U2360° TOUR

May 11 2011
Mexico City, MX / Azteca Stadium
with Snow Patrol

U2360° took off again in Mexico City tonight and that wasn't the only reason to celebrate.

Ok, so it was actually a day after Bono's birthday but that's a minor detail when you have a stadium full of fans who want to serenade you. Edge led the massed chorus of 'Happy Birthday' and Bono explained that he thinks of his own mother on his birthday, particularly so here as it coincided with Mothers Day. Special mention to Ali, the mother of his own children, who has flown in for the show.

'Mexico, Mexico...'

More signs tonight that this tour is continually reinventing itself, not just with 'Real Thing' now established at the top of the show but with Magnificent getting a new vibe thanks to some cool animation with Archbishop Tutu - the production team have clearly not been taking much time off since the South American dates.

Another surprise came in the middle of 'Crazy' which suddenly metamorphosed into 'Discotheque' (this track knows no limits) while there was a wonderful response for Zooropa, quietly establishing itself in the mix.

The first of three shows in five nights in Mexico City, this was not just one of the loudest audiences we've had to date but one of the highest stadiums we've played in - even edging the mighty 360 stage. Adam sporting a new bass guitar with vibrant red stripes, was on top form - at one point taking hold of a huge flag that had made its way onto the stage and wrapping it around the rest of the band.

Even if you weren't lucky enough to be at the show, there was plenty of debate about the tracklisting on our live feed, none more so than about the rival merits of Ultraviolet or Hold Me Thrill Me - which vie for their place in the set list each night.

'I've always loved UV and wanted to listen to it so bad live,' posted Isamoras. 'But after listening to HMTMKMKM as well, I have to say that it's perfect (for) the show and they should keep it!'

Tonight it was 'Hold Me', followed by (what else?) With Or Without You' which led into a special dedication from Bono before the beautiful closer 'Moment of Surrender'.

'We would like to dedicate this to all those who have lost their loved ones in the violence that is happening in this country. It's happening here and it's happening all over the world. 'Mexico needs to know you are not alone and we are with you.. you are not alone in the darkness. Let's make each light brighter...'

At which point the Azteca Stadium was illuminated with 100,000 cellphones and you couldn't have had a more powerful way to close the night.

So that was the opening night in Mexico, the tenth show of 2011 and the first of the final lap of the tour which will take us through North America until the end of July. Were you at the show tonight? What was the moment you'll never surrender? Add your own review and upload your photos below.

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First Zooropa
a special day for all
Still could not believe that would give me an autograph
Prefer songs for U22
Breathe, No line on the horizon, get on your boots, moment of surrender, vertigo, in a little while, kite, zooropa, one, ultraviolet, bad, the unforgettable fire, scarlet, out of control, one tree hill, hold me thrill me kiss me kill me, magnificent, vertigo, city of blinding lights, all I want is you, love rescue me, spanish eyes
history was made
i travel from sd to df only to be present at opening night, Azteca stadium was vibrant thousands of people were anxious hearing David Bowie "ground control" when U2 shows up walking towards main stage. Simplemente delicioso!!!
mexico, mexico
tanks for coming, tanks for bautiful night.
11 de mayo se escribio historia en Méxic
I can think of only one word to describe the lived the night of May 11 at the Azteca stadium, AWESOME, took more than 20 years listening to the best band in the world, and had never had the opportunity to attend a live presentation, This time I did and simply wonderful, something that will not forget for the rest of my life, Thanks U2 for giving us such great moments, thanks so magnificently to hear some of his greatest hits, striking Miss Sarajevo, Vertigo, Elevation, ONE , sunday bloody sunday, Until the end of the world, and the spectacular closing MOMENT OF SURRENDER as I said at first simply AWESOME. Solamente se me ocurre una palabra para describir lo vivido la noche del 11 de mayo en el estadio Azteca, IMPRESIONANTE, llevo mas de 20 años escuchando a la mejor banda del mundo, y nunca habia tenido la oportunidad de asistir a una presentación en vivo, en esta ocasión lo hice y simplemente que maravillado, algo que no olvidare por el resto de mi vida, Gracias U2 por regalarnos esos grandes momentos, gracias por poder escuchar tan magnificamente algunos de sus grandes exitos, impresionante Miss Sarajevo, vertigo, elevatión, ONE,sunday bloody sunday, until the end of the world, y ese cierre espectacular de MOMENTO OF SURRENDER como lo dije en un principio simplemente IMPRESIONANTE.
#U2360MEX 11 MAY 2011
Gracias Amigos!
U2 Has been part of my Life since im 8 Years Old. Now i have 28 Years Old and they gave to me another beatiful Present whit their 3 Shows for the country i gave born... Hasta luego Amigo y esperamos verlos Pronto..
All my life I dreamed of seeing them live and finally my dream came true, from Costa Rica trip with my brother and four friends but still not go out of shock and continued to believe that that night was a dream! Thanks U2 for making me feel in heaven! I love Bono and U2!!
Stunning!!! 5/11/11
Just so amazing to see the band so close performing Zooropa, One, Even Better than the Real Thing!!! Thanks U2!!!
Just awsome!!!
The best concert ever!!!!! was perfect and unforgetable with my two best friends
Juan Pablo
Thanks boys for this great night!! It´s the most amazing show on the earth. See you tonight.
Just awesome!!!!!!!!
Wooow Larry, Adam, the Edge and Bono were fantastic!!! Chose the best song is too dificult. Even better has so much power; Zooropa is beautiful; City of Blinding Lights and Vertigo are amazing!!! and the drums from Larry in Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me kill me took my breathe away!!!
La Garra
Vista de la Garra... Magnificent!!!!
It was a night to remember. I loved it!! Thanks for the awesome performance!! I luv U2!!! And happy birthday again ^0^
Under a Gray with Rain Sky
U2 is an AmAiZiNg gRrAcE "Awesome" -thanks for the "PrIde" in a "MoMeNt of SuRrEnDeR"... "OnE" more time was a "BeUtIfUl DaY" "WaLK On" my life remembered all the good thing in a "mYsTeRiOus WaY" -I WILL FOLLOW always... Thanks for the first show in the Azteca Stadium I hope listen BAD and unkwon caller in the second show "please"
happy birthday Bono.. !!!
Thank you guys!!!!
It was a wonderful night!! We were so happy to see you here in Mexico City once again. Welcome to Mexico and don´t forget, this will always be your home guys!! We love U2.
Gracias U2!!
A Beautiful concert forever!!
360º Tour Live from Mexico City
The First Show.... Amazing!
Edge TiMe!!
On May 11th in Mexico City!! Best moments.. Happy Bday... Netzahualcoyotl poem... With or Without U and special mention to México´s violence. =)
please one more...
oh woew looks great last night azteca stadium and U2 magnificent..... woew see you saturday night....
u2, unforgettable!
u2, the best thing than exists, thanks to delight to us with its great talent, thanks, thousand thanks! Bond we turned years the same day, congratulations! you are my better gift along with my son, with whom ire to its concert… the maximum!
The best U2 gig ever!
Amazing show, amazing U2.... Thanks for let us be part of 360 :-)
Great show, best tracks last night? Difficult to say but if I have to choose 3: One, Vertigo and Where the streets have no name. Mexico is your home!!!
que padre estar de regazzo!!! :)
Bono: A, for efford in spanish! I love to hear you speak spanish! memorable new words on my language and also, saying badwords: chingona! muchos huevos! :) Thanks for the Nezahualcoyotl poem! so great idea!
B-day bono
I loved when the edge begun with happy b.day and all the fans sang to bono.
I wish...
Bono, I wish that you live forever!!! Happy Birthday, my love!! In Portuguese: Felicidades 1000!! Te amo demais!! Love you so much, forever and ever!! Andrea
Happy Birthday, Mr. Bono Vox!
God bless your life and keep u safe always for us... I love u!!! You are so beautiful!!!
There were lots of memorable moments in U2 360º concert in Sao Paulo, but What I liked the most it was When City of blinding lights took place. Loved the lights, the sound, the special effects, everything! Guys, you are awesome! U2 band is a body of light. You enchant the world with your music!
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