U2360° TOUR

Oct 2 2010
Coimbra, PT / Estadio Cidade Coimbra
with Interpol
North Star and Mercy among the highlights for first of two shows in Coimbra tonight. I Will Follow was another surprise early on, while Hold Me Thrill Me returned in the final encore.

Fifty four thousand packed into the Estadio Cidade tonight and what a noise they made.'Briosa, Briosa' called Bono as the show opened, the chant of the local Academica football team, and everyone here sang it back to him with interest.

'Where are we going? Lisboa... Porto... Braga...Coimbra!' What an ovation that received, welcoming the band for their first ever show in Portugal's main university town.

'If you'd gone to the University of Coimbra, what might you have been?' Bono asked Edge. 'I don't know if I would have lasted but I would have fallen back on my original career plan - a male model.'

When Larry grows up, he revealed, 'I fancy myself as a professional musician.'

Adam, asked Bono, you've had time to think about this. 'I'd like to try my hand at chemical engineering.'

As for the singer? 'Me? I am what I would have been... a travelling salesman. I sell songs with this group, my three best friends.'

Another special night on the long and winding road that is the 360 Tour and now just two night to go in Europe.

'Thank you so much. Obrigado. This is Moment of Surrender...'

If you were there tonight we want to hear from you. Post your own review below and upload your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Finaly U2.....at Coimbra ;-)
The most amazing concert of my life. On the Pop Tour i was 12 years old....on the Vertigo Tour i couldn't get any ticket because they only put 10 tickets at ATM....so...... I live in Coimbra and i stayed one day long hoping to get the tickets!!! And i did it!!!! Thank you guys fost this memorable night - 02 OUT 2010
Thank You U2!
I had the pleasure to be in the 2 concerts in Coimbra and I'm still speachless...I can only say "THANK YOU U2 TO GIVE ME AND THE REST OF THE CROWD 2 MAGNIFICENT NIGHT TO REMEMBER FOR EVER!!" I cannot say anything else!
I'm Happy
Thank you U2 to make me happy!
Coimbra 02-10-2010 - Unforgettable
I have no words for what happened tonight, beautiful, fantastic ... every few words to describe it. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I love you guys, hope you come more times to Portugal, to fill our hearts with your fantastic music. A big kiss and thanks for this magnificent concert.
The nicest crew member!
28 years with the band and a great spirit :) Can you send him this picture? And thank him for me? ;)
Thanks for this BEAUTIFULL DAY! The music, the sound, the lights, the band... all MAGNIFICENT This was for sure the concert of our lifes... until the next one :) Hope to see you soon again! U2 UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD!!
best concert ever
Thank you for creating the (Red) Zone which not only is the greatest experience but also is helping HIV+ people in Africa.
Thank you for the wonderful night.
Thank You
Best way to start my brother's birthday... Thank you FRIENDS Patricia Pereira aka Patrica
Love u2
you are the best and more magnificent band in my heart, in the world!! your songs...you make difference... help in causes from all the world... the messages of love... thank u to the greatest night yesterday in coimbra, unforgettable night!... no words to describe what I felt LOVe U2 see u soon
Its a dream to see U2 LIVE. 5 years later after alvalade in vertigo tour. I´m already missing them, A part of my soul is U2! Nelson Vale
Thank you for another great moment/ conc
The show was great. It was my third U2 concert. You are the greatest band, not of the world, but of the universe. The best track an the highlight of the concert, were the same for me. The I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For song was my moment to surrender 2U on last night concert. My dream is to Know you in person. Maybe someday, who knows. Thank you for another greatest moment of my life. Emanuel
Mind blowing!... throughout time!
My heart was taken sometime in 1983/84 when I first came across U2. I was around 11 years old. Since then my soul has been filled with all the brilliancy, vision and mission of a band I learnt to understand and helped me understand a lot of new stuff. My favorite band. Thank you for the amazing night of Saturday in Coimbra! Absolutely mind blowing! Long life to U2. Don't you ever retire. Don't you ever end. Very few will be fortunate to live in a time when they could see you perform live, as your music will be played on and on throughout time. I dream of the day when I can take my daughter and my son of 3 and 2 to a U2 gig!... God bless.
simply chilling... no words... do you believe that i sung trough all the concert????? jesusssssssss... i can't speak today but i dont' mind... thank you so so so much, guys! we were realy as ONE...
U2 make emotions. In Coimbra we feel emotion - that's U2 matter of live: make fan emotions
Filipe Barbosa
The moment to Surrender
A moment to surrender explains all that life can give us. A great concert, a great stadium, with friends that make the diference. Thank you U2... Hope to see you again soon! Have a great second Nighte
Love this show at Coimbra, but i will never forget 1997 popmart tour at Lisbon, was somthing like..........first and u
An epic mesmorising night
What a magical concert. From the show itself, to the fans and the band, it was simply brilliant in every single way. It tops in my life as one of the best moments i have ever lived until the now. Thank You U2 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Bono said "We surrender to you Portugal" i say "Portugal surrends to U2". Please comeback soon, greetings from Porto Portugal.
An epic mesmorising night
What a magical concert. From the show itself, to the fans and the band, it was simply brilliant in every single way. It tops in my life as one of the best moments i have ever lived until the now. Thank You U2 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Bono said "We surrender to you Portugal" i say "Portugal surrends to U2". Please comeback soon, greetings from Porto Portugal.
1 night Coimbra
Sometime in my life i had a dream, me and my son in a concert of U2.Thank you for become it true last nigth. Now i have another dream Me, my son and my daughter. See you soon sometime in my life, in 360º or in any other amazing format. Message of love.
Thank you U2 for an unforgettable night
Every single 45,000 Portuguese fan that saw last night show in Coimbra have witnessed an unforgettable night! And I also believe that the band (Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam) saw and felt an unforgettable audience! Thank you very much U2 for making us forget the “Portuguese crisis” that we live now and thank you for making us very HAPPY!!! Please return soon… for another Moment of Surrender!!!
Simply Fabulous!
For me, it was the best show I ever have been to ... :-) (and i have been to many concerts in my life) ... Thank you Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry for all you have given us ... Thank you U2 :-)
Coimbra 02-10-2010
Wonderful and magnificent show
A journey in the U2 Universe
After a hard strugle i manage to find a ticket for this show. Interpol was great.. A really a good choice to suport the show. The U2 show itself was mind blowing, the set list was almost perfect, (there is always a song or two the fans like to ear). Going to a U2 concert (and i have been to a few) is not only the best rock show out there, but is also a mind awereness uprising that we can still do something to change the world. Most bands can't do this. I'm still speachless as far as describing the show. Hope next tour you go up north and play in Dragon Stadium. Finally i cant wait for the new album, get it out here soon. lol best regards Adriano Rocha
An amazing concert in Coimbra
Great night ... great concert ... great band. For 20 years dreamed of seeing U2 live. My dream has come true. Bono has shown that music is a great ally of human rights advocates and their causes, which after all are the causes of all of us, with great soul. It was nice to feel the strong friendship between the band members. In Coimbra, the fans showed that U2 fans are unique. U2 always will rock my world! Ana Baptista
There are no words to describe what I felt yesterday, while watching U2 perform live in Coimbra. It was indeed "a beautiful day". U2 has been my favorite band ever since I can remember: musicians, role models, friends, true art, true heart. It was my first U2 concert in 27 years of life and let me tell you: every future event in my life will only be compared with what I felt that day. Thank you, U2, for allowing me to feel what I never felt before, for giving us poems we can rely on and for making such wonderful melodies that allow us to dream throughout this short walk on life. Please, don't stop "crafting the tools" we need to dream: your music. Please, don't ever retire from being "travelling salesmen". We need you. The world needs you. Help the next generations to change the world. Thank you so much. Please come back to Portugal next time. We love you! Linda
Moment of a Lifetime
A Magnificent concert last nigh, 2 October.I've dreamed about this for years and now i've acomplished. Being there, only a few meters from the guys and earing the songs that i eard all my life is unforgetable, magical. You're still in great shape guys, better than ever and i was happy to see Bono jumping and with full energy after that back problem. The highlights were many, for me in particular "Where the streets have no name cause it's my favourite song ever. I liked a lot the new songs and i think they worked really well on the concert. I hope the guys liked as much as we fans. Free Aung San Suu Kyi now.
Thank Yo"U 2"!
Thank you for a great night! As my girlfriend put it, 4 gentleman entertaining with humbleness. Im personal more in toi the tecnical facet of the show, watching the lighting and video work of the Bad Boys and the Barco Screen, but waht striked me the most was the was ot the light the video the sound or the Claw, It was you 4 guys interacting with all of us. And then that amazing moment when we kep singing and Bono said "We surrender to you Portugal" THANK YOU!!!!
Great night, great show.
Everybody had a great time, we were a large group and for most of them it was the first time ever, for me and my wife it's the fith time but it felt as new as the first!! It was a great show with high energy and it was very good to see the band coming to my country for the shows - come back soon !
last night was absolutely CRAZY! it was the best night ever! i loved the noise the portuguese crowd makes. thank you for playing Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. thank you for coming, hope you'll be back soon
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