U2360° TOUR

Apr 10 2011
Sao Paulo, BR / Estadio Morumbi
with Muse

The heavens opened and drenched everyone ahead of the band taking the stage for the second night in Sao Paulo but this turned out to be a memorable night for all kinds of other reasons.

'Real Thing' opened the show and then, 'for special reasons, this is our first single' announced Bono as the band broke into a surprise that sounded as fresh and fierce as the day of its release in 1979.
'I had the feeling it was out of control
I was of the opinion it was out of control...'

Rain, what rain? 'Boots', Magnificent, Mysterious Ways, Elevation, the joint was jumping at Estadio Morumbi, it was well out of control.

'Mucho obrigado, Thank you to Muse,' said Bono. 'Extraordinarily talented musicians.'
'Nos amamos o Brazil... We love you... but you know that don't you?'

Still, everybody needs reassurance, so it was a good moment to make sure, he explained.
'Edge is a very insecure guy and asked me to check that you don't love other bands the way that you love us...'

The general ovation that followed suggested there wasn't too much to be concerned about, but still, as Bono continued,'You've had other lovers passing through - Oasis, Coldplay, now Muse - so Edge needs to know how much you love him.'

Brazil confirmed its undying love in the loudest possible terms. Tonight, in case of any doubt, Bono also confirmed it was Larry Mullen on drums and Adam Clayton on bass guitar.
'And if I wasn't insecure I wouldn't have become a singer - my name is Bono.
We try to serve you. We salute you...'

Special thanks went out to Governor Alckmin for the loan of Sao Paulo. 'No work tomorrow, is that right? U2 day. Its official! Alright new song, this is North Star.'

Beautiful Day segued into an stadium-wide sing-a-long of Singing in the Rain before Vertigo turned the stadium into clubland again. And then, out of nowhere, after Miss Sarajevo, a total surprise, the return of Zooropa, which hasn't been played live since the year it was released way back in another century.
'Zooropa... a bluer kind of white
Zooropa... it could be yours tonight.'

You know a track is making a little bit of musical history when it starts trending on Twitter which Zooropa did tonight - amazing moment for Brazilian U2 fans.

'Don't know what to say to you,' exlaimed Bono after 'Streets. 'What an unforgettable night. We will never forget this night. Good looking people!'

And with another special dedication of 'Moment of Surrender' to those in sorrow, 'mothers and fathers without children', after Thursday's events in Rio (see our clip from last night above), the second show in Sao Paulo came to a close.

Were you at Estadio Morumbi tonight? What was it like when Zooropa was played? What was your highlight ? Drop us a review and post a photo below.

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Amazing Night
It was one of the best moment of my life, a moment that i'll never forget this night.
zooropa the wall moment
it was amazing when the band were behind that huge led wall. The best track of the show.
The Show!!
Perfect! I got married on Saturday (9/04) and Sunday was at the show! A perfect night to celebrate my honeymoon. I'll never forget this night!!
The greatest moment of my life! I was at the first night too but the second night was so much better! I was very close to The Edge and Bono in inner circle and could see how focused The Edge is. I like this photo very much, this is my favorite shot from that night. Edge and Adam playing "Out Of Control"
Out Of Control, Zooropa, Ultraviolet...
I was there, on the historical night which Zooropa was played live full for the first time! I still remember the emotion on the first accords of Out Of Control! I'll never forget the crowd (including me) singing all songs (until North Star)! In resume, in april 10 São Paulo watched the best show of U2360 Tour.
It was the BEST DAY!!!
What to say??? Magnificent!!! Specially "For special ocasiona, this our first single... UP!!!" followed by Out of Control. Also, Ultraviolet was a hit. And Zooropa? NO COMMENTS!!! ;)
The show of my life
It was the show of my life!!! I loved it!
Magnificent show!!
It was the best experience of my life watching my favorite band live on sunday, april,10th. Because I was waiting for this moment more then 10 years, I\'m really thank them for this magnificent and unforgetable show...It was amazing!! Whenever you want, always come back to Brazil. We love you!!
Even Better Than The Real Thing
I went to the second night they played on Sao Paulo, and i have to say that it was more than amazing. Once you get inside the stadium, even before the band enters, u already get thrilled and excited, and for me it was so special cause after 6 years being a HUGE fan and waiting to have an opportunity to see them, when i get to the stdium and realised that that was it, in a few hours they d arrive and make a dream come true, i could find no words that d describe that moment better than my joyfull tears. The 360 stage is beautiful, and the expectation makes you go crazy. Best moment of the show was for sure the entrance, david bowie s song followed by their appearance and even better than the real thing. Its beautiful from the beggining to the end and i cant choose one best song, i was amazed by all of them. It was worth the 5 years i waited to watch them live, since i became a u2 HUGE fan when i was 13, and i got the chance to meet bono and edge three days later, in their hotel, what made my experience unforgettable. I miss all that i felt those days, like if life was all magic.Hope to feel like that soon, hope to see them live again soon!
Best show ever! \"where the streets\" simply brought me to tears!
Bono Red
Amazing! I\'ll never forget
I\'d neve leave this behind
I wish I could be Stuck in this Moment for ever and I wish that Beautiful Day could never end. But I know that In a Little While I\'ll be able to live this again \'cause I know they\'ll cause another Elevation w/ a great new album. But the greatest thing about this Tour is that everytime I Walk On this Earth I\'ll be able to say: I was there! Great Tour! Great ending! We want more :-)
Perfect Night
It was my first time in a concert and it had to be one fom my favorite band...Best show everrrrrrrr
Undoubtedly the best concert of the 360º
Out of Control and Zooropa Unforgettable! U2 Sao Paulo had the best 3 performances ever. We know you love us back
A spiritual experience
i spent most of time of the concert singing and dancing, but what made my day there was the moments of prayers I made, prayers for the whole planet, for all the people there united for a beautiul evening. It was divine, it was a moment to feel love, peace and God near us. Thank you for all, may God bless you.
I would like to beging by saying that I have never experienced so strong and intense feelings as the ones that I had in your concert in São Paulo, that day will be an unforgettable one. I never expected to feel the way that I did on that day, it’s something that transcends the spirit of the listener, make us feel with the heart, feel it vibrate deep in your soul every musical note you play! I Love you indescribably, not Just for the exceptional musicians, but also for the amazing human beings that you are! I am 17 years old and as always have been, I know that you will be my biggest examples ever, the ones that I will always look up to. You have no Idea of how important you are in the lives of so many people... Brasil loves you all!
FOI MAGNÍFICO....como sempre....
Happy Birthday Bono
Thanks U2 for the concerts in Brazil. I love its!!!! You arte the best of the world..... happy Birthday Bono!!! Brazil loves you!
Simply the Best!!
I have no words to describe this show, just realized a childhood dream. I would like to thank for making U2 through their lyrics and attitude that yes, we have SOME BIG IDEAS ... and that we can make our dreams come true. Thanks. I love you.
Missing U2!!
I loved the show!!! It was the best day of my life!!! Please come back to Brazil soon!!!
So Unforgetable
I went to concert at Morumbi Stadium 10-04-2010... incredible, wonderful... the best day of my life! Thanks Edge, Larry, Adam and Bono... I love you! God Bless You! We hope U2 again World Cup Brazil 2014!!!
I'm stil touched
It's been 2 weeks since I went to the concert (april 10th), but I'm still very, very touched and impressed by what happend that night. It's something impossible to describe. It was magical, thrilling. I don't know if Bono, Larry, Adam and Edge have any idea about the impact they caused to the people who were there. Well, to me, they've caused this huge impact, and today, 16 days after, I still have the energy of that moment flowing in my body and in my mind. I really hope U2 can come back soon. Paul McCartney is coming back to Brazil in may, less than one year since his last concert here. I hope the same happens to U2. Maybe you come back by the end of this year, to close the tour with us!! \o/ Well, I can dream, right? Dreaming is for free, lol lol. And please, U2 guys, if you come to Brasilia again, stop by at my house to a cup of coffe and some "pao de queijo" (brazilian cheese bread). Thank you SO MUCH for the magic!! MUITO OBRIGADA!!
What could be better than watching a U2 concert with the great love of his life and a friend who knows absolutely everything about U2 even small details of production and running the show? Yeah, you watch the U2, inside the Inner Circle, with the person you love to hear U2 playing "Out of Control", "Zooropa" and "Ultra Violet" and have a great friend along with details as if it had made the day's schedule. A big kiss to my love Nalva, and a big hug to specialist U2 Henrique "Cheeks" (Bochecha). Érico Gustave
I was in the Inner Circle on April 10th
I'm still in a state of bliss! After twenty-four years I'm a fan, I could see my idols so close! To say it was wonderful, fantastic, is little compared to the magnitude of the show! Thanks U2 for having prepared this tour so great! Karla G. G. Mendes (KarlU2ska)
Out of Control
No dout! were the betther moment of tree shows in Sao Paulo. So FANTASTIC!!! And I hope that Bono and all the Band really never forget us, and don`t let us to wait so many years for news concert...because we love you gays..really love you. Fan since 1884, I saw all the concerts here and this is only tree times...it`s so....rarely. But I`m so so Happy..thank you all...and thanks so much U2.... God Blessing you!
U2 left São Paulo out of control!
A special night for special reasons, you guys play the first single and this moment I'll never forget, was the most special of my life. Was a gift. Where the streets was a tie of the gitf box. MUITO OBRIGADO!!! VALEU!!!
A magical night 10th April
It was my first U2's concert. I waited 13 years since the band's first tour in Brazil - Pop Mart - to fulfill my dream and I don't know how to describe the happiness that I felt. I cried listening to Zooropa because during a very difficult time of my life this song brought the message that I needed: "Be all that you can be. Be a winner"..."Don't worry baby, it's gonna be alright". It was also a challenge to be in Morumbi, because I had to overcome some difficulties and phobias. Glad I learned to dream out loud with U2!!!! Thank you, guys! Come back soon...
Muito Obrigado!!
Well the show was seven days ago and my voice is not good yet.. I'd like to say thank you (2!!) very very much!! U2 played some songs specialy for us, brazilians, so Muito Obrigado!!! And we are waiting for the next tour ok?? Brazil loves U2!!! Thank you!!!
All the tracks were good, i was dreaming with this show since 2006, when i didn't come to the show where in SP. I loved Elevation, Vertigo, Streets, all the musics! And the best was that Bono stayed very close to me! HE IS SO BEATIFUL!
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