U2360° TOUR

Nov 25 2010
Auckland, NZ / Mt. Smart Stadium
with Jay-Z

The band were back on stage in Auckland tonight as the New Zealand and Australia leg of U2360 kicked off at Mt Smart Stadium.

This capacity audience were clearly up for making this a night to remember from the opening bars of The Return of the Stingray Guitar. With a breathtaking sequence of eight tracks from 'Beautiful Day' to 'Still Haven't Found', the most moving moment of the night arrived with the opening chords of One Tree Hill, a song originally written for New Zealander Greg Carroll - and the only U2 track solely released as a single in this country.

Tonight One Tree Hill has still greater resonance, dedicated to the miners who have lost their lives in the accident at the Pike River mine on the South Island. 'At a time like this when your hearts must be so raw...' said Bono. 'People deal with grief in different ways. In Ireland we sing...'

As he pays tribute to the miners and the 'unspeakable loss' felt by their loved ones, the names of all 29 men illuminate the huge screens above the 360 stage and we are experiencing one of those unique moments in the U2 live story. At the same time a great sea of red balloons are released from the audience, climbing high into the sky. 'This is for your 29 lost to this earth but not to the eternal...'

As one fan tweeting live from the show put it, 'U2 and the dedication to the miners was the most heartfelt and amazing moment in a concert ever.'

Having opened up the night with a great set himself, Jay-Z was back on stage for another special moment, rapping with Bono on Sunday Bloody Sunday - as he did in Berlin in 2009 to mark the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Wall.

Then a little piece of U2 history: the first performance in a live show of Scarlet, from 1981's October album, an elegiac celebration to mark the release from house-arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma - with Jay-Z rapping her name. 'She's finally free...' said Bono, thanking U2 fans all over who have campaigned for her freedom in recent years.

Some highlights from us of a powerful opening night in Auckland. Were you at the show? Tell us what it felt like and add your own reviews and photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Huge Gratitute
Thanks U2 for putting the 29 names up in lights in this terrible week. The show was awesome.
awe-inspiringly wonderful
Thank you so much guys for blowing us all away yet again. I honestly cannot imagine how you can top this, stage and effects were amazing but did not overshadow the magnificence that is U2. Your tribute to our miners was incredibly moving and from the heart. I am still buzzing and just wondering if I can get there again tonight even for an encore performance of amazing-ness! SOOOO also want the remixed version of Crazy, that was really quite cool.
THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING 2 AND A HALF HOURS OF MY LIFE!!! AND I AM GOING AGAIN TONIGHT IN THE (RED)ZONE!! I cried twice, the boys sounded amazing. The set list was absolutely perfect!! U2, you outdid yourselves, you played an amazing show that will be remembered and never forgotten (2 encores = EPIC) Mt. Smart lifted off and you guys helped propel it into outer space. Also I got Paul McGuinness's autograph, which I personally believe to be the next best thing to U2. Without him there would be no U2 :) (at least not as we know them)
It was amazing that is all
Big Al
A Class Act
Last night NZ saw a truly great display of humanity from U2. To come to our small country and make a tear jerking tribute to our great loss this week was very, very special. It was my 10th U2 gig and visually the most spectacular. I was between the ring and stage, what a view. Tonight I'm taking my 8 and 10 yr old sons and for them it feels like the night before Christmas. Best song(s), One followed by Streets. Love the transition. Thanks as always. PS Adam has to be the happiest bass player around, he never stopped smiling!!
Best seats
Easily the East and West stands. Any rugby league fan would know that. Not eye-piercing if the sun was still bright, and we won't get rained on.
Auckland concert
Absolutely tremendous show. Can't wait to return tonight for the second concert Thanks team K & C
1st Night - Auckland
What a show, U2 just take you to another level, just think you are the only one there. Can't wait for tonight, One Tree Hill was special for New Zealanders last night and was played magnificently.



U2 I Love you
Absolutely Fantastic. Buying tickets for tomorrow. An absolute pleasure to be Fans of you for the last 30 years. U2 Forever.
They did it again!
Home again from an awesome concert...Took the kids (14 and 9) for their first concert...the look on their faces! Jumping, dancing, singing...way worth it. Best track would be "ONE", great presence, energy was amazing. Highlights...the amaze look of the kids...the grin at the end...the set was incredible, City of Blinding Light...the boys still got it after all this time (saw them in 1984, 2001, 2005)..till next time...Thank you for your energy!
OMG!!! SO UTTERLY GLAD you're practicing Scarlet. We who love the album October are jumping up and down for joy. Thanks, guys!!
play something for the trapped miners
Heard parts of the soundcheck tonight. sounded awesome. cant wait til the 25th. hopefully we get some good news about the 29 trapped miners on the west coast by then...
Beautiful Day
We're bringing the kids (3 and 5) and no doubt the 5 yr olds drum sticks, apologies in advance to the folks sitting in front of us, and Blake's favourite is Beautiful Day. He'll love the show regardless but he would be really stoked if you could fit it in. Thanks and good luck Thursday, we shall "enjoy".
This has to be played! Best guitar riffs and would bring the naughtiness out of even the best behaved girls. P.S. Sitting at work today listening to the team sound checking the s**t out of the stage! Sounds fricken awesome and it's only Monday! Cannot wait until Thursday! The joys of being right next to Mount Smart!
Would love to here this song at your show on 25th November, its a great one. Looking forward to you coming down here to New Zealand, thanks for the visit.
Yes Unforgettable Fire!!!
Please, would just be the absolute best!!
miss sarajavo
hey guys im 16 years old and i have listened to your music since the day i was born ( MY DAD HAS ALWAYS LISTENED SINCE YOU STARTED ) anyways i have wanted to go to one of your concerts for 11 years i used to put on dads movies of you (all of them ) and pretend i was there. this year my parents shocked me when they told me we got tickets to the U2 concert i go crazy every time i think about it (TRUE) anyway to cut to the chase COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLAY MISS SARAJEVO FOR ME I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE THAT SONG SUNG LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the most beautiful song and when bono sings the italian it its beyond words . from me Gabby
Unforgettable Fire...pleeease :)
Greetings Very much looking forward to the first Auckland show. Pleeease pleeeease play Unforgettable Fire on that first night. I have been with you since 1980, got to your FIRST New Zealand show in Christchurch in 1984, and have also seen Lovetown, Popmart, and Vertigo tours. Was sooo excited to see Unforgettable Fire performed at the Rose Bowl last year (online) but it seems to have dropped off the setlist during the last few months. Bring it back...bring it back...pleease. :) Mark aka Yonderman
Any chance you guys could fit in Gloria and the electric co in an encore please.Cant wait to see the show,its going to be a magic night.
8,500 MILES for U2
Here I go again ! YES I was in NEW YORK CITY for the 1st 2 MUSE opening 360* Shows in September 2009 and my last shows before this were the NOV 2006 VERTIGO TOUR shows in Auckland New Zealand !!! Now my next U2 Concert is again in Auckland NZ on Friday Nov 26th 2010 and will be my 67th U2 Concert On the 1 Year + 1 Month Anniversary of U2 LIVE at the ROSE BOWL Oct 25 2009 Great TOUR guys ! Please play MOFO and I will FOLLOW and the Show will ROCK for sure See you in Brisbane AU and SYDNEY AU in DECEMBER 2010 2011 awaits................ DENVER Colorado anyone ? GO just to visit RED ROCKS folks ! YOU WILL LOVE IT !!!!! See you ALL on the ROAD in MAY & JUNE 2011 in Denver, Oakland and a pair of FINAL FINAL 360* Shows in Anaheim CALIFORNIA for my HOME TOWN gigs !!!! Chuck in Los Angeles Fan since 1980
Scott Cleaver
Unknown Caller
Hey guys I know that we will have the extreme privilage of havign you come all the way down under...and will have you fill our hearts with One tree Hill live again, and it will thrill us all, from all parts of the world to hear it again :) I wanted to ask as to why Unknown Caller is no longer being shared with your audience on this tour as it's a great participation pice for the crowd to sing along too and is a very strong track from NLOTH. I hope that it could be played at least at one of the Kiwi shows in Nov 2010. Looking forward to sharing your 2nd home with you and all of the u2 crew :) Scott (Akl NZ)
i brought the dvd
the dvd was awsome it was just like being there use the bigest sound system is the key..... and tv ........ i liked all the songs watching the dvd and feeling like your on stage
Can you sign my flag for my charity?
Hi, Irishman flying over from Saudi Arabia to take part in the Lake Taupo race going to the 25th event. Can you sign my flag for the charity I collect for? Can't wait, it also means I might just miss my mother-in-laws birthday!! The wife's from Nelson...
Ultraviolet Please!!!
I've been a fan for years and I so hope you guys play ULTRAVIOLET. One of my favourite U2 songs. Heres hoping!!! Acrobat would be UNREEEEALLLLL but I guess we will never see it live, it's a pity because its probably tied with Ultraviolet as the best on that album and one of my favourites also.
how do i get on stage to propose to my gf ?
Els B
Saw them in Hannover last month, but now that they're coming to Auckland I'll have to see them again! Have got tickets for 25 & 26 November!! Can't wait!
Around the world
I'm coming from Canada to see this show with my Dad! His e-mail response when I told him I got tickets for us "OMG!!!!!!!!"
Paradiso Amsterdam '81
and Christchurch Town Hall,' 84 a world apart but its what brought us together many years later in Europe. Now after many concerts together and even our sons first real concert was Vertigo in Auckland, we cant go.....could have got our presales but the fear of flying has caused it to be so that one of us just doesnt dare anymore, and that day is impossible for the other due to timing !!!grrrr....... Oh we could drive to 'em all in Europe, but not this time from Chch, NZ. Enjoy.!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!! all you who can go......and BRING ON CONCERT Nr 2.....then Dad can go with his son !!!!!
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