U2360° TOUR

Oct 2 2010
Coimbra, PT / Estadio Cidade Coimbra
with Interpol
North Star and Mercy among the highlights for first of two shows in Coimbra tonight. I Will Follow was another surprise early on, while Hold Me Thrill Me returned in the final encore.

Fifty four thousand packed into the Estadio Cidade tonight and what a noise they made.'Briosa, Briosa' called Bono as the show opened, the chant of the local Academica football team, and everyone here sang it back to him with interest.

'Where are we going? Lisboa... Porto... Braga...Coimbra!' What an ovation that received, welcoming the band for their first ever show in Portugal's main university town.

'If you'd gone to the University of Coimbra, what might you have been?' Bono asked Edge. 'I don't know if I would have lasted but I would have fallen back on my original career plan - a male model.'

When Larry grows up, he revealed, 'I fancy myself as a professional musician.'

Adam, asked Bono, you've had time to think about this. 'I'd like to try my hand at chemical engineering.'

As for the singer? 'Me? I am what I would have been... a travelling salesman. I sell songs with this group, my three best friends.'

Another special night on the long and winding road that is the 360 Tour and now just two night to go in Europe.

'Thank you so much. Obrigado. This is Moment of Surrender...'

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Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Memorable moment
Memorable moments with The Edge.
Thank you for the fabulous show you guys, once again, gave'us. Today I can't speak after 2 hours of singing and shouting with you. Please come back We LOVE YOU
Amazing night
Thank you so much. Inner circle was an amazing experience near you guys. I went to the other shows in Alvalade (1993, 1997 and 2005), but this was unique. The kids are going with me for the second night. This weekend is like a dream.Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to my hometown!
U2 Coimbra
I saw U2 in Lisbon, August 2005, and I love it. Now, after a strugle to get the tickets, I am going to be in Coimbra, first show. I know that it will be a blast. For my wife, is going to be the first time. After the show, she is going to love me forever!!!, for being the one who take her to see U2.
Congratulations to Kafi
I also saw the other 3 show in PT and wish you the best luck for the amazing day that you both will have. Let's give them a big Cheer at the stadium. I will be there.
a little request
SPANISH EYES also in portugal!!! and, if it's possible, BAD and MOTHERS OF DISAPPEARED! hoping for a great show, see you there!
A special wish
It would be our 3rd U2 Show, but life go us a trick. Me and my wife bought tickets for the show, but we won't be able to enjoy it. After a long time trying to get pregnant, we finally make it, and guess what? Jackpot!!! The previewed date for our child to be born it's October 2nd!!!!!!! So will keep the tickets for a souvenir, our liltle girl will know that on her birthday, it happends an amazing show. THE WISH WE HAVE IS SIMPLE, THAT THE BAND WILL MAKE A DVD FOR THIS SHOW, SO THAT WE CAN BUY IT AND ENJOY IT. If that is not possible, please sing " All I want is you" for us. Thank you .
From Sardinya To Coimbra
Only for U2 we are coming :)
Hello U2: My name is JOÃO. I am Portuguese and I will attend the first concert in Coimbra (02 october). I know this is a stupid and impossible request. But I'll try anyway. My mother died last July 13 with a stupid and dramatic disease called Cancer. I am one of many eager fans of U2, and I would like Bono sang a snippet of the song "Sometimes You Can Make It On Your Own" in memory of my mother. It would, for me, the best tribute which could provide to my mother. Sorry for my inconvenience, but I've been thinking for a while, if i send or not this email. Maybe this is a dream for a crazy u2 fan. At least i try. Thank you for your atention João Almeida
What a great night
Maria, a girl from the audience, danced with Bono and, because it was her birthday, all stadium sang Happy Birthday Maria... 15th May 1993, first time I'we been in a U2 Show, and what a great night! I hope to have the same magical experience in Coimbra, next month.
"Beautiful days"
My first U2 concert was Zoo Tv Tour in Lisbon 1993, and what a amazing night it was. I was in the other two U2 portuguese shows: Pop Mart Tour 1997 and Vertigo Tour 2005 ans my dreams became true again. Last year in June, i went to both concerts in Milan and it was amazing to share that magnificent atmosphere with so many U2 fans. I´m anxiously expecting both nights in Coimbra and i´m sure that the band will give us two unforgettable nights once more. I would like very much to listen to songs like Please, New Years Day or Bad. See you there. Miguel Vieira
Magic weekend
I saw U2 for the 1st time in May 1993 in Lisbon, the show was magnificent but now will be even more exciting, two nights with the band that I follow since 1984. Counting the days for the magic weekend in Coimbra. Portugal is waiting for you, guys!! José Afonso
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