U2360° TOUR

Jun 4 2011
Seattle, WA, US / Qwest Field
with Lenny Kravitz

'Emerald City, shining in the sun, where are you gonna take us?'

It was the question Bono asked as the show opened in Seattle tonight and the answer came during Beautiful Day, with a special message from the shuttle Endeavour.

'Hello Seattle from the International Space Station...' came the greeting from NASA Commander Mark Kelly on the screens circling the stage.

'What's on your mind Commander Kelly ?' asked Bono.

Love was on the Commander's mind as U230° took Seattle into orbit tonight... and safely back to earth again. From the opening chords of Even Better Than The Real Thing to the closing benediction of Moment of Surrender this was a night to remember - with an audience who'll never forget it: 'You're incredible people!'

Thanking everyone for their patience in waiting for these postponed dates, and to Lenny Kravitz for 'giving us lift-off', we had a nod to REM ('It's the end of the world as we know it...') in 'Until The End of the World' before Bono described meeting two year old Sophia earlier in the day - playing the guitar. Sophia got him thinking about the band.

'I was watching her play and I know, for a fact, that I can behave and feel like that.
'You know, if there is any single idea that underpins our band, it's that you can start again.
'Pretend you don't know us! We've been on the road for a while, but this is the day we start again...
'You think of him as a tough guy. But I tell you, he is very thoughtful. On the drums - Larry Mullen Jr.
'On my left, you think of him as a ladies man. Well he is. But he is a perfect gentleman. On bass - Adam Clayton.
'Edge, you think he is a techie zen master guitar genius but I see him as one of Lady Gaga's dancers. A funky dude on the dancefloor, just get out of his way.
'And as for me, despite what you've heard, I'm a man of simple needs. Just get me 70,000 people, 200 articulated lorries and a spaceship, and I feel good about myself...'

And just get the rest of us All I Want is You, Stay, Beautiful Day, Zooropa, City of Blinding Lights.... and we feel good about ourselves too.

'Neon heart dayglo eyes
A city lit by fireflies
They're advertising in the skies
For people like us
And I miss you when you're not around
I'm getting ready to leave the ground...'

Special mention tonight for Alexander, the son of Aung San Suu Kyi, who was with us and to Bill and Melinda Gates, in their home city.

Moment of Surrender is a chance to 'think of our little planet spinning round the sun - this is for all the people who are trying not to fall off...'

So were you at the show ? Was it worth the wait ? When did your feet leave the ground and you realise you were in orbit ? Add your own review and post your photos below.

Stay in Moncton
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feels like i'm still dreaming
flew all the way from Saint Martin fwi...tiny caribbean island of 37 sqmjust to live a moment i dreamnt of as a teen thanks to my woderful husband who surprised me with the special trip
U2 Rocked it in Seattle
I started out buying the 360 Rose Bowl DVD and watched it after work that night and was simply amazed at the performance. I just had to see them, so that night I got my tickets and waited a long 6 months before the show came to town. Finally the day came and my GF and me made the drive up north from Portland and made our way to Qwest Field bought our t-shirts and sat down for the BEST concert I have had the pleasure to attend. We were way up in the crowd but that gave us a good view of the massive stage. The next day we topped off our musical weekend with a trip to see the Jimi Hendrix Memorial. That is a weekend that will not be topped unless I see U2 again.
Worth the Wait?
Definitely worth the wait. Did not disappoint. The sound could have been better, but what a show!! Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Montreal, July 9th 2011
WOW,what a show, one I will remember for the rest of my life, I\'d even go as far as saying that it was totally Out Of Control !!. What a treat to here that song, 4th U2 show and the 1st time this one was played. Most memorable moment.. too many to say, but if one was to stand out, I\'d have to go with Where the streets followed by Ultra Violet... magical moment seeing the fans go crazy and the light show during Ultra Violet. Thanks U2 and hope to be able to see you again.
A Holy Experience, an (odd!) night to R
The night I saw U2 in Seattle was the most beautiful night of my life. I am young and alone for three weeks with hardly any money, (though I did go do many amazing things anyway!) in The Emerald City, a place that I will forever be in love with, and I get to see the 4 lads from Dublin who helped me to reach out to this beautiful and terrible world with no fear. They even played the first song I ever heard from them \"City of Blinding Lights\" when I was 14. And it was remarkable to speak to the Astronauts on the Endeavor. Despite a few technical issues with the sound, this concert was powerful in every way. I may not have actually gotten to meet Bono, but I did meet someone dressed just like him! He was very kind and courteous and helped me get my spot near the stage back. And even after the end of the concert on the day following, I got to spend time just talking to a veteran U2 fan who traveled here just like me 14 years ago. It was all very symbolic and a great way for me to finish my US military career in this gorgeous place with the most passionate music in the world. I didn\'t need any pictures because I will remember everything from this concert for the rest of my life. Wish I hadn\'t forgotten my camera though, so I could share what I saw.
Simply amazing
From where we sat the show was amazing. The light show stunning and the sound perfect (though my son thought it too loud, his first concert ever). The only sad thing was the end of show.
Great Show
Commander Kelly\'s message at the beginning of \"Beautiful Day\" was a highlight. It was very touching! Although the sound wasn\'t as good as the 360 Concert I went to in Washington, DC in October of 09 I still loved it. Thanks U2 for sharing your gifts of music to the world! Kevin Portland, OR
I don;t know about most of the other people who were at the show, but the sound was definitely not good. Thats two U2 shows in a row for me because Vancouver in 2009 was \'iffy\' as well. Come on Willie - step it up!! I spoke to a few other people who were at the concert and like me have been attending U2 concerts since the mid 80\'s and they were of the same opinion. I still enjoyed the show, but it wasn\'t as good as Portland 2005
You think Bill Gates went?
Seattle Show
My 7th show, this was better than 360 in Vancouver, maybe because of the lovely weather, the Canucks victory and it being my two daughters first U2 show. It is so intense at a U2 show, and relaxing. I loved the new mix, zooropa was magic, Commander Kelly moving and the whole thing so dynamicbetween band and audience.. makes ya glad to be human!! Lots of young questions after about Amnesty... yes , rock n roll is where I started learning about bigger issues too! A Good time.. and I saw Peter Buck too, my second favorite guitartist!
Brilliant concert but 1 hour in line to get a concert t-shirt? Absurd. U2 you need to have more stands to buy stuff. Serve your audience better.
It was a Beautiful Day in Seattle to share and amazing concert with my mom and kids. The guys just keep getting better and better!
Incredible Show in Seattle
Having seen U2 several times and each time the band amazes me. The band sounded great with a fanatastic setlist. I would say my personal favorite was "Where the Streets Have No Name". If you have not seen this band, do what you can to see them on this tour or anytime they perform live.
Seattle 2011
The concert was fantastic! Super fantastik! We had a super time, Stayed at the hotel the street. Life is Good!
Very memorable show for me
The entire concert was a highlight for me. Beginning to end, it was all just simply perfect. The biggest thrill for me was having Bono within arms reach of me on several occasion, but Beautiful Day does stand out for me. Lenny Kravitz was an awesome opening act. He really rocked it. It was all definitely worth the wait. Thanks U2 for everything!!
Best Set list yet
As usual, the show was amazing, but I think they finally have out done themselves. The set list was FANTASTIC!!!
70,000 Voices Lifted Higher and Higher
Only U2 could make a stadium filled with 70,000 people feel like an intimate club. The night was magical. Thank you for getting us to think, sing, dance and rejoice. I first saw you in 1981 at the Santa Monica Civic in Calif. It is wonderful growing old with you.
Brilliant show!
Great show!!! I have some pics and a review up here: http://jazzsick.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/u2-kravitz-seattle-2011/ Favorite song was probably Zooropa. ~Dan
Emerald City Blinding Lites and a Spaces
WOW,better then the real thing. It was a beautyifull day to have spent with family and freinds. The stage,the sound,the lites. Thanks and cheers Adam,Larry,Edge and Bono and yes love still rules thanks Lenny Kravitz. Peace and Love Always
The best ever
I took my dad for his birthday because he introduced me to U2. it was a memorable night and they are without a doubt the best show on earth
Lacked feeling
Sounded great, but they seemed distracted and lacked feeling. I felt SO disappointed.
Magnificent Moment of Surrender
It doesn;t take much. Just a U2 Concert to change my whole way of thinking...like what happened to me in Vancouver April 28, 2005. As I was riding the Amtrak Cascades train back up to Canada this morning, I saw a Grandpa holding a baby, encouraging her to wave at us..so many people, just like last night, so many people rejoicing in a celebration...a celebration of four men who met at 15 (Well, 14 for Larry), and are still together at 50 (ish). The incredible bonding, love and kindness, persevering through the rough times ---Bono mentioned something to Edge about that just before the "Stay" song.....the visual effects of the "claw" spaceship were stunning....I especially loved the proverbial disco ball at the top...suddenly, there it was, and it felt like we were in Gotham with Batman. Love is all around us, and the love and dedication Bono gave to people in space, people just out of 20 years of jail, and groups of people like One, Red, and Amnesty International are a reflection of who he really is and who U2 really is--- an Emissary of Light!
Beautiful day and a fantastic evening!
28 years ago today I saw a band at Red Rocks that moved me. I became aware of the power of music. How a moment in time can be so inspiring and life changing. I have had 6/5/83 as my favorite concert date ever since. Well, yesterday that same band might have changed that favorite concert. Thanks to the band, my wife and great friends for such a Beautiful Day I will always remember!
What a Show!
WOW...What a show!!! It was well worth the wait...Lenny Kravitz started us off and U2 followed up with the main course! It certainly did feel like a personal show. I just wonder what the heck I am going to do now...18 months of anticipation, beautiful weekend in Seattle, a great show...WOW!
2 Seattle Videos
Space Oddity/EBTTRT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l0kXjgUNlU Zooropa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e08P0lM-LuY
Amazing show
Not sure how U2 manages to make a 70,000 person spectacular feel like an intimate show. That is a true gift. Worth the price of the ticket for me alone were - Until the end of the World, Stay and my personal all time favorite song... Walk On. Worth the wait, glad to see Bono back in true form after such a devastating injury. See you in Anaheim!
U2 Seattle
Glad U2 can make each show unique for them and the crowd.
Give it up for U2
U2 was awesome. Best concert ever. Kudos to Lenny for getting the crowd up and ready. U2 is a Mega Band that is doing it right. Felt like a personnel Seattle show.
Kitty Chan
utterly fantastic
Thank you guys for a beautiful show it was fantastic in every way! I love everything, missed UC but we did have it first time so its all good. Loved, loved loved Larry on the bongo drums and how you all play out that song! Thats a highlight extraordinaire!!! Thank you all for who you are and what you do its truly appreciated from my entire heart. <3
SEATTLE 6/4/11
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