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Dec 1 2010
Melbourne, VIC, AU / Etihad Stadium
with Jay-Z

Edge and Bono opened the show from the b-stage tonight, coming round to meet during The Return of the Stingray Guitar. 'G'day!' said Bono, slipping effortlessly into the local language, and with that came the opening bars of Beautiful Day and it all kicked off.

It's been four years since the band were last here and it was pretty clear from the off that we were going to have a night to remember.

'What do you think of our space station? It's taken us all over the place and tonight it brings us down under. 'Good to be back in Australia and in Melbourne in particular,' added Bono. 'We feel at home in Melbourne.'

Plenty of thanks and name-checks tonight including Michael Coppel ('been promoting us since we first played in Australia') and an old friend, Natalia Imbruglia, who is in the house.

'We've been doing this a while, Adam, Edge, Larry and I, and we're still figuring out so much musically, spiritually - keep coming to see us, we're still pilgrims.'

Our highlights of this opening night of eight in Australia were a storming version of 'Boots' with Larry Mullen standing up at the drum kit and the reception for Magnificent when Bono asked, 'Where are we going? St Kilda, Fitzroy. Richmond. Melbourne...'

And after promising new music for audiences here, Bono was true to his word: 'Let's play you a new song. Brand new song. This is Mercy.' Coupling that with Bad was a show-stopping moment in the set, matched only by the reception for Miss Sarajevo.

Were you at the show tonight? Add your own review and post your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Birthday Bash
Yesterday morning 7.30 my husband and I arrived at Gate 7, no. 238 & 239 to wait in line. The hours moved oh so slowly, waiting...waiting.... Lunch came. The sun came out, sweating & sweating. Afternoon tea time the rain came down wet, wet, wet, drenched. 5.30 the gates open, we walked orderly and stationed ourselves right on the rails of the walkway looking straight over to centre stage, awesome! Witnessed one of the best shows of my life, couldn't wipe the exileration off my face. If there was a roof it would have lifted off after The Streets Have no Name. Every song was so, so good. And to top it all off it was my birthday! Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry & Adam for making it the most memorable one i'll ever have.
waiting in pouring rain...plastic ponchos as fashionable mosh wear... and was it worth it? Too right it was! Right from the get go the band were sensational!!! To hear 'Rejoice' and 'Bad' was fantastic...ok, I'm old, but they are beautiful songs! And the highlight...sharing the experience with my 19 year old daughter, who claims to have been brainwashed...at least I used my power for good and not evil! Truly, a special evening! Bring on Friday night...
Best band on earth!
It was just amazing to finally have the chance to see U2 live. Nearly all my personal repertoire was considered for them. I have to highlight Where the Streets Have No Name which is my favorite one. The inital moments of this song, at the moment when I knew it was coming was just amazing. It will be hard for me to say I have witnessed a better show than this. Thanks guys...you are genius!
Lost for words
Last night was the 6th time I had seen U2 live and Friday night will be 7. I have been a massive fan since 1988 when I was 13 and a friend made me a mix tape as an "introduction" the following year I saw Love Town in Adelaide and every tour except Pop since. Nothing against Pop I would have loved too was desperate lived in Darwin at the time but the planets didnt allign. Last night was without peer the greatest live concert I have ever seen by anyone and I thought nothing could top ZooTv. My best friend and I went and we agreed that this was indeed a legendary moment in the many of the U2 story. There has never been anything like last night seen in this city. Mercy is an incredible song that I was hoping would be played and to follow it with Bad had me wiping tears of joy literally. The entire set was faultless. The Joshua tree footage with Streets, Return of the Stingray Guitar WOW what a song to open with! Miss S had me close to orgasm too just quietly. Thank you again I can not wait till Friday when I know that the expectation I have built up for the 2nd show will be met and for being so real so magical and my all time favourite band for the last 22 years and I hope many, many, more years Albums and tours to come, I am so proud to be a U2 fan.
Sheer brilliance
Magic! Hell yeah! To Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry Mullen Jnr, may I say thank you for providing us fans with passion, excitement, fantastic display of sound, music and lighting, plus just awesome singing. Loved it all and to JayZ, thank you too for a great show as well.
Best show of the downunder tour sofar - storming set including great versions of BAD and Mercy - band was rocking and crowd up their feet : wow what a night ! Looking forward to Melbourne 2!
Katie C
U2 Melbourne
Last night was the best show ever!! i am wrapped i got to go and had awesum seats!! The setlist was unreal i was stoked with all the songs that were played!!! My fave track was Bad and Still havent found!!! couldnt ask for more thanx so much for coming back!!!
Wednesday night's show was mind blowing! The band were on fire and the crowd was electric. My ears are still ringing and it's over 17 hours since the show ended! Seriously, NO-ONE puts on a show like U2. Set List was awesome- Until the End of the World is in my All Time Top 5 U2 songs as is Bad so I was one happy camper last night! Can't wait for Friday!
u2 kick arse, on and off the stage, they are such decent people, the opposite of what most other try hard and wanna be rock stars think it takes to be great. 'vertigo' went off, 'walk on' was great considering recent events, miss sarajevo - excellent, 'until the end of the world' a personal favourite, has such a current sound, amazing . i think if u2 didn't sell a lot of records Edge would be more widely recognised for the genius he is. well done guys!!
bloody awesome night
loved every minute of it. streets bad city of blinding lights were awesome. hoping to hear ultraviolet tomorrow night. wish there was a better support act then jay z though. first time ive heard mercy it wasbloody sensational
Awsome Melbourne
Hello Hello. What a night, U2 were ON! The whole night was the highlight, thanks U2 for an absolute incredible show. Miss Sarajevo will stay with me forever.
Every song you could ask for....except where was Pride... ultraviolet... if I had my way they would still be going this morning. Best show I have seen from them, better than vertigo 4 years ago, and lets give it up for that claw. amazing. Also does anybody know what happend to the edges guitar, had a problem and had it swapped and still seemed to not be quite right at the start of ... cant remember, but bono seemed to be waiting for him.... Off to see them again friday.... cant wait......
bloody awesome night
loved every minute of it. streets bad city of blinding lights were awesome. hoping to hear ultraviolet tomorrow night. wish there was a better support act then jay z though. first time ive heard mercy it wasbloody sensational
bono giving everything
bono came out on the runway quite a bit, and I got this snap of him. we also helped pass him an irish flag during the show.
Wow! these guys never disappoint, loved it, especially BAD. thanks guys
Once again the boys SMASHED it! PLEASE keep coming back. So many highlights loved every minute & can't wait until Friday for more of the same!! Also thanks Jay Z for one of the best warm up acts ever....you've got another fan!!
nick\\\'s original species
U2 are the BEST
This was probably one of the best show's I have seen from U2. The Claw is just an amazing site. Photo's do not do this Claw justice. You have to be there live to believe it. Bono at his supreme best and Larry, Adam and Edge were brilliant.
The best Streets....
I realy enjoyed the show (#8) and for me the highlight was Where The Streets Have No Name. It was the best version I have ever heard- in a motoring analogy, it was played on all 12 cylinders. I sang my head off ( along with my son, at his first ever concert). Very happy :) rowey
Best Melb show since Love Town
Opening night in Melbourne was probably the best U2 performance I have seen since the Love Town tour in the 80's. It felt just as intimate as that tour in a venue 5 times the size and 40,000 more people. The band were playing out of their skin. It was electric. Now hoping Friday night's show is the same.
Awesome show guys!, we cued from 8am, and apart from the uslesly disorganised security,moving us a total of 7 times (ending up where we started!) and the normal weather in Melb. of 4 seasons in one day!, this was byfar the best U2 concert I have been to!! we managed to get a prime spot just right of center on the rail outside the walkway, couldn't ask for better! can't wait for Friday to do it all again!
great as always
been a fan for a long time, great show, bad, mysterious ways big highlights. as a big fan would`ve liked to see some different songs, getting a bit sick of hearing the `usuals` like sunday bloody sunday, with or without you, walk on etc. scarlet an awesome choice, going again friday and to brisbane and perth, keep up the good work lads!!
I finally saw them live! It was my lifelong dream and now it's realized. Ever since I saw Bono in the video for 'With or Without You' when I was 9, I just fell in love with their music, and 13 years later I experienced something unlike never before, December 1, 2010 will go down as one of the greatest days of my life, I have truly lived! U2 is my inspiration to life! "Everything has a crack, that's how the light gets in."
WOW! Blew my mind... last night in Melbourne was sublime!! The four artists that make up U2 are pure geniuses!! Thank you for being the constant shining light in my life, which last night was blinding!
Wow, you blew us away AGAIN! Guys, you just get better and better. Took my son for his first concert, he's still buzzing! Great set list, thx for Bad, In a little while, Streets, etc...And JZ, you rock!!
Coffee - U2 Style
I went to get a coffee a few hours before last night's concert & was SO excited about seeing U2 that my barista did this for me!
4yrs of waiting finally over!!
i thought the show was absolutely f******* brilliant!! as i consider myself a dedicated die-hard u2 fan i was not dissapointed. The only critiscism i had is for all of the "casual' u2 fans who had no idea what certain songs were as an informed fan like myself, i.e (i dont think a lot of them brought NLOTH down under and had no idea about songs like 'magnificent, boots or mercy for' that matter, and as much i love' hold me,thrill me', a song like ultraviolet should not be cut for it!!, hoping its back on friday nite!! in all , for me, another amazing u2 experience, as good as they have been for me since my first show in 89'(lovetown). thanks again boys!!
Last night was the 6th time Ive seen u2 andthey just get better and better!I took my daughter to her first concert and she was blown away.Highlights?There were many but Bad blows my mind.Streets of course.In a little while,Mercy.I will follow,Magnificent,Boots(notmy fave song but awesome last night!)The list goes on.How is it possible that such a huge stage in such a large venue could feel so intimate?Cant wait to see them again on Friday
Soo good at being BAD
Thank You Bono for keeping the rain away. Bad was just brilliant , When I see U2 you just get reminded that Where the Streets Have No Name is the greatest live song in the history of rock. Loved the opening track and Mercy. Thanks for the show last night. Going again on friday and bringing the family this time.
I REALLY wanted to hear them play Mercy and Bad and we got neither at either of the Auckland shows last week. So envious of those of you who made it to the first Melbourne show to hear these two. I'll have to search the internet for a recording of this....
Unbelievable Show
I don't know what to say. The show was amazing. I've never seen the band perform like that. Particular highlights were: Bad with guitar solo by Bono Streets with original footage from The Joshua Tree Return of Stingray the Guitar which had so much energy Vertigo which brought the house down
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