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Arriving in the world on October 12th 1981, the band's second studio album marks its fortieth birthday this month.

When it was remastered a few years back, Edge recalled the period of its writing like this.

'It was obvious to everyone that we were driving with two wheels over the edge of the cliff, and it drew from us, and particularly Bono, a level of creativity that we had not seen before.'
'Like all great rock,' ran the review in the English music title Melody Maker in 1981, 'you feel you must have heard these songs somewhere else - and yet they're unlike any other that you can think of.' 

Producer Steve Lillywhite recalled the record in the band's magazine Propaganda.
''October was the most difficult of the three three records I did with them basically because of the well-chronicled story of Bono losing his lyrics during the American tour. The fact that the first album had a bit of success in America meant that the band toured over there for a long time to do the groundwork. When they came back and it was time to do the second album, nothing was ready!"
Of the eleven songs on the album, some like Gloria and October have always kept a place in the band's live set but if you had to choose only three tracks to keep from October what would they be?

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How can I make a choice out of these great songs? I can not, when it came out 40 years ago, I played it every day, again, again and again. Just great forever!
I had a hard time choosing just three :)
I first heard "October" when I was 19, about four years after it was released. I was having kind of a tough time, and I connected with the album instantly—that perfect blend of confusion, defiance and sorrow. I'm glad you're looking back it so kindly. Do the same with "Pop" someday! There are no subpar U2 albums, I promise you.
October songs
My favorite is Gloria and I always feel so joyful whenever I hear it love. I also chose the song October as the piano and lyrics are so apt for fall and the passage of time and changing of the seasons. Lastly I chose Rejoice because it is an uplifting song and I enjoy Edge’s guitars in that song.
Master of the Obvious - Vester
The title track is just a moving song. It draws you in with the piano melody, building slowly. By the time Bono starts singing, you are already immersed in this song. So serene. So calm. So surreal. Tomorrow needs no explanation. Gloria is just the Edge at his best. Riffing like a madman, along with the count-in by Bono. Great beat, and infectious melodies.
Falling falling
So many great songs on this album. Came across the vinyl in my grandparents house just over 20 years ago. Can't describe how much of an impact these songs had on me. U2ROK
The Scarlet Fire of October
The “call to arms” style drum entrance of fire; rhythmic piano of October; rejoicing in scarlet! Moves me to the core…
I Fall Down
Is the first song what I hear un my life!!!! I'm 13 years old in that time and I falling in love!!!!
Teenage years
This album reminds me off going through my teenage years when everyone was into nirvana or listening to "rave" music,a unbelievable album ...
Oktober fest
Gloria, tomorrow, rejoice
3 songs
1. October 2. I Fall Down 3. Gloria
My first tour
First time seeing them - Salford University in 81 Blown away by the energy of the performance- promoting this record (think it was originally going to becalmed the Rejoice tour). Anyway for me Tomorrow, Gloria and With a Shout .....
My personal ranking
My personal ranking: 1) October - A gem, pure poetry. 2) Gloria - Energetic, wonderful when heard live. 3) Tomorrow - Heartbreaking, hard not to get emotional.
A great album
Saw U2 in Toronto during the tour for October - in October - seems like yesterday
Is that all?
2.19%… is that all?
Underrated album!
Why does this album always get such a bad rap?! If i had to choose three it would be Gloria, Tomorrow & With a Shout Great stuff indeed!
Stranger in a strange land
This song always spoke to me, especially as the perennial student of history. Simply looking at the World Wars, and thinking of the last moments of any person who went out there to fight a battle that wasn't theirs, on both sides. Much like watching the haunting scene in 'All Quiet on the Western Front', where the German troop has to stab the French soldier and slowly watch him die. My mind thinks of how often this must have been an actuality, and the unnecessary inevitability of Conflict. The wandering mind of a history sponge and massive U2 fan. 'History teaches us, but nobody learns...'
Favourite album
My selection was Tomorrow, I Threw A Brick Through A Window and Is That All. New album needs the rawness of this album
Brilliant atmospheric album
Hard to believe this album is not considered in most people’s top 10. Very emotional tender thought provoking and atmospheric album. Hard to pick 3 tracks October , is that all and Gloria hard to leave out. Definitely an album to reflect to.
Beautiful album
Bought the original album way back in 1985 when I started my fanship. My top 3 are: I Threw a brick Rejoice Scarlet
October - 3 Tracks I would Keep and Why
'TOMORROW' - for story telling and imaginary through Bono's lyrics and how the song builds musically. For me, the best track on the album and instantly hit home the first time i heard it. 'OCTOBER' - just love the simplicity of this track and the piano is haunting, capturing the mood of an autumnal October day beautifully. 'I Threw a Brick Through a Window' - the drums, the guitar and then there is the live version that runs straight in 'A Day Without Me'. I could not live without this track!
In every decade U2 has released an underrated album: Songs of I&E in the tens, NLOTH in the nillies, Pop in the nineties and October in the eighties. October is an album that grows on you every time you listen to it. An album that placed them for the first time on the Belgian T/W festival. The rest is history!
Tomorrow. One of the songs that I heard the most in my adolescence
3 tracks- Is That All?
I would struggle to limit it to 10, let alone 3. Still one of my favourite albums, from the opening chords of Gloria to the closing questions in Is That All? a truly outstanding album. A song for every mood and every occasion. Went for Rejoice, Tomorrow and October, but it could of been Scarlet, With a Shout and Gloria.
Guitar Edge!
Always regarded as a step back after Boy and not up to War greatness, but I love the guitars on this album! Gloria is a masterpiece so is October... and Tomorrow probably the most celtic U2 song ever.
October 3
Gloria I Fall Down Stranger in a Strange Land
Lost Sailor
U2's Most Spritual Album
This album spoke to me as I was discovering my spiritual identity and path to Christianity as a teenager in the 1980's. I don't play this majestic album as often as I should in my U2 rotation. Gloria, October, Tomorrow, Rejoice, and Fire and standouts for me. I am going to pick Rejoice, Fire, and Tomorrow as my 3 tracks. I have mourned the deaths of my parents with Tomorrow playing and still do decades on....Rejoice and Fire are two of the hardest rocking songs in the U2 Cannon. I would love for U2 to play Rejoice and Fire next time out. I doubt it will happen but after being a fan for 35 years in 2018 I never thought the lads would ever play Acrobat live either. Never say never.
To choose only 3 forever is impossible! Today I would say Gloria, October and Fire. But my choice could change tomorrow, there are so many incredible songs here. KJ Buono
Love this band
This songs sounds so good
One of my favorite album of U2, better than BOY and WAR in my opinion. GLORIA is a song I'm still listening now, TOMORROW also. OCTOBER is pure. STRANGER IN THE STRANGE LAND is maybe the first political song of the band, and it rocks. REJOICE, GLORIA, SCARLET, WITH A SHOUT are SONGS OF ASCENT. U2, Will you be back tomorrow? GOD Bless U2
Scarlet October
Very personal for me. I can only hope it rings for others the same way. Easter people rejoice.
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