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July 2005 News

30 July, 2005
More breathtaking action from the audience and a great show at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg tonight.

Here's the ...
28 July, 2005
Here's what they played at the Valle Hovin Stadion in Oslo tonight.

Set List below, report to follow:

I Will ...
25 July, 2005
Miss Sarajevo has found a home in the set list. She was back for Rome tonight.

Here's the set list from ...
21 July, 2005
A second wild show in Italy, here's what they played.

Full report to follow.

I Will Follow
Electric Co.
Elev'tionNew Year¹s Day
Beautiful Day
I ...
21 July, 2005
What a night, what a show as the cameras rolled in Milan tonight.

Here's what they played, report on the ...
19 July, 2005
Listen in as Ground Control interview Bono live on Dutch radio as he flies the band's plane to Amsterdam.
19 July, 2005
Is she here to stay ? Miss Sarajevo in the set list again for last night's show at Letzigrund Stadium ...
17 July, 2005
Miss Sarajevo and Original of the Species in the set for beautiful final show at Amsterdam Arena tonight.

15 July, 2005
Here's what they played at tonight's second show at Amsterdam Arena.

Out of Control
Electric Co.
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found ...
14 July, 2005
'Where's the bass man? Adam Clayton!' Right there where he should be. 'Unos, dos, tres...catorce!'

Apart from Dublin, Amsterdam is ...
13 July, 2005
Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, U2 - great way to open a three night stand in Amsterdam.

Bit of a treat for Dutch ...
11 July, 2005
Another emotional night as Parisians rock the Stade de France.

A second great night in Paris from the moment the band ...
10 July, 2005
A second dazzling show in two nights in the French capital.

Here's the set list for tonight's show. Report to ...
10 July, 2005
Just one of a clutch of songs that Bono borrowed from during a wild show in Paris last night.

It was ...
09 July, 2005
Wow! What an audience in Paris tonight. The French are wild!

From the opening Mexican waves to the spontaneous white balloon ...
08 July, 2005
The show last night started with the big umbrellas on stage protecting the instruments from the weather but for the ...
08 July, 2005
Set List from the Olympic Stadium in Berlin last night.

Here's what they played last night, report to follow.

I Will ...
06 July, 2005
Seventy thousand Polish fans created an unforgettable national flag for New Year's Day last night.

It was one of those great ...
05 July, 2005
What They Played in Poland tonight. (Report to follow)

I Will Follow
Electric Co.
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day
Still Haven't Found
All I Want is ...
04 July, 2005
After racing off from Live 8 in London, the band made it to Vienna and a pumped night in Austria.

Arriving ...
03 July, 2005
After their amazing set at Live 8 in London, here's what U2 played in Vienna last night. Report on the ...
02 July, 2005
As Big Ben chimed 2pm in London, Live 8 was introduced to the world live from Hyde Park in London.

'It's ...
02 July, 2005
11am: U2 and Paul McCartney have just finished a rocking sound check in Hyde Park.

The stage was packed with people ...
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