U2360° TOUR

Jul 9 2011
Montreal, QC, CA / Montreal Hippodrome
with Interpol

Zooropa, Scarlet, Ultraviolet - who'd have guessed these would be in the set list before this tour began more than two years ago?

All I Want is You, Stuck In A Moment, New Year's Day - who'd have guessed these would be in the set list before this show began a few hours ago ?

Or that by the time With Or Without You arrived, 'SHINE LIKE STARS' was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Plenty of surprises on a memorable evening in Montreal when another capacity audience at the Hippodrome, was joined by a global audience listening online.

'Tonight we want to give you as a gift to the world,' Bono announced. 'So tonight this show is being broadcast all over the world on U2.com, all over the world...'
'This has one extra benefit,' he added, 'you don't have to listen to me mangle your beautiful language.'

'Its a beautiful dawn in Germany, ' commented petrajohnk, in our live commentary running with the audio stream.
'Everybody hearing the amazing show!' said Wilson Oliveira in Brazil.
'Hi from Thailand' tweeted Norasate.
'Beautiful morning here in Denmark,' chimed Baron_Frederik, 'Sun is coming up and Montreal in my ears!'
'Sounds great and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in Australia' added Dexter.
'I connect my BOSE sound,' said Omar in Mexico 'And it sounds like having the claw at home, just perfect, hell yesssss.'

Whether you were in the stadium or in your bedroom, this show took off again tonight - and it's hard to believe there are only seven flights left.

'We've taken our space station around the world,' reflected Bono. 'We're nearly home, we're going to have to find something else to do.
'When we were kids joining U2 was like running away with the circus, maybe we need to find another circus...'
In the home city of Cirque du Soleil, 'maybe there are a few jobs going'. After all, Larry is a 'fire-eater, a sword-swallower, the world's strongest man.' Adam? 'The bearded lady...' Edge? 'Trapeze artist, high-wire act... and I will play the clown.'

It's also the home city of another friend of the band, Leonard Cohen and his 'Hallelujah' found a beautiful home in 'Streets'. 'Word of the night.' tweeted BigWaveU2, one of our Zoo Mods. 'Hallelujah #U2360MTL Streaming to the universe. Where the streets have no name. Future, pucker up.'

By the time With or Without You wherever we were in the world we were 'shining like stars in the summer night...'

Were you at the show tonight ? Add your photos or reviews below. Were you listening online - tell us what time it was in the world for you, where you were and how was the show?

U2360° FANCAM in Montreal!

Stay in Moncton
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loved it
they rocked out in style and my birthday was spent with u2 singing all my fav songs sound was amazing this was the best show and i\'ve been to 4 other shows but this will burn in my mind forever the energy and the crowd were super love you guys
Unforgettable night
One the best shows I have been lucky enough to attend, if not the best one. Thank you so much for ... everything. All my love to you guys and all the people that help make this tour possible.
Fantastic show
Stuck in a moment Wonderful-until the end of the world-wow you guys nailed it and the sound was tremendous.Thanks for the memories.
second show at montreal
I want to buy the second show at montreal if i can where i can to go for this...... and He has a man and girl from vermont behind me and i will like to see her pictures.... thanks you.... scuse me from my english i am a french canadian and i come from gaspe
I went to the Joshua Tree tour when I was 10 so seeing them again was a dream come true. The songs they played were unbelieveable!!! The show was magical and more than I ever imagined. I had tears in my eyes during Stuck in a Moment... and with or without You. Beautiful band, beautiful show, beautiful city!
Night 2 was...EPIC!
Flew in on Friday and basically checked in to the hotel and then headed to the Hippodrome. Nt. 1 was good, but Nt. 2 was EPIC!!! Well worth the flight up from Texas for the shows. Thanks for another great time, lads! I will follow you anywhere. <3 Cheers! Terri from Texas
U2 Don’t join the circus yet.
It was an amazing show. The sound, the lights and the seats were great. U2 managed to make a crowd of 80000 people sing all together and make you enjoy yourself, there were times that I couldn’t hear Bono on how loud the crowd was, but it was still amazing. The claw was enormous but the show felt as if you are in a small place. U2 I don’t know how you do it but mesmerizing a crowd of 80000 people is impossible but yet you managed to do it. A great rendition of Miss Sarajevo, Luciano must have been smiling from heaven. Another highlight Until the End of the World, I was drowning my sorrows but my sorrows learned to swim. Thank you for playing With or Without You...we will shine like stars in the summer Montreal night. Bono don’t run away and join the circus yet, remember some people of afraid of clowns. Adam has the bearded lady, I’m still having nightmares about that image. The Edge has a knife thrower I hope he has a good aim, and be careful he might use you has a target if you are going to be a clown. Larry well he can never be in a circus, maybe he can be a race car driver. Thanks U2 for a great show.
Title? Song where the drummer used his t
Allo! Does someone could confirm me the title of the song where the drummer walked with his tam tam on the Friday show in Montreal, July 8 ? Thank you! :-) It was an amazing show and event!
Thank You
For Zooropa! All I Want is You and Ultraviolet. And a beautiful night with a very fun and respectful crowd. Coming from MN, it was worth the trip and the wait! 30 years of being a fan and I have never been let down by a U2 show. This show was excellent!
Thank you from New Zealand
What an awesome way to spend a wintery Sunday afternoon. I have never been to Montreal but I was there with you. U2, you truly practice what you preach and brought the world together in that moment as One. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful and compelling music again with me. There are so many favourites it’s had to say which but Moment of Surrender would have to be right up there and Hallelujah was exquisite! All U2 fans are truly blessed by your talents and gifts and you draw me in every time and I was always follow. Don’t ever stop. Please let us share again one more time with your last concert. All my love, Louise
Montreal July 9, 2011
Saturday was the perfect evening, hard to explain how even in a crowd that size I felt like the only being dancing under the stars. Thank you U2 for for such a memorable experience!!!
u2 montreal july 8th 2011
excellent show loved the opening i enjoyed the music the energy i have been a fan since the beginning love the band i love this site congrads iam going to newyork next week will try to get tickets to the east rutherford new jearsey show one show will never be enough for me if i could i would go to many shows love you u2 keep on doing a great job
Words cannot describe how fantastic the show was. Beautiful city, beautiful night...just amazing. U2 is a band that just must be experienced live. Nothing like it. Nothing better.
Sunday Bloody Sunday
I was at the Saturday Show in the red zone. EXCELLENT. Met these guys on Monkland ave. in N.D.G.,Montreal and am wondering if it was for real ? I liked when he brought the little kid on stage
Worship of Goodness and Beauty
It was my first time going to U2 concert specially being from Ethiopia, Africa where there has never been any rock band visit i felt like i was immersed with full celebration of life in beautiful music and beautiful people around. I love it and i hope there will be a chance for me and others in Ethiopia to see them in Ethiopia.
What an awesome birthday gift
Thank you so much to my cousin Carlo for taking me to this amazing concert. This outdoor concert was the best show i have ever attended. i will never forget it. Thank you U2. You guys are the best and i hope to you see you again the next time your tour comes to Montreal.
Thank U2 Guys for letting us be part of this BEAUTIFUL EVENING.....in Perú:):)
Great Show
My second U2 show. I was a bit strapped and had no intention of going but the generosity of a fellow fan made it possible, I did not know what to expect form the show but I was overly pleased with it. Best gift I ever received from a total stranger!
Montréal july 9
Amasing show...it was just MAGIC !!! Thank
Beautiful Night!
Most amazing concert! Scary , rockin bleachers, but.......Best Concert EVER by far!!
U2 360 tour at Montreal
It was a wonderful birthday gift from my brother! Magical moment even if it took long just for enter the site! unforgettable moment for me!!!
I want to thank you for playing Hallelujah at the second night in Montreal, you have no idea what that means to me...I love you guys!!!
setlist shakeup
Could have really nailed it, but you blew it
U2 360 MTL 2011
Did some panoramic pictures...
always wanted to hear it live!! that night that was my moment
Night Two
I love NYD...xxx :o) In Toronto - Love Is Blindness.
U2*Montreal july 9,2011
It was like a dream...the weather, the music- especially ultra violet and a beautiful moon floating above the stage....yep i was there, i lived it all...it was magical
une huit fantastique!
The company of my daughter; the balmy weather; the unique, lighthearted spirit of Montreal; red zone tickets; incredible visuals; incomparably great music. They all made the July 9th concert one of those magical events that I know will stay with me for a very, very long time to come. What a fantastic night! Thank you U2.
I was at the first show, and I was behind the stage! Oh no I thought....then the show started...Oh YES! I danced my heart out, I danced home in the pouring rain...what a night! The second show, I was in my jammies on my patio, with headphones on, eyes closed on a beautiful star filled night dancing again to music that was playing only 2 miles from where I stood....I was still connected, as if I was there. I am a first timer to a show. I know some of the music...the stuff I hear on the radio....and now I am a proud member of the global U2 family. I wish the show on the first night wasnt so late in starting and early in finishing. PLEASE!!! Cut a DVD of the second show. It sounded like a perfect show, and I know the fans in Montreal responded in kind. Every one across the world who chatted during the live stream commented on the quality of sound, and the setlist. An incredible show!! Thank you boys....you made the summer of 2011 memorable! PS...the XL shirt doesnt even go on me! Your sizes are out of whack!
July 9 was magical in Montreal
Thank you guys for playing All I want is you! , What a beautiful song. I had it playing at my wedding, so I was very happy to hear it. That was magical and thank you for being so generous with your fans. Merci beaucoup xxxx
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