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Jun 17 2011
Anaheim, CA, US / Angel Stadium
with Lenny Kravitz

'Tonight might be the night to toast a man who has meant so much to this band...
'Without this man, things might have turned out a little differently.
'Larry Mullen Jnr would not be the drummer of U2... he'd be a highway patrol man. But in Dublin!
'Adam Clayton, what would he be without this man? I'm thinking hand bag designer. Really posh ones though... a designer of fine things...'

Edge, continues Bono, would have been a city planner and as for himself, probably a theatre critic. But none of those histories came to pass because four young musicians in Dublin bumped into Paul McGuinness and tonight, at the opening show in Anaheim, for the first time in three decades they persuaded him to join them on stage.

'So tonight, we want to toast our manager, Paul McGuinness, whose sixtieth birtday it was yesterday. Here with his wife Kathy, his daughter Alexandra and his son Max. It's impossible to say what this man means to us... '

And disappearing backstage Bono returns to introduce Paul McGuinness to 90,000 people who wouldn't have been here on this night if he hadn't seen what he saw in those four musicians all those years ago.

'For the first time ever on the U2 stage..' says Bono, as Paul greets the band who lead the audience in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

It Was Lenny Kravtiz who got everyone in the right groove on a balmy evening at Angel Stadium and when Even Better Than The Real Thing marked the arrival of the main attraction everyone was on their feet as two and a half hours passed in a moment.

'Thank you, thank you. Thanks to Los Angeles favorite son Lenny Kravitz for opening the show, our very special guest. Incredible dude, the kids a star. Thank you all for your patience.'Also in the house tonight, another special guest with a key role in the story of this band - Chris Blackwell who signed U2 to his Island Records when they were barely out of their teens. Stay is dedicated to Chris while Pride is dedicated to Maria Shriver. Can't fail to mention yet another compelling new video making a debut tonight, this one created by Run Wrake for Miss Sarajevo - more coming on that soon.

Before you knew it, the lights were down and Bono was pointing out the milky way of cellphones illuminating the night, inviting everyone to think about our small blue planet, spinning round the sun 'and all the people trying not to fall off.' And that was our Moment of Surrender on a night of birthday wishes.

Were you at Angel Stadium for the opening show in Anaheim tonight? Was it your first time or your forty first time? Your tenth birthday or your sixtieth? Add your own review of the show and post your photos below.

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My first experience at a U2 show...it was \"Even Better than the Real Thing\" just fantastic...loved being in the (RED)Zone ...still think about it 2 months later...
First U2 Concert.
After more than 30 years of listening to U2 I attended my first concert and the entire concert was awesome! I brought my lovely wife and now she is a fan. We are looking forward for the next concert, but I am sure that will be at least 3 years for the next tour.
First Show
What a amazing show it was at Angel Stadium of Anahiem , Ca. on the first night. Great setlist and great opening act of Lenny Kravizt he really warm up the crowd. Love hearing ZOOROPA and my all time favorite live performance of WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME!!!!!!!!!!!! what a beauitful song.
A Musical Journey...
I love U2...I have seen every tour except Zooropa. The extra year wait was well worth it. I brought my 19 yr old son to his 1st U2 show...a magical night for dear old dad and his son. I left their wanting more...I was only disappointed that the show didnt last longer(2 hrs 20 min) I think they should have played 3 hrs...for those fans that have given them such a beautiful life. Sorry...for the jab. Maybe next time my Irish brothers...until we meet again.
2 year wait
waited more than 2 years for this show. 360 stage gave great views even from the cheap seats. sound was better thah expected for a stadium show.
U2 were amazing!
Worth the wait! Only love in the house. We started the day in the GA line, excitement building as a mini concert blasted out during sound check. Found a fantastic spot in the pit area of General Admission. GREAT setlist! Even Better than the Real Thing exploding from the stage. Unreal to hear and see Edge play Until the End of the World above us on the bridge. Heard STAY live for the first time. Walk On brought me to tears and a reminder of what I love about U2 and their stage show.
super show
excelente concierto one estuvo perfecta, la version acustica de stay fue la mejor...
Beautiful Day!
Wow! Wow! Bonos voice was so great! I have seen u2 in many tours for many years but let me tell you, words can not explaine how great they were this night! It is mind blowing! From the spaceship, to the screen, to the crowed, and to the band it self! Wow best concert ive ever seen! When i die this is the way i want to go! Love you for ever U2! Best part of it all that both of my daughters were singing all the songs, they r 18 and 13. Shows how great music is passed to generation after generation! Thank you for making me believe in such a great band!
indeed, was there
VIP package. totally worth every penny - Diamond Club. met awesome people (original nj/now sd folks, j & r you know who you are!) and the venue could not be more perfect. the boyz were rested after over a week off from performing... (saw them in Oaktown) have seen over 20 times from the floor. this was a treat to be at eye level - great seats!! happy birthday Mr. McGuinness!! heard ultraviolet and bad during sound check... had high hopes.... maybe tomorrow? (with mom (81!!) & sisters, niece in tow?).... no complaints!! fabulous as ever. U2 loves their fans...certain that we love them back.
such a great night
i got a VIP ticket for this show ages ago, and it was a long wait, and worth every penny! met super people, and the show was absolutely amazing. saw the show in Oakland, so i got to see both versions of Miss Sarajevo video... truly BRILLIANT! thank you U2 for your consistent commitment to your fans, talent, humanitarianism and awareness.
U2 at Anaheim
Adam strikes a pose on the Eilipse, during "Crazy"
U2 at Anaheim
during the first night at Anaheim
U2 at Anaheim
during the first show, The Edge performs on the Elipse
U2 at Anaheim
taken on the first night, The Edge on the Ellipse, about 12 feet from me!
U2 at Anaheim
First show, 06.17.11
As always-it was over too soon!
It was so worth the wait! ...loved Vertigo.
It was the most Beautiful Day!
After a year of waiting, and hours waiting outside the stadium, it finally arrived. My second U2 concert. How would it compare to my first in Vegas 10/09? Just as beastly, as my 14 year old nephew put it.
JUN 17, the first show of Anaheim was amazing, exiciting and impressed so much. It has a worth waiting one year, worth fly from Japan, I am so glad to see BONO is running, jumping on the stage. The fact "streets" made me cry. Thank you all of 4 guys, Belated Happy Birthday!, Mr. Paul MacGuinness. Thanks for all of you!!!
It was a great show!! It looks like U2 feed off the energy the crowd was giving. Lenny Kravitz was pretty good too!! Rock on U2!!
Bono was great!
Great show!
Chills all over!
Love the feeling of the band as they walk toward the stage to make it all happen its a rush to me!!. I have followed this band since the age of 9 I am now 38 have seen all their shows since Joshua Tree sometimes back to back nights and every night it is different and awesome....I get chills every single time . I love this band and what they have done for the world Thank you !!! Anaheim was great!!! I wish I can be there tonight again all of those going enjoy the best band in the world!!! I love U2!!!!!!!!
Happy (belated) Birthday Paul
I met that man at the Auckland show, got his autograph which I think meant a lot to him (being recognised by a fan). I thanked him, cos the man deserves to be appreciated. Thank you Mr McGuinness for bringing U2 into the world :)
sorry about my english is not my first language. i was very excited to go to the u2 concert in denver, was my dream come true and now going to glastonbury and miami i think you guys are the best. big fan of you please get better and better and god bless you
I will follow
Thank you u2 for great night.!!!!!! It is my 5th concert, and I loved every minute of it. You got me jumping up and down and singing with every song. It was great start with Even better than the real thing and I will follow. I enjoyed Miss Sarajevo in particular . Thank you for your music and great experience. Happy Birthday to Paul McGuinness once again- we share love and belief in these lovely four men. Love u guys- keep on going.
D Mc Namara
bonos energy ?
great show. but bonos energy was a little low, I hope he is ok, he wasent quite himself.
Great show, missed new material
Great show, top of the game for the 360Tour mothership greeting to earthlings DID miss hearing ANY of the new songs, something promised to us... ?Stingray guitar? ??Glastonbury?? ??? Mercy???
Paul McGuinness
Belated birthday wishes - thank you for U2.
Best Wishes
Happy birthday to Paul McGuinness. Thank you for being you and giving us this band, putting this four man in our way.
Last night
what time did they come on last night??
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