U2360° TOUR

Feb 13 2011
Johannesburg, ZA / FNB Stadium
with Amadou & Mariam; Springbok Nude Girls

Legendary trumpter and anti-apartheid activist Hugh Masekela made a surprise appearance on stage to mark tonight's first show in South Africa - bringing a unique African jazz vibe to 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'.

And 21 years after Nelson Mandela gave a speech in this very stadium (the day after his release from prison) when U2 played 'Pride (In The Name of Love)' tonight, the huge screens over the stage were illuminated with Mandela's image, along with excerpts of that famous speech. Bono sang a new lyric.

'February 13 1990
Words rings out in a Jo'burg sky.
Free at last to live your life
The Lion of Africa and his pride...'

From the opening bars of Beautiful Day, this record-breaking audience - the largest crowd ever for a sporting or entertainment event in South Africa - were shaking the foundations of the FNB stadium, and the unique atmosphere barely relented all night. 'Rainbow people' was right, as Bono had christened everyone (borrowing Desmond Tutu's phrase) at the top of the show.
'We know Jo'burg has a night life,' he said, introducing 'Crazy'. We know Jo'burg needs to go a bit crazy...'

Jo'burg did go crazy, as the band mixed the set list up again for this opening night of U2360 in 2011. There were new production elements too, and a great reception for references to recent events in Egypt. The 2009 images of the popular uprising in Iran, which have accompanied Sunday Bloody Sunday on the tour so far, gave way tonight to images of people power in Egypt. 'Change of heart comes slow...' sang Bono. Prayers to for the people of Burma.

'I'm sure you know the good news of Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung San Suu Kyi is to Burma what Madiba is to this country... a beautiful spirit.'

As for South Africa, 'this place just feels like the future,' said Bono, visibly amazed at the overwhelming reception for the band's first dates here since PopMart in 1998. And judging by the torrent of online excitement from fans at the show - and following around the world - it will be a night that lives long in the memory.

'It's like nothing I've ever seen,' said UyandaM on Twitter. 'Amazing!'
'Unbelievable. I am spent.' said Starverve on the live show stream on our community page. 'Best concert of my life.'

If you were at the show tonight, add your own review and upload your images below. Everybody wants to hear all about it!

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Granddad went to where the streets have
Living in Nairobi, decided to go to Jo'burg to see U2!! Wow! really felt like going... just before I was about to go, my grandfather Jan passed away and instead of Jo'burg I went to greet him for the last time and join his funeral. No regret at all. Now, this is why U22 is so special to me, especially as Still haven't found was recorded in Jo'burg. 'Opa Jan' this One's 4 U2!
U2's concert Rocks
U2's concert Rocks. I 've been following them for years.
Oh my
Holy bat bass!
I went to the Joburg show, and it was amazing!! I couldnt believe where I was when the band walked on stage. I was surprised they performed Miss Sarajevo, it gave me chills, I just love when Bono sings in his opera voice :D But the best bit was when I'll Go Crazy was played, man how I danced like I haven't danced in a while! Absolutely love that remix!!!!! SO many memorable moments, the stage!!! The claw was breathtaking, our mouths hang open at our first glimpse of it, truly out of this world. My dream to see U2 live finally came true! Thanks guys! But the dvd doesn't compare to the experience live. I really hope and wish and pray you guys come back with the next tour.
More than a show!
WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insane. I doubt very strongly that I will see and hear anything that good in the next 10 years (hopefully u2 comes back before then!!!). I realized a few things at the concert: u2 is the only band that is big enough for such a big stage. They manage to fill it! Wow. Secondly that Bono is an amazing vocal, you will never quite get the full picture while listening to a cd or dvd, hes just so much better live! Lastly i realized that Bono (and the rest of the band) are just normal guys who love making music and doing it well. They love performing without all the pretense you usually associate with rock stars. Dont get me wrong, its a show. But there is deeper meaning and a total experience of their enjoyment of their lives (the band life and the social justice life) Quite the experience, Cape town hold on to your hats! S
Best Ever
The show was amazing. The last time I was this happy was the day my daughter was born. I brought my U2 by U2 book to the show (hoping for an autograph). Thank you so much U2 for coming to visit us in Jhb. You made me the happiest person ever. Bono - you rock
Spectacular in 98, Astounding in 2011!! Nothing will come close to this. Amazing Graze/Street have no Name with the audience gave me goosebumps.
Best of the Best!
Apart from my wedding day, daughters birth - this was the most amazing experience of my life, the best show I have ever seen and the most heart-warming memories! Thanks U2 for coming back to SA!
Best show eva in SA
Nothing will ever be able to match Sunday nights performance. I so wish I could go to Cape Town to experience again from a different view. Inner circle left side rocks we had the Edge in full view all night
Sunday night was the second best night of my life (the first being my wedding day). In 1998 I was too young to go to the concert so I had to wait 13 years, but it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for an excellent show, you rocked Wonder womans world!!!!!
U2 Rocked our African Skies
U2 360 - need more be said? POP MART blew us away in 98 and we all thought what are the fellas gonna do to out do that, we thought it was the most amazing thing we had ever seen - a giant lemon, that huge screen. I got the 360 Rose Bowel dvd for christmas and everyone said don't watch it now, you'll ruin your concert experience - Never gonna happen. We waited in anticipation for the guys to walk out onto the stage. i even managed to get my best mate from Oz here for the show and we were transported back in time. Two teenage boys, singing in at the top of our voices and playing air guitar. The best part of the concert for us was the concert in full, every song, every burst of light, every beat of Larry's Drums, Edge and Adam on their guitars and Bono on those vocals. The hair stood up on our necks with every song. Thank you guys for a "Magnificent" show on such a "Beautiful Day" You inspire and unite Africa under African Skies
U2 Rocked!
U2, your performance at the FNB Stadium in JHB was outstanding... I cannot imagine any show, bigger or better... Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share a moment in your History. Truly grateful for that. During your epic performance, I couldn't help but think... "I'm actually here!" It's a long road that you guys have traveled to achieve your fame... I'm so glad that I got to see you perform live! You have the ears and eyes of the World. Give us more to ponder over, and more to Celebrate... Thank you, |'L';
Even better than anything......
This experience is indescribable. I don't think I will ever witness such a moving and emotional audio visual experience again. This concert sets the benchmark so high that I cannot imagine anything better. This was a once in a life time experience and I am glad I took my 8 year old son who has not stopped saying "wow" !!
Wow wow wow!!!! What a night that was! U2 have been on my bucket list for so long that even now it feels like the whole thing was a dream but I have photos and video clips to prove it wasn't. Oh and the sore feet that don't seem to be going away but who cares? Would do it all again. Thanks so much U2 for making a dream come true. That was an awesome show and the stage is just incredible. Highlights : I still haven't found what I'm looking for, One, Pride, Vertigo. Bit sad that Stuck in a moment wasn't on the playlist but at least it is on the dvd. :-) I will never forget 13th February 2011 for as long as I live. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Not a concert
Like I have been saying to everyone - this wasnt a show, not a concert - it was a SPECTACLE!!! After the great migrations and things like the soccer world cups , this MUST be or is the greatest show on earth. No-one person or band, is gonna top that! I dont belive even they themselves can top that!
Life long dream come true and more
I've been listening to U2 with my friends for many years and always had this dream that one day we'd see them in concert and when the announcement was made last year we were one of the first to own tickets so with a 6 month build up the expectation was high and U2 delivered so much more . . . it was a night I can never forget! Thank you for staying the course and living the dream, being what you were made to be!
Even better than the real thing....
Last night was 'even better than the real thing'. U2 rocked Joburg. Thanks for coming back. I really liked 'hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me. 'In a little while' was was a real surprise. Can't wait for Cape Town. Would love to see some changes in the setlist including opening track. What a night! Bring on Cape Town...
In the Sound !
In the circle - in the sound - the experience of a life-time. U2 in 360 degrees - we had the band in front, behind and above. The sound of Amazing Grace flowing through the staduim leading into "Where the streets have no name" was incredible!
The Greatest Night Of My Life
Whether it was the abundant 'African' sense that I got from this show, or just the fact that 6 years of dreaming finally came true that made it seem like a dream, I don't know. All I do know is that my life was changed last night. U2 are truly the most incredible band in the world. Thank-you so much for the beautiful night you gave us in Soccer City. I will never forget this. Your music means so much to me and to see you all perform it live was just unreal. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart! I hope you guys come out again in the near future! You'll always be welcome in sunny South Africa!! Favourite songs: I Will Follow, Vertigo, City of Blinding Lights, Where The Streets Have No Name, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride (with the Madiba tribute!!) and With Or Without You. PERFECT ALL ROUND!!!
U2 set to rock FNB stadium, JHB, RSA
What a party! U2 rocked the FNB stadium last night!
Worth the wait
"We said we'd be back soon... Which shows that you should never trust a rock star" - Bono recounting his comments in 1998, when they were last in SA... But they were worth the wait. Absolutely amazing!! And what a setting and crowd - from the Mexican waves to the cheers for Mabida and Tutu, the Calabash just rocked the night away! The guys are superb. Struggling to think of "specific" highlights - everything was over-the-top brlilliant. But Hugh Masekela on stage, I'll go crazy, With ot Without You and Moment of Surrender stands out personally (if I am forced to name a few)... Only thing I'd change - ULTRAVIOLET!!! Hold me, Thrill me.. is great, but the live versions on tour so far of Ultraviolet were mind-numbing. I was so looking forward to this rendition. Please include it for CT!!! Please, please, please...
a beautifk day
thanks U2, that was awesome; starting off with BDAY was a mind blow for us all- the song for citydwellers like us; 'we know we re not hopeless cases..' thanks boys- you rocked!
Words alone do not begin to describe the experience! U2 is simply the greatest band on Earth! Apart from being musical geniuses, they are masters in putting on a great show - The Greatest Show on Earth - fitting for the greatest band on Earth! Truly amazing and inspirational! I have been on a high the entire day! Come back soon!
" Ons het lekker ge-U2 "
This was truly such a treat! Thank you so much for the incredible tallent and consitancy throughout the concert. It just got better and better. There was not a single moment when I thought "oh no they have lost the plot" We were exhausted by the end. none of us could hear much or speek much. We enjoyed every minute. It was wonderful to see everyone bubbling with excitement. Everyone seemed to have one goal and that was to Rock with our favourite band. One of the hi-lights was the 'milky-way'. If you were there you would know what i mean. Wow. "ons het lekker ge-U2." Jozi rocks all of the time. We are very proud of our country and thank you for sharing in it with us. We hope to see and hear from you again.
Glen Mollink
U2 Forever
U2 sings about love. Just what South Africa needs. I had a rave. It was simply fantastic. Saw U2 in Athens because I didn't know they were coming to SA. The concert was even better second time round!!! A Beautiful Day!!!
U2 forever
I've watched them Athens last year and now in Johannesburg. A slightly different track listing. What an amazing show!! Definitely a highlight of my life! Thank you U2!
U2 Live - What a Show!!
The show last night was an awesome experience!! Me and my friends was looking forward to this day for a very long time and we really Loved every second of it!! It was a nights none of us will ever forget!!! U2 is simply the BEST!!!!!! It was for us all a Beautiful Day... Also thanks to the U2 band that is doing so many gr8 things for SA and the world, you are truly helping the world to become ONE!!
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