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'This ain't mere genius, this is rock 'n' roll...' (Kerrang, October 1984)

U2's fourth album, The Unforgettable Fire, has been remastered and is now released by Mercury Records.

Check out the microsite and watch a rather wonderful period video here.

This special edition marks 25 years since the album's original release in October 1984. Recorded at Slane Castle, Ireland, The Unforgettable Fire was the first U2 album to be produced by Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, and spawned two top 10 UK singles - 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' and 'The Unforgettable Fire'.

Special formats of The Unforgettable Fire feature bonus audio material, including two previously unheard tracks from the Slane Castle sessions: 'Yoshino Blossom', and 'Disappearing Act' (a track which the band recently completed), and a DVD including music videos, a documentary and unreleased live footage from the Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1986.

Details on the bonus material here. Get the album and formats here.

The Unforgettable Fire has been remastered from the original audio tapes, with direction from The Edge and the album is available in four formats:

* Limited Edition Box Set: containing 2 CDs (remastered album and bonus audio CD), a DVD with live footage, documentary and videos, a 56 page hardback book with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois, Bert Van de Kamp and Niall Stokes, and 5 photographic prints

* Deluxe Edition: containing 2 CDs, the remastered album, and the bonus audio CD which features B-sides and previously unreleased material, a 36 page booklet with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

* CD format: featuring the remastered album

* 12" vinyl format: 16 page booklet with liner notes by Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

The Unforgettable Fire track listing is as follows: A Sort of Homecoming, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Wire, The Unforgettable Fire, Promenade, 4th Of July, Bad, Indian Summer Sky, Elvis Presley and America, MLK.
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I have Unforgettable in my veins
I am 32 years old and I grew up with U2 and all his albums, concretely this. Toni
unforgettable fire
my first u2 concert croke park 1985, I've been to every tour in ireland since but the unforgettable fire album & concert was the best. no gimicks just raw ROCK... THE JACKS WERE DEFINITLEY BACK. robtum
THE album
The Unforgettable Fire and tour are what got me into U2 and are why I will always consider the album and the group as one of the greatest ever.
ask santa for Bono too!!
Why not just go to the source of all this beautiful music and ask for one gift....BONO
unforgettable Bono
Just confirms why I love Bono so much. We are nearly the same age-and all the enthusiasm that Bono expresses each and every time he sings is just what I feel when I hear his voice. Such a sexy man I love this new Unforgettable Video! Guess I will have to ask Santa for it.
I was on my math class when my best friend told me: have you heard the new U2 album, and showed me that amazing sleeve. When i heard Pride, i get shocked... good ol´days
Great Album
Definetly one of their best albums. Hope I can get it on vinyl soon!!!
From Boy to Man
Maturity level of the band increased significantly during this album period. Saw them in Montreal on that tour in March 1985. My favorite album (and my favorite track, Sort of Homecoming)
My favourite album bar none!
Being a U2 fan for over 20 years, The Unforgettable Fire is still both my favourite U2 album as well as my favourite album period. I only listen to it 3-4 times a year, but unlike most other U2 records, there are still details, textures and sounds to be discovered here and there. I read somewhere years ago that it is still one of Edge´s favourite U2 albums. Small wonder.. It hints at a lot of things to come; Joshua Tree, Passengers, and also at No line on the horizon, which I think is great, by the way. U2 is never better than when they dare to experiment a little.
Keep on a rockin u2!
this was my first ev u2 album. i'm still as crazy about them today as i was then i cant wait to get thibremastered version.! shelleyk
Disappointing...but some pluses
The Limited Edition Box set is the way to go. The best part of the collection is the 5 Lithographic prints that come with the set-nice! Not sure why 11 O' Clock Tick Tock(DVD-Bootleg Version) was added (starts in the middle of the song and not that great of quality-should have been left off) Anyone that Had the VHS of The Making of Unforgettable Fire knows what is on this. It is Nice to have that on dvd finally. The Conspiracy of hope video (I believe second one-Pride) gets cut off before it ends-abruptly. Bono had such a nice ending vocal on that song too. If it was done right it would have been worth the price-by ADDING Dortmund UF Show in its entirety. Disappearing Act and Yoshino Blossum are very nice. Have yet to listen to "remastered" album to hear a sound difference but the other cd "bonus" sounds like the same quality.
The Definitive 1980's Album...
Under the guidance of Eno & Lanois, this is the definitive 80's album, the title cut being the definitive song. This album opened me to the genius of Eno. His personal albums of this period are a must if you want to understand what was going on in this U2 album: Apollo (the soundtrack for the official NASA documentary about Project Apollo), Ambient 1: Music for Airports, Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirrior (Eno & Cal Arts professor Harold Budd, Thursday Afternoon (the first music created specifically for the CD format). From what I understand, Eno had just spent a year learning how to program the Yamaha DX7 and his personal synth patches are used on The Unforgettable Fire. Eno had the first generation of the DX7, which is said to have had a glitch in the tone generator that created asymmetrical waveforms that made the digital device create a more organic sound. Eno's ambient style had a tremendous influence on this album, redefining the pop song. I compare Eno's influence on U2 as the same influence that George Martin had on the Beatles, without whom they would have been a flash in the pan...
I'm glad
The original CD always sounded muddy - like the treble was turned down - regardless of where I listed to it. I hope the brightness comes through now.
The super deluxe set is awesome. Great DVD, super sound on CD's and lost gems on bonus disc. Interesting to compare with U2 25 years later. Still the best band on earth.
The One That Started It All For Me
I didn't really know much about U2 when this album was released. But then I heard "The Unforgettable Fire" on the radio and rushed to the record store immediately and bought the album and they have been my favorite band of all time ever since. The super deluxe version of TUFF is worth every penny. I love the remastered album, the bonus tracks and DVD. Priceless collection of memories!!
The Unforgettable Mullet ;-))
Been watching all the video out of the Deluxe edition today. It's been really funny looking at the band back then, the most bazzar thing is there Mullets back then, thank god some one started to style them or there hair cuts could have been the end of them LMAO Fantastic remaster great extras.
How do you remaster a masterpiece?
Those weren't instruments plugged into the amplifiers in Slane Castle. It was their souls. Stripped and laid bare for all the world to hear. Just the rawest form of beauty I've ever heard and I am so thankful the Eno and Lanois were there to help reveal and capture the magic. Can't wait to see the videos too. Watching these artists create with their blind faith and abandon, well, it's mesmerizing. A master class for every would-be musician.
the days when U2 were great
This is the album that defines a band. Although Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby are usually mentioned as the classic U2 records, this 1984 release debuts U2 for great things. From 1984 till 1997, U2 made History, tracking the paths of rock music, reinventing themselves until they pick the Olympus! This album has the best songs U2 ever written (for me); Bad and Unforgetable Fire. But the rest is actually good as well. Eno and Lanois made up U2 sound (the ambiance of Edge's guitar and the racionality and musical beating from Larry and Adam) and they teached Bono to sing and write good lyrics. I'd love to see U2 making records like this in the XXI century. Since 1997, their albuns got uninteresting...
Live Aid
Hope they don't edit the snippets of Ruby Tuesday and Walk On the Wild Side out of the Live Aid Bad performance!
Its in !
U2 woke up my heart for real music when i was 14 or so in 1980 This remastered album-box proves it right again. It is really awesome. Get it. Listen to it over, over and over This new remastering is a shot straight to my heart all over again. Even great funny pictures of the guys found in the archieves.
Loving TUFF
Wasn't really a fan of u2 when this came out first, was 10 and was probably more into Duran Duran lol! Anyway in 1989 when I finally got sense and discovered u2, i bought all their albums on cassette tape and this was always one of my favs!
My First Album
This Was My first Album I bought from U2 and Not The Last One . Thanks For All The Good Years And Music A Great U2 Fan
My first U2 album, got it for Christmas and listened to it on an endless loop while mastering Legend of Zelda!
I will be looking forward to seeing the dvd in the limited edition boxset - there are live dvds for war, joshua tree, rattle and hum, zoo, popmart, elevation, vertigo and 360 (phew) ... now they have finally given us Unforgettable fire :o)
Great Album & Tour
Saw the tour for The Unforgettable Fire and recorded the show (stereo - 14th row, center. main floor) at the Fox Theater (Detroit) in December 1984. The Waterboys opened for U2 that evening. Their show at the Fox would be a fantasic "bonus disc" to have included with this "deluxe" remastered album. The band's performance would be a great "live" disc to stream over this site or give out to new members of the fan club. Awesome performance by a great group of musicians and their drummer/percussionist.
The most fantastic album ever made. Nice cover and played a lot in the '80 on LP, MC and CD. It is a very good idea to resmater this grey album and put in in a new jacket.
My Favourite from U2
Fantastic. This album is an U2 icon. One of the 1984 original copy 12" vinyl is with me since 1984, i was seventeen years old, and the sounntrack of my teenage life just appears, made by U2, Eno and Lanois. See you in Coimbra.
Probably the best...
Yeah,probably the best album!The one who transformed the band into a supergroup and made them famous all around the globe!After this they changed and their music became "dream music" bacause of the electonic(ambient)influences. What can i say...It was about time that an album like this is remastered.Looking forward to add it in my U2 collection! See you Athens yhis time in a year!
where is Dortmund 1984 dvd??
Pride live from Dortmund 1984 was best pride ever! pls Dortmund DVD and 3 missing songs 11 o clock, TUF and homecoming. Wire Live Rocks.
The Unforgettable Album
In England around 1984 Annie Nlghtingale from radio One played a song called Bad by an Irish band called U2, she introduced the song by saying ,turn up the volume and get carried away!!! And that was my induction to becomining an almost obsessive fan of the greatest rock band to have ever been.Bad has always been my favourite song, takes on such power when live, but the album was just light years ahead of its time just are most of U2 work,the album was the pre lude to JT,but some of my favourite tracks came from that period,Promenade,Love comes Tumbling,Indian Summer Sky. Cant wait for the bonus DVD, the live versionof Bad will blow you away,25 years wow!!!
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