U2360° TOUR

Nov 25 2010
Auckland, NZ / Mt. Smart Stadium
with Jay-Z

The band were back on stage in Auckland tonight as the New Zealand and Australia leg of U2360 kicked off at Mt Smart Stadium.

This capacity audience were clearly up for making this a night to remember from the opening bars of The Return of the Stingray Guitar. With a breathtaking sequence of eight tracks from 'Beautiful Day' to 'Still Haven't Found', the most moving moment of the night arrived with the opening chords of One Tree Hill, a song originally written for New Zealander Greg Carroll - and the only U2 track solely released as a single in this country.

Tonight One Tree Hill has still greater resonance, dedicated to the miners who have lost their lives in the accident at the Pike River mine on the South Island. 'At a time like this when your hearts must be so raw...' said Bono. 'People deal with grief in different ways. In Ireland we sing...'

As he pays tribute to the miners and the 'unspeakable loss' felt by their loved ones, the names of all 29 men illuminate the huge screens above the 360 stage and we are experiencing one of those unique moments in the U2 live story. At the same time a great sea of red balloons are released from the audience, climbing high into the sky. 'This is for your 29 lost to this earth but not to the eternal...'

As one fan tweeting live from the show put it, 'U2 and the dedication to the miners was the most heartfelt and amazing moment in a concert ever.'

Having opened up the night with a great set himself, Jay-Z was back on stage for another special moment, rapping with Bono on Sunday Bloody Sunday - as he did in Berlin in 2009 to mark the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Wall.

Then a little piece of U2 history: the first performance in a live show of Scarlet, from 1981's October album, an elegiac celebration to mark the release from house-arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma - with Jay-Z rapping her name. 'She's finally free...' said Bono, thanking U2 fans all over who have campaigned for her freedom in recent years.

Some highlights from us of a powerful opening night in Auckland. Were you at the show? Tell us what it felt like and add your own reviews and photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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I always loved this song live from Red Rocks. Would be great to hear it live again. Heres hoping they will annouce a second concert as getting tickets is like playing lotto:)
I know its gonna be!!! Please please please play Unforgettable Fire....my life will be complete! :)
Please please please play Electrical Storm guys I've even got a Facebook page going about my obsession with seeing that song live...I'd do anything...............
What would be the odds.......
Got my tickets for the Melbourne show, very cool. I wonder what the odds would be of proposing to my girlfriend on stage at the concert....????. Bono, can you see this message!?!?!.... I've found what I've been looking for ;)
best pre concert.....
have to say that the "love comes to town" and "zoo tv" had the best vibe I've ever felt at a concert before U2 came on. Listening to the Beatles and then the next show Bob Marley and hearing the crowd sing a long to these just showed how much fun the gigs were gonna be and by the band didn't disappoint !! Am looking forward to this show as I always do to a U2 gig
Finally get to see them
During the Vertigo tour I was still living in the Netherlands missed out sadly as all 3 concerts sold out in a matter of minutes. Moved to New Zealand, to discover they still had to arrive there but missed out on tickets again. Now Finally a long time wish will be fulfilled as i managed to get my ticket for the Auckland show. One more item of my bucketlist.
And a promise rings true
In 2006 I promised my daughter that I would take her to see U2 if they ever came back to NZ (she was only 6 at the time and already a massive fan). Today I was able to fulfill that promise because I got our tickets!!! Yay for U2.COM, you have made a 10yr old girl so very happy!
a long way... (pilgrimage?)
Coming all the way from the Netherlands to see U2 in beautiful Auckland!! What a voyage... But first the concerts in Zurich and Seville..
1st chance
Jay Z is going to be there? and its his first time in NZ.. thats the reason ima go
once in a life time:)
yes only once can i afford to see a show like this and i will not miss this show :)))))))) super excited
Auckland via Brighton
D. Davo have you been following me around!? I also was at both Auckland concerts last time round also at the Brighton Top Rank in 83 but I think it was nearer 2000 than 5000, plus a few concerts inbetween, can't wait for November
I'm certain that there will be second concert in Auckland. There's no way that they will go to all the trouble of setting up the stage for just one. The 1st concert will sell out in minutes when it goes public. Glad I'm subscribing to U2. com to be sure of getting tickets!
Yeah! Got Red-Zone Presale Tix
Was fairly easy to get RedZone with the pre-sale today, can't wait till 25/11!!!!
Can't wait
wahoo got my tickets can't wait!
Oh my god Oh my god....
I got my tickets......Now brig on November hehehehehehehe.
Got my tickets
YAY - thank god for presales!!!!!!
Reid NZ
Happy times all round
Went to Akld (2) and Brisbane in 06 - was amazing to see the lads live after watching them so often on dvds etc. Just got my tickets for Akld and going in Brisbane again! Happy times all round.
Woo hoo red zone here I come
Saw them in London and Cardiff on thie tour, now living in Wellington so pleased to be able to see them again in Auckland woohoo!!!
Reid NZ
Happy times all round
Went to Akld (2) and Brisbane in 06 - was amazing to see the lads live after watching them so often on dvds etc. Just got my tickets for Akld and going in Brisbane again! Happy times all round.
Got some tickets!!!
Yay.... got some great tickets!!! U2 will rock!!!
tickets !!
yay i have tickets !!
I AM GOING TO U2 360!!!!!
HELL YEAH!!! Just bought my tickets!! :D I am so excited, this will be my first ever U2 concert, they're my favourite band and I have loved them my whole life!!! I can't wait I am shaking with excitement!!! :D NZ watch out the greatest band in the world is heading to our lovely shores!!!
Wheres the BEST seat?
I was wondering, for those that have been to the 360 concert already, where is the best seat? Is the Red Zone ok?
Hope Second Show
I so hope they put on a second show again, we were very luckily to get tickets as it was so tough to get tickets so please do a second show again so no-one misses out!
rock on scotland
i saw the 360 concert back in aug 2009 in london and glasgow and it blew me away,cant wait tor nz and oz.let me in the sound let me in the sound!!!!!!!!!!
D. Davo
Not to be missed.
Saw them in Hanover a couple of weeks back, was just a spectacular show. Can’t wait to see them in Auckland again as was lucky enough to get tickets to the inner circle for both nights of the Vertigo Tour. Been a fan since the early days and have fond memories of Brighton Top Rank with only about five thousand fans then.
Jay-Z as a opener!!
I cant decide who i want to see live more!!! both huge icons i am very very excited!! should be a very epic night!!! lets hope the next few months pass quickly :D
show 14
If I get tickets for Nov 25th it will be my 14th show. I lived in Cedarwood Grove back in the day and have listened to the band from the beginning. I missed the 360 tour in Dublin when my sister changed her wedding date last year and I wasn't home in July as planned. Watched the dvd with friends a few weeks ago and am really looking forward to seeing the show live. Fair play lads, looking forward to another great evening.
was dissapointed but now im not
i was elated to hear U2 were touring this year sometime but when i found out i would be in new zealand holidaying when they tour syd i became sad but then found out they would be in new zealand when im there on hols so fingers crossed i get tix cause i ove U2 and and so excited that ill hopefull be able to see them, saw the Vertigo tour it was awsome cant wait to see what they can do now :)
This will be the 4th U2 concet I will attend. Love Comes To Town with BB King, ZOO TV, Vertigo and now coming up 360. Most memorable moment was meeting the band at the Love Comes To Town Tour. Awesome guys. No wonder they are the BIGGEST BAND EVER. So Im looking forward to their return. I camped out over night to get Vertigo Tickets got as far as next one in line to get tickets to find out the tour was sold out. Bought tickets from someone else and attended the show. U2 ROCK!!
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