U2360° TOUR

Mar 25 2011
Santiago, CL / Estadio Nacional
with Muse

'You said you'd wait Chile, you said you'd wait until the end of the world....'
And five years after the band last played in South America, five weeks after the last show and 21 months after this tour opened in Barcelona, U2360° achieved lift-off at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago tonight.

The 23-song set featuring tracks from nine different U2 albums, opened with Beautiful Day ('Larry Mullen right behind you...') and closed two and a half hours later with Moment of Surrender. Set list surprises included One Tree Hill, only twice previously played outside New Zealand since 1990, and a moving instrumental version of Mothers of the Disappeared between One and Streets.

'There's lots been going on here in the last five years,'reflected Bono.'Both upsetting and inspiring times. From where we've been standing Chile - you look so strong - fuertes, fuertes, fuertes - and pretty handsome too.'

A special guest joined the band to share vocals on One Tree Hill: 'We'd like to ask to the stage the very gifted, the very wonderful Francisca Valenzuela.' The young and talented Chilean singer-songwriter brought a beautiful new dimension to a song with special connections to Chile and its most famous poet and political activist:

'Jara sang, his song a weapon in the hands of love.
You know his blood still cries from the ground.'

Bono dedicated the song to Joan, wife of Victor Jara.'We never forget Victor Jara,' he added, and Pride too was, 'For Victor Jara once more.'

Another veteran Chilean artist and activist, who's known and worked with the band since the 1980's, was also here tonight. 'Rene Castro,'announced Bono.'An old friend,in the house!' Rene was responsible for creating the memorable stage backdrops on the LoveTown Tour at the end of the 1980's.

The country, as Edge points out on a video for U2.com, has changed dramatically for the better since the band first played here, but change is still coming in other countries - and the set list tonight referenced the dramatic people movements taking place in 2011. Sunday Bloody Sunday went out to a country in north Africa ('Libya, can you hear us?') while Scarlet segued into Walk On with a meditation on Aung San Suu Kyi.

'This beautiful spirit is out now, is free, she wants to thank U2 fans, Amnesty International, all people who campaigned for her... rejoice.' But the military junta that kept her under house arrest still locks up its political activists.'Are you hearing us Burma?'

An irresistible version of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me led into a pretty epic version of With or Without You - this Chilean audience sang at full volume all night, but never more so than now.

'Our hearts and our prayers go across the world from Chile to the people of Japan,' said Bono, with the opening bars of Moment of Surrender. A poignant note to close a powerful show.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS for being in South America...My girlfriend and I enjoyed the show in Santiago very very MUCHOO...We are SPEECHLESS...It was a DREAM COME TRUE...and like us, many Peruvians were thrilled with this HUUUUUUGE event........ TONS and TONS of LOOOOOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A magical night
I spent 9 hours on a bus (I live in the south of Chile), 9 hours standing under the sun outside the stadium and another 4 hours standing inside the stadium just to see my favourite band in the world. This was my second concert (I went to “Vertigo tour” in 2006 as well) and it was a magical night, as that one in 2006. This last year was a hard year in my life, and for me, in my heart, this concert was a kind of “reward”. We love guys and you know it. I love you guys, your music is the soundtrack of my life. Please come again soon, I hope God (or whoever is in charge) gives me the chance to see you again for a third time. Gracias!!!! :)
I Had the fortune of being one of the 3.000 people on the inner zone and I had such a great time. I will never forget that incredible night.... It was an amazing show, the lights, the claw, the songs, everything !! =D. Thanks U2 for coming to the end of the world...
What a Beautiful day!!!
It was an awesome experience. To see your idols playing on stage, singing classics of your life, share the line with great people, take pictures to catch the moment and a lot of thing I could say. Thank you for comming, your show and your message. We'll wait to see you again guys. This picture shows my happiness face
Great concert
The concert was a party where everybody enjoy the great show. Thanks for playing One Tree Hill. WTSHNN wet our eyes, just like the two previous show in Chile. Hope to see another tour again.
My brother and I traveled from Peru to be at U2's show in Santiago de Chile. What an overwhelming experience!! The show was just amazing, breathtaking. All songs were totally familiar for the both us. We were prepared for anything but "One tree hill"; when Edge started the first cords it felt like being taking from the ground. We were also amazed by the powerful crowd in the stadium. It was fantastic to share with our fellow chileans the lyrics to every song. I cannot wait for another U2 show; only next time, I'll be bringing my daughter
Thanks a lot for the amazing show in Santiago... that was the best show I've ever seen...
I`ve been waiting for this moment for 5 years. I spent the night at the stadium with my two brothers to get into the inner circle and it was totally worth it. It was an amazing show, the claw, the songs, everything!!!!! Thank you so much an I hope to see you again in Chile!!!!
It was amazing!!!, Magnificent!!! thanks U2 for giving us the most wonderful night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A monster!!
When I walked in to the Estadio Nacional I was astonished. Tha Claw is much much better and bigger and awesome than you can see anywhere else. The show was spectacular and the band, better than ever!! I love U2!!!
A monster!!
When I walked in to the Estadio Nacional I was astonished. Tha Claw is much much better and bigger and awesome than you can see anywhere else. The show was spectacular and the band, better than ever!! I love U2
Incredible show at Santiago, Chile!
It was an amazing time. I went to the stadium with my son, 12 years old. It was his first experience in a concert, and it was with the live and great performance of U2 in Chile! I didn't told him about the concert until one hour before we went straight to the stadium. He wasn't believed me!!! The concert was AWESOME! Great sound, great lightning, and of course! great performance of U2. I hope to see you again - with my son - in a future presentation in Santiago, or who knows... somewhere in the planet!
It was awesome, thanks a lot, really U2 you elevate my soul =) i sang every song with all my soul!! U2 in my hart Thanks for the words to the chilean people
From the end of the world
It was a really awesome night, no doubt it was worth the wait ..... Thanks Paul, Dave, Adam and Larry ... Greetings from the end of the world
from the end of the world
U2 did it again. them invited me to other moments and places, specialy with "one tree hill", "until the end of the world", amazing... "WStreet.. wordless... !!! Pau and me hope see them sooner From the end of the world
Bono, Larry, Adam, The Edge.... you knocked me out!!!. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for this amazing show. Thank you for give me one of the best nights of my life. Most memorable moment of the show??? .... I was out of breath with One three hill. Until the end of the world was... OMG!!!... and Where the streets have no name made me cry tears of joy. This was my third U2 concert in Chile, the second at the Inner Circle :) ... Yes... I was one of the crazy fans who spent the night before at the Pista Atlética waiting for U2....and I'd do it again and again No matter if you bring the biggest stage of the world or if you came with the smallest, but.... PLEASE COME BACK !!!!! I just want to see you playing the SOUNDTRACK of my life!!! ...
Great show
I really enjoyed the show, it was amazing, the lights, the sound, there are no words to describe this!!!
Great show
I really enjoyed the show, it was amazing, the lights, the sound, there are no words to describe this!!!
Today we are stronger, last night U2 gav
We spent 21 hours waiting outside the "Estadio Nacional" to get into the inner circle, then five hours standing in the same place to keep the place in front of Bono place a total of 26 hours, which added to the 2 ½ hours the show became the best day of our lives together with my girlfriend Carolina. Thanks for giving us a unique, magical and exciting moment. Thanks for letting us enjoy the songs that give us joy and hope every day and make us think we can go forward always looking at life with joy. In short, thank you very much Bono, "El señor" Edge, Larry "O'Higgins" Mullen and Adam "Bernardo" Clayton for giving us the night of our lives. Not disappear for another five years and remember that Chile and South America, like Africa, are the continent of the future that requires your support and constant visits to keep up our hopes and dreams. Best wishes, and as the Chilean fans say: "salu2 !!!"//
Happy together
before 5 years waiting for my favorite band, expectating, happy again... thanks for the beautiful night!
Super Amazing live Show!!!
OMG OMG , this was my first Concert, and it could'nt were best!! it was amazing !! i almost cry, when you sang One!!! i was specting to hear it with any female voice, like the mary J Blidge version, but it was wonderfull any ways.... beautifuls messages you gave us!! U2 you Rule here!! and every where!!! i hope to see you again in chile.!
thanks U2 for exist
Almost cry when you played City of Blinding Lights...the most Beautiful Night in my Life...thanks U2 for exist and come to Chile. sorry for my english
Simply amazing
Worth was the night and the cold, it was well worth the heat and sunburns, it was worth the wait. It was an epic night, and I'm so glad I was there, singing and jumping with the energy we gave you and the energy you gave to us. We sang along and we were one, once more. Gracias U2!
OMG! this was the best concert in my life, it was awesome . Muse time ( the 45 minutes) was incredible and U2 ..... awww... i almost cry for emotion, i sing all the songs but two because i needed to breath now i can die in peace U2 FOR EVER!!!!!!!
The Best concert!!!
This was my first concert and really was the best concert I've been in my life sound, the band, people, everything was amazing I hope ever to return again U2 U2 will always be welcomed with love, from the fans of Chile
OMG! this was the best concert in my life, it was awesome . Muse time ( the 45 minutes) was incredible and U2 ..... awww... i almost cry for emotion, i sing all the songs but two because i needed to breath now i can die in peace U2 FOR EVER!!!!!!!
From Japan
Thank you for your Great Love and Support.
Unforgettable night
I have been in 1998 and 2006 concerts, last night its seem like a espiritual comunnion with the band, the songs, the unique moments, the feelings and more importante all the love they give and we give, thanks a lot!.
Those were the best 24 hours of mi life!!! Tottaly worth the waiting!! I was expecting you guys with 2999 other people for 24 hours in the stadium just to be in the first line, at the inner circle, and it was amazing, the best concert experience of my life ever!!! I just don't have enough words to describe the feeling... The show was amazing!! Hope to see you in Chile again soon Thank you!!!!
amazed me
honestly this is the best concert in my life! I loved every bit of it, the adrenaline, the atmosphere, the music, the show as a whole. U2 really has something amazing to share with the world, from their music, to their sense of humor to their display of social awareness. I have loved the band since I was a young girl, thanks to my dad it was the only thing that was heard in the car. I LOVE U2!! blew me away...
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