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Jun 7 2011
Oakland, CA, US / overstock.com Coliseum
with Lenny Kravitz

'We love it here, Oakland, San Francisco, you've got a lot of everything. You guys invented the C21st, didn't you?'

A beautiful night, tailgating parties in the parking lot, fine warm-up with Lenny Kravitz and the usual storming opening to the show with Real Thing, I Will Follow, 'Boots', Magnificent, Mysterious Ways.... before Bono takes time out to reflect a little on the unique local vibes.

'I think I understand why you think, and why you act differently,' he says. 'Its music: music shaped the Bay Area and the Bay Area shaped the world.'

An already top-of-the-range decibel reading now goes completely off the scale. 'And the music is still potent,' he continues. 'The ideas are still coming. Don't know if you noticed, but there was a major summit over the Bridge last night, they're calling it the G3 Summit - U2, Greenday and Metallica. In bars.'

Adam and Bono, he reports, were not among the high-ranking delegates at the Summit but Edge is able to report back on the salient agenda items: 'We dealt with the important issues of the day, new touring concepts, we discussed the possibility of the three bands creating their own festival and touring... some great ideas discussed.'
But after the first hour, he concedes, his memory 'gets fuzzy'. Eager for more information, Bono turns to Larry - whose response is characteristically robust.
'What went on at that summit... stays at that summit.'
This response is universally acclaimed and Bono turns to the subject of Lou Reed, who is in the house tonight, at which point Larry breaks into a chorus of 'Perfect Day'... and Oakland goes ballistic.
'Lou, we love you man!' says Larry at the end of his moment on lead vocals, a moment no-one is going to forget.

Bono confirms that tonight 'the great man is walking amongst us' and soon we're into All I Want Is You. Later, during Vertigo, Lou is back in the set when Bono sings a snatch of 'Dirty Boulevard'. And, as in Seattle the other night, Bono also drops into David Bowie's Space Oddity in the outro to Beautiful Day - Commander Kelly brings greetings from space again.

'Imagine a man looking down on us from 200 miles up. Looking down at our beautiful crowded planet. What would he say to us? Commander Kelly?'

As Miss Sarajevo arrives, Bono adds, 'America, you don't have to put another man on the moon... Just bring us back to earth...'

We can't close without mention of Voicheck, who'd travelled almost as far as Commander Kelly to be with us tonight. He's flown from Poland, for 20 hours, and he comes onto the stage to receive the plaudits and be introduced to the band. He is a symbol of everyone.

'Thank you,' says Bono. 'For your love, your support...thank you for giving us a great life...'

Were you at the show tonight ? What was it like when Larry took on the vocals ? When did you realise you were lost in space ? Add your own review and post your photos below.

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Amazing night
I am disabled, and was in SO much pain because security wouldn't let me sit down anywhere in the GA floor area before the show. That being said, it was my first show and though my view was partly blocked by a leg of the stage, the gorgeous female security guard standing there made up for it. The show was EPIC and meeting Bono beforehand was even more epic. Best night of my life, and I cried like a baby bitch after meeting the man, and during all my favorite songs. A night I couldn't forget if I tried. (And that's taking into consideration the amount of medical marijuana I use. LOL)
I went with a good friend and his Wife, we were in the inner circle about center stage along the back catwalk. out of all the U2 concerts that I have been to this was the most amazing concert that I have experienced and would love to do again. Thank you for always giving more than a 110% to your performances every night!!!!!!
Amazing Show
This was my 3rd U2 360 show, I was slightly disappointed in the other 2, spent lots of cabbage for the tickets only to be too fickin far away. Went cheap for this one and bought GA tix, took a couple of days off and got to Oakland at 6:30-7:00 and camped out in line all day. Went with great friends, met great people and most importanly GOT INTO THE CIRCLE!! U2 shows have always been a transcending experience for me and this night was incredibly amazing. I was so close and they sounded so great. I can understand if peeps that were farther away didn't think so - the Colliseum is not known for it's acoustics. It was a night that I will never ever forget. Thanks Gentlemen - Very well done!
The Best Day of my Life
It all started when my Dad and I got up at 5 a.m. to get a good spot in line so we would be able to stand in the inner circle. At about 6:30 p.m. the line started moving and we finally got to where we were going to be for the rest of the concert. I ran as fast as I was able to (since the security around was telling us not to run) and got right up to the stage. My favorite two songs of the show were Magnificent (I cried it was so beautiful) and Pride. It's so hard for me to describe the emotions I had during the concert. I lost my voice that night. When I saw them in '05, I lost it then, too. I ended up going to bed at 2 that night. 21 hour day, and well worth it. Thank you Larry, David, Bono, and Adam.
Great show
I have spent the last two and a half months to fully understand all feelings my wife and I experimented during the show in Oakland, on june, 7th, and after all those days I still have no words to describe it. I really didn\'t undestand what happened during those two hours and a half. It was great, amazing, perfect. We are looking forward the next tour. Come on U2 light our way!!!!
Jury still out
Attended the June 7 show in Oakland, CA. This is the 6th time I\'ve watched the boys in concert. To date (saw them twice on the Joshua Tree tour), the jury is still out on whether or not \"360\" was the best. Hard to compete with the Joshua Tree tour but, damn, the boys rocked Oakland in vintage U2 fashion, an incredible mix of classic (some I\'ve not heard live in too long) and new tunes. Well played, gentlemen!
the best night of my life
i really enjoyed this night was the best thing i had ever see i hope to see u2 again pretty soon im just want to said thank you u2 was a beatiful day for me u2 you made the bay area bliding that night thanks bono larry and adam
Pluses & Minuses
The Pluses: This was my fifth U2 show and thought that the band looked and sounded great. Bono’s voice is amazing and the set list was outstanding. “I Will Follow” will always be one of my favorite songs. The Minuses: The Oakland Coliseum is probably the worst location for a concert. The parking was crazy getting into and leaving the show. I have seen riots organized better. Also, the sound was poor as expected from a football/baseball arena. Bottom Line: I will definitely go to any U2 concert that I can get a ticket too.
Great, great show
hi all, I travelled all the way from the middle east to Oakland, with some clever planning thrown in. Great show to see as my final 360 tour, really, the band and the whole team content have learned how to use this stage now to the maximum effect. i absolutely loved Zooropa - one of my all times favourite. Hearing larry sing was also great. If you like to seem some pics from the inner circle, they are here...http://www.flickr.com/photos/arendpictures/sets/72157626841841039/ Enjoy!
I have been at every tour at Mexico, this time I traveled to Oakland and while I have found more connection from the people in my country (even if english is not our natural language), I think this was the best show. Two things come to my mind, to have Lenny Kravits as part of the show is really an outstanding asset of this show in Oakland the other is certainly the Bay Area athmosphere as Bono noted. the oppening with MoonAlice made me feel like in a folk festival in Sfco 60`s. And the common great part of Oakland and Mexico for sure these MASTERS, U2
Sempre Brillante! Thank You U2!
What another spectacular show from the lads! Wonderful weather for the show. Sharing it with other true fans near us. Singing, crying, cheering, LOVING! The bay area ROCKS hard! Always has always will. The BART rocks, always has, always will... Sorry for you folks in traffic. Mass transit. Make it on time and helping save the enviornment. "Even Better Than The Real Thing" "Elevation" "Stay" WTSHNN still makes me cry like the first time I heard it. Everything was magnificent. And truely was a BEAUTIFUL DAY
Zooropa...was it live or was it a dream?
After the gig, I swore Bono revised the lyrics on "Zooropa" from "And Love is my religion" instead of "And I have no religion". That minor tweak sent my mind reeling through all its implication. The kicker? The next day I found a video on Youtube of the Oakland "Zooropa" performance and not only did Bono *NOT* revise that lyric, but he skipped that bit entirely. Soo, did I dream that change?
Spent 100$ each on four tickets. My view of the stage was obscured by one leg of the claw. Spent most of the time looking up at the video screen. I thought the sound was terrible for all three acts. I have seen U2 three times before this and I thought this was the most unpolished show. The songs from the new album did not convey well. The crowd did not seem that into the show. What a let down.
my god, what an incredible show! after seeing them play six concerts, this one had the best set list. zooropa is the most underrated track ever, by any band or artist, and the version they played in oakland was unreal! playing behind the screen was a clear homage to ZOOTV. playing zooropa,city of blinding lights, and vertigo all back to back was pure genius. those three songs are so indicative of their sound.
Worth the Wait
U2 did not disappoint with an amazing show. I have wanted to see U2 for 25 years. I hope the next time is a lot sooner.
Up close...
Good times indeed.
Great end to my honeymoon
Ger here from Limerick, Ireland. What a great show. finished my honeymoon on this night. We had a great time in Vegas and San Franisco. To finish with this concert was brilliant. my wife loved it also. First time seeing ye was back in Cork in 87(i was 15), and my God ye are only getting better.
Larry Sings!
Fantastic show. amazing stuff. Really enjoyed it, shame it will be a while until they are back. Zooropa the real highlight, playing from inside the screen. Pictures coming, but I caught the end of larry singing in this short clip (only a couple of seconds: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arendpictures/5815851449/in/photostream More to come need to sift through it on the loooooong flight home...
shout out
to christine, scott, tony, daniel and taylor. i so enjoyed the time spent with you waiting in line in the parking lot! i had to leave the inner circle and never made it back in... great time!! hope you had a blast, too! d
who knew?
that larry could sing?? [okay, 4th time trying to post, a charm???] i feel very bad/sad for those who were unable to make it in to venue due to traffic/parking problems. these guys never disappoint. would love to see Bad or 40, but was so happy with Scarlet (played at my wedding!). you ALL give such heart/soul to your work. thank you. and, Bono... he surely did Luciano proud. Stay, Far Away So Close and Miss Sarajevo - highlights for me....unexpectedly so.
Quest Field
Show - Awesome (and Lenny kicked ass). Best Track - Get On Your Boots Highlights - I Will Follow, Elevation, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Until the End of the World Memorable Moment- Commander Kelly/Beautiful Day Most Anticipated Song - Pride Missing Song - Breathe, with many others in 2nd place.
Go Larry!
The only thing missing from the "Perfect Day" lyrics was the ice cream. What a nice surprise to have the shy guy rise to the occasion. Gotta love the surprises! I know I do.
Best. Concert. Ever.
It was nothing short of awesome to be in the audience for the most successful tour in history! The band works together so cohesively to put on a great show with a staggering amount of production. An absolute thrill to hear "With Or Without You" and "One" performed live. I definitely owe my fiancee big time for snagging some great tickets!
580-73rd Ave
Awesome Show! I love that they ended with Moment of Surrender. For those of you who had the bad traffic experience, next time take 580 and drive in on 73rd ave. There was go traffic in or out. The Bart bridge on the other hand....I have no solution for that!
U2 forever!!!
I finally got to see U2 live!!!! My favorite band ever....I could not have imagined what it would feel like to experience this incredible music in a live setting and I am still in a daze two days later. The whole evening was full of harmony and felt so peaceful. The visual effect of the claw and stage settings were incredible. We took BART there and it was fun walking to the stadium among all the fans. I only wish that the band had not started playing so late because it made us miss some of the encores (BART was to close at midnight). U2 come back soon. You rock and he Bay Area loves you!
Julie Karbo
All I Need Is You
Been attending U2 concerts in the Bay Area since the early 80’s. Brought my two children again last night—their third tour. There’s something that happens at a U2 concert. It starts with the kickoff of the bass and drums and the rhythm goes straight to your heart. It’s heaven from then on. Special moment for us was “All I Want is You”. I’d sing my kids to sleep at night with that song during a very hard time in our lives. Thank you, guys!
Great photo
Love the colours. Lots of blues with just the glow of skin tones.
Mezmerizing night
First time seeing U2, and I must say...it was hard to put into words. Perfect balmy weather, great crowd and the spectacle of the setup was all over the top, but oh so beautiful. I feel for the people stuck in traffic, but I have to wonder what they were thinking NOT TAKING BART??? Also, for future reference, if the 66th ave exit is backed up, go to Hegenberger!
U2 set was what I expected I think they are tired of this tour. It has some pretty cool moments where the light show made the whole stadium look like a dance floor. I I stood in GA on the rail. On the Edge’s usual side, next to the red zone. Two years I have waited for this show, and I am watching three ushers facing me guarding the red zone not even watching the concert. Inside the red zone people are moving around dancing. I am playing toe tag with two women who have pushed themselves up to the front. It does feel strange how each section is so guarded and restricted. I am listening to Bono talk about how much Edge and Larry drank the night before. Shame on the Oakland Coliseum for its poor management, I will never go to sporting event there or concert
U2 Oakland... What a Great Night!!
It was the best u2 show I ever had. The band was great on stage and the setlist was awesome! The best moment was for Mysterious Ways, All I Want Is You, Pride and Streets. Being in Red Zone 1 was also a great deal, Adam, Larry, The Edge and Bono came to say hello... so cool.... Thanks for all the old videos of the band during Stay and Zooropa! You are the best!
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