U2360° TOUR

Apr 3 2011
Buenos Aires, AR / Estadio Unico de La Plata
with Muse

Thunder and lightning set a dramatic scene for tonight's final date in Buenos Aires. The Argentine national anthem was followed on the stadium sound system by Soda Stereo, another tribute to Gustavo Cerati, and just as we were expecting the new show opener... we didn't get it.

There's nothing predictable about this show. Tonight The Return of The Stingray Guitar was back to announce the arrival of the band on stage with Bono singing 'Argentina, Argentina...' as the unreleased track segued into Beautiful Day. They were among the first of five changes to the show including the return of Pride and, for the first time in 2011, to Bad.

It was a seriously rocking night with @alonsonico on twitter, who lives in La Plata, reporting that his 'flat is shaking right now because of the concert.'

The sonically reimagined Even Better Than The Real Thing arrived when we weren't expecting it after 'Boots' and La Plata kept shaking for Mysterious Ways. It was turning into a memorable way to bid farewell to our weeks stay in this wonderful land.

Following Still Haven't Found, Bono thanked Muse, after another electric opening set, 'for coming with us on this incredible adventure.' It set him dreaming out loud about his country...and this country.

'I think the Irish and Argentine we speak too much. We drink too much.
We are religious but we argue with God.
And when we are not arguing with God we argue with the British...'
You might have the edge on us in the football, he continued, but 'In the rugby we kick your arse. We are a tiny country and you are a BIG country. Our ego is as big as your ego. We think we invented you. We believe an Irishman is one of the fathers of Argentina. Admiral Brown came from County Mayo...'

And in another unexpected twist, now the band welcomed a very special guest to the stage in Leon Gieco, the celebrated Argentine folk singer and with Larry and Adam watching on, he performed 'Solo Le Pido A Dios' (I Only Beg God) with Edge and Bono joining on guitar and the entire stadium joining on vocals.

Were you at tonight's show? What was the moment you'll never surrender? Add your own reviews and post your photos below.

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Great Concert
I was there and it was great.
The best show I have ever been!!!!
This is the second time I had traveled to Buenos Aires to see U2, still doesn't arrive to Lima, Perú. The best track for me was In a Even Better Than the Real Thing !!!! , I wait it on 2006 at River two shows, and now three shows !!! . Intense moment when rain !!! jajaja . Thanks U2 !!! juan carlos JC garcia
the show was the best I lived, and when it rang Moment Of Surrender I felt that I was dying. thanks for the unforgettable night that you gave the public of Argentina the 3 de April. we wait for the next tour:)
It was worth it!
I had the lucky of go in to dates! But the last one was the best, i could not believe how close i was from U2. I was in the golden circle, and a live each moment! The best moment it was when Bono did the Miss Sarajevo´s solo, it was so good!
Thanks U2, Thank for magnificent show (Estadio Unico de la Plata 03-04-11) Alex Casanova Bolivia
Never ever will forget you...
I was at the last show beside my beloved husband. It was the best show ever and only next U2 show will be better. I have sung and danced all night long. Please,promess us that will be more U2 music, songs, live shows, more of you 4. I promess that I WILL NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE WILL FORGET YOU. Love you so much. Your voices and music were beside me in every moment of my life. When I fall in love,at my weeding day, all along my two pregnancy... Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam you are part of my family, how can I forget you?!? Never ever....
My passport to the hapiness
Hi U2! you are the best guys, and the show of saturday in SP was amazing!! I'm a brazilian artist, my name is Alex Diegas and I'm 29 years old! I would like to share with you guys one of my best moments since I arrived in SP to watch the show! Thanks for all the moments, musics and your performance in two hours of show! All the best to you, U2!
Increíble show de U2, los volví a ver luego de 18 años, ya que los había visto en Leeds UK en 1993 gira Zooropa Tour; fue increíble volver a cantar Bad tanto tiempo después!!!! Ademas era el cumpleaños de mi novia Grace y la verdad mas no se pudo pedir y para colmo subió León!! U2 larga vida a uds. .... vuelvan!!!!! abrazo Martin Arbeletche Laboulaye - Cba -RA
The Meaning of Music
Thank you very much guys, It was an amazing night, and certainly one of the best of my life. I cried, I shouted, I danced, I jumped and I felt the meaning of your beautiful and powerful songs. My favorite song was Elevation (when I lost my voice) and Sunday Bloody Sunday. An emotive moment was when eternal Leon Gieco came on stage and sang "Sólo le pido a Dios" (I only Beg God) for "Los chicos de Malvinas" (for Malvina´s boys). By the way I´m from Colombia but I lived in Buenos Aires and is a shame that my fellas couldn´t hear you live, anyway, as you said, Don´t forget us and I hope that we could see you someday in the beautiful Colombia. PD: Muse was an amazing band, I really enjoyed their music too.
The meaning of music
Thank you very much guys for a wonderful night, it was certainly one of the best moments in my life and I won´t forget all the feelings inside of me. I cried, I shouted, I jumped, I shaked and I really enjoyed and I felt the meaning of your beautiful and powerful songs. My favorite song was Elevation, when I lost my voice and Sunday Blody Sunday. An amazing moment was when eternal Leon Gieco came to stage and sang for "Los chicos de Malvinas (Malvina`s boys)"
Thank you very much U2!!!!! It was a bea
Seriously, The Best concert I have ever been. Thank you very much. I can't believe I heard Pride Live!!!!!! OMG!!! The Edge rules!!!!!! I take this picture I would like to share with you. :)
Thanks for everything!!
the two most incredibles nights i 've ever felt. It was a dream come true to see you in a live show, after years of waiting, the night of April 2 and 3 were simply amazing!! thanks to play Ultraviolet and Bad. Thanks to national anthem , for Cerati, for the great surprise of Leon Gieco ,and for all those words,. Argentina , Argentinians fans always is waiting for you. try to not forget us, we will never forget the most incredible rock band!!
14 cousins from Uruguay
I ve been at all shows U2 gave in Argentina. This one was the best of all. We went 14 cousins all together from Uruguay to the show on 03/04/2011 at the Estadio Unico de la Plata. Yes, as the photo shows we where: 1, 2 , 3......14!!! Thank you U2 and we are waiting for your return till now.
Uno, dos tres, catorce!!!
My God!! What an incredible night (april 3). I felt like I was 20 years younger. Walk On, Where the streets have no name, City of blinding lights is my choice. It was just like a dream came true. Thank you u2. I will never forget!!
Thank you for the most amazing nigth!. The show was great!. Please don't for get us and come back soon!
Is there gonna be more?
Is there gonna be more? That´s the question that keeps coming to my mind every time I see you on stage. First time I saw you in '98 I thougth I would never see anything like this again, but you came along with Vertigo tour in 2006, you improved that time, and again I thought nothing would surpass that. And you were back to Argentina this year, I went to three shows in a row, it´s incredible that you keep perfectioning, these last shows have been better than previous, and the BEST I ever saw. Nothing is impossible for you, every time I think you reached the top and nothing will surpass this moment you show up with a new tour conception and make the impossible come true. Please keep surprising me! Again I think 360° is not going to be beaten, but deep in my heart I know you are going to blow our brains out next time. You are EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING!!!!!
Walk on
Next time I would like to see more walking around this huge stage you came with...specially you Edge (I´m your biggest fan!!!)...please leave those pedals alone for a while :-) ...now seriously ...the march 30th show in La Plata was too short for us we can´t get enough of U2.
Best Concert Ever...!!!
This is the second time I had traveled to Buenos Aires to see U2, still doesn't arrive to Lima, Perú. At the end of the show I thought It worth! The best track for me was In a Little While, I wait it on 2006 at River but didn't came. Intense moment when Leon Gieco performed Sólo le pido a Dios. The set list was almost perfect, a great recollection since former years until No Line on the Horizon. I wished to hear Stand Up Comedy, it is my favorite of the album but it is a reason to keep following for the next opportunity. Thanks for the passion you put it on every show! Mario
simply the best!!!!
The best show I have ever been!!!! thanks U2 for this amazing performance I have no words to discribe what i felt that moument. God bless you U2 and come back soon, do not forget us as we do not forget you!!!!!
It was an unforgetable experience. My second U2 show, the first at RED ZONE. I strongly recommend it. Hope you come back soon to South America.
show 3/4/2011
amazing show! I be there with my two kids and we dance all night, but we love leon gieco also, so he was te perfect gift for us!!!! thanks and back soon!
Just for me
on saturday's night I was illness, thinking about the concert of the sunday... I almost can't go, but nothing can stop the power of U2. So, with my illness and the storm over my shoulders, and my beloved sister Natalia, we fight against the thunders and went to the Estadio Único. Then one angel, Clara, cross over our way... and suddenly there I was, in the big and brand new stadium... staring at the empty place, felling all that just for me...
Just too much
Theres no words to describe such an amazing thing, the show was flawless, i think the rain gave us a special night (03/04/2001), the presence of leon gieco, my favourite track "where the streets have no name". Most memorable moments: Argentina national anthem, bono talking about Ireland and Argentina, bono and the edge shaking hands over the bridges, the crowd holding up their cell phones, solo le pido a dios, pride, where the streets have no name (the crowd), one... Víctor, Rosario, Argentina.-
2 nights awesome!
I went from outside of Argentine. In my 1st night I was in RED ZONE ONE, because without thinking I bought these tickets and I didn't knew that with them I donate to RED causes and the fight against HIV. I feel proud about it, because I'm POSITIVE with ARV drugs provided my health insurance. But anyhow! The show was amazing!, excited and awesome... Thanks U2! The 2nd night (Sunday) We were with my friend in CABECERA NORTE. Another view, another perspective and same awesome than the 1st night. I saw my 1st U2 concert in Santiago 06 but the 360º is another experience. I never hear the song "Bad", thanks for this song, thanks for your awesome put in scene. I never forget!
I have no words to explain this show. It was my first time at a concert, but I'm sure this is the best show I ever will atend. You were SOOOOO TENDER TO US, SO TENDER. Thank you a lot for this amazing and incredible show, I need to invent adjectives for this monstrosity you call "La Garra"... Keep on rocking like this forever... P.S.: Bono, we'll never forget U2, never. We promise it.
It was just amazing! Mi wife and i will never forget that sunday night in La Plata!! Nevermind the rain and long trip from Paraguay... U2 and MUSE rocked the night!
Its a no show, no concert... 3 night CEREMONY (serius ceremony) in Argentina.- Tanks for BAD and Ultraviolet... Willy.-Rosario.-
360º X 3
I`ve been to the three shows in La Plata. And when I thought I had seen it all, the last show blew my mind!!! I will never forget you, nobody that has been there will.... The show was amazing, the songs were one better than the other... It was like a dream, luckily a dream that came true... U2 in Argetina: only one word: EPIC!!!! Thanks to all you guys and the crew who are out of this world!!!!!!
Magic night
Thanks U2 !! always remember these nights with our Irish friends
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