really good time. Seemed well organized until we hit the GA Floor. Where once you were there very hard to get in and out so most everyone just stayed. I suggest where the securtiy gaurds are they should allow people to sell the rail people water at least. But then that could just be me I had recently had surgery but wasnt gonna let that stop me from seeing my favorite band in action. Bono was very active with the crowd tonight. That was very nice acknowledging us fan that held on to the tickets for two years. Thanks Guys for a wonderful show. Love Ya Stay Safe on you Journey. God Bless
Wendy and Jason from Lititz, PA TAIT TOW
Thank you, U2, for not only being the most incredible band ever, but also for talking the talk and walking the walk, by this I mean thank you for not only speaking about making positive changes in the world, but for MAKING THEM HAPPEN!!! You have made an unforgettable impression on my life and I feel truly, truly, lucky for being able to see this concert with the people I love the most in life! AN ABSOLUTE RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE!!!
First of all, Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry! Secondly, thanks to my daughter Meghan for buying floor tickets & insisting we get there early. Finally thanks to Mike from Ann Arbor for leading us to the perfect spot inside the circle, front & center. It was an amazing show with so much energy from the audience which was instantly processed through the band & returned tenfold! I loved the song selection. Met some cool people in the crowd around us. It was a long drive back to Connecticut, but totally worth it!
Worth the Wait!
What an awesome show! Saw them in Giants Stadium in 2009 and waited 2 years to see them again last night in Phila. It was definitely worth the wait. They rocked the house! Thanks U2! Best band ever!
raibh maith agat!!!
Failte Philly!! Slainte~ (grá agat)
Worth the Wait
Bono was terrific tonight and the show was incredible as always. This was my 5th time seeing a U2 show and it just keeps getting better!!
2 Down 1 2 Go
Holy 360 Bonoman!!!!!! Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. WOW!!!! Never heard that one live before. Baltimore was good. Even better then the real thing in Philly. Let`s see you top that in Pittsburgh Boys.Bono hurt his back? Never would have known it by the way you swing around on your mic. Thanks CUSOONU2
Lady B and Noj - from Valley Forge, PA
We have been attached to the movement since “War.” But we have never seen them in concert. Not only do I relate to most of the message, but also the sound and the rhythm are gripping. Every note spins stories, splashes images, vibrates passion, and echoes emotion.
Thank you U2... and Philly audience
Absolutely amazing concert last night - U2 gave us an out of this world concert and the audience rocked -thereby making it an even more fantastic experience (6th 360 concert). Loved to have Magnificent in the set list, but absolute fav moment was "Stay"... You are the greatest band ever! See you again on New Meadowlands for the last 360 show for me :-(
Awesome show!!
Thank YOU!!! You guys never disappoint!!And thanks for playing Stay!
Fans in Philly
Fans in Philly, please "like this"
Dream Come True
Thanks God, for giving you to us!
Phila. Show
Dear U2, Thank you very much for doing what you do and being who you are. May God also bless you. Tate
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