U2360° TOUR

Jun 1 2011
Edmonton, AB, CA / Commonwealth Stadium
with The Fray

It was threatening to rain tonight and once or twice it began to drizzle but in the end it held off right until the close of the show and, compared to Winnipeg, it even felt quite warm. Anyway, from the moment Bono greeted Edmonton as 'City of Champions' after Even Better Than The Real Thing', the forecast was always looking promising.

Or, as The Edmonton Journal put it, 'Under a partly cloudy Wednesday sky, and a 50-metre alien crustacean known as The Claw or The Spaceship, Bono and his boys took fans to new heights of excess, excitement and hockey hysteria at Commonwealth Stadium - 14 years after the band's last visit to Edmonton.'

The Fray got things off to a great start and it's been good having them join the tour which Bono thanked them for following Until The End of the World: 'Thanks to The Fray for getting the space station off the ground, this is their last show with us on the 360 Tour - Isaac, Joe, Ben and Dave - playing some great new songs, I think we might be guest support on their next tour...'

This being Canada, there was a serious sporting motif in the show tonight, references to ice hockey, rugby, American football and, er, hitchhiking...
'Edge and I used to play rugby,' remembered Bono. 'There's none of this dressing up as cars and crashing into people like in American Football. You play ice hockey...'
Judging by the reception to this innocent remark, they don't just play it here, they live it. 'You won what? The first game, of course you did. One game up!'
As luck would have it, on his day off, Bono had picked up some firsthand experience of the local ice hockey team, The Edmonton Oilers.
'I like people who play ice hockey, they stop for hitchhikers, I know this from experience. I was hitchhiking in Vancouver yesterday, actually I was! And this guy and his girlfriend picked me up. He was cool, an ice hockey player, his name was Gilbert Brule as it happens, I'm so grateful I've decided I want to be Gilbert Brule.(*more below).
Brule, being an Oiler, this led Bono to compare the rest of the band to Oilers.
'Larry is more like the Mark Messier of the band, the dude gave us our first and only job.
'On my left, the Grant Fuhr of this band, need I say more? On the bass Adam Clayton Jnr...
'On my right, now who might he be? He's kind of great, the Great One. Who am I talking about? The Wayne Gretzky of U2. On lead guitar - The Edge!
'What do you want to play The Edge?'

All I Want Is You gave way to Stay as 65,000 Canadian fans joined in word-for-word and ahead of Beautiful Day a girl arrived on stage to read lyrics from Heart of Gold by a Canadian rock'n'roll legend Neil Young and Bono ended the song by returning to it: 'Keep me searching for a heart of gold...'

Scarlet, Walk On and One were a celebration of Aung San Suu Kyi and the continuing campaign to free those imprisoned for their political views in Burma. Some of that light drizzle at the end of City of Blinding Lights gave us a snatch of Singing in the Rain but with Vertigo ('are you ready for lift-off?) this space station took off again and Edmonton was kissing the future.

Did we mention that the band were on fine form again tonight? Unusually the set list was pretty similar to the one in Winnipeg but tonight Moment of Surrender was back and with a special dedication to the survivors of the fire in the Alberta town of Slave Lake.

'I have some people here from Slave Lake I'd like to dedicate this song to. Whoever it is you want to hold in your hearts, hold them in your heart.'

Were you at the show in Edmonton tonight? Or have you picked up Bono while he's been hitchhicking in Canada? Add your own review and post your photos below.

Stay in Moncton
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I Love U2!!!
Another amazing concert!!! Only wish I could have seen more of Larry! Most memorable moment was Bono singing to me in the redzone during Mysterious Ways (when he came off the bridge). Anyone have footage of that? Please post.
Miramichi to Edmonton
I travelled all the way from New Brunswick for this. All I can say is it was absolutlely worth it! Cannot wait for the final show in Moncton!! Amazing...
Mysterious Ways, Edmonton
Great show, lots of soul and energy.
Unreal Show
Im so glad you guys came to Edmonton. It was an awesome night. Thank you so much. Great set list too! All the songs I wanted to hear!
Would have loved to hear Ultraviolet, but awesome nonetheless!!!
Both wife and I concur, best concert we have ever seen. And that is not hyperbole. She has seen the Stones and I have seen Supertramp. Best track for me was Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill me. The darkness had fallen, and the chord progressions after the wah wah, was all I needed to rewire my brain. For her, it was Sunday Bloody Sunday. Most memorable moments in no particular order were the first few strokes Larry aka Messier was pounding on the Toms to open Even Better Than the Real Thing, the unmistakable bass drum signifying Beautiful Day, the acrobatic avatar on the big screen during Mysterious Ways, the transcendent phenomenon of being among so many at One with the vibe and groove, and last but not least, being in the Red Zone!!! Thank you
Slave Lake
the concert was EPIC. And impressive that Bono honoured the ppl of Slave Lake. My family included!!! xoxo
D Mc Namara
no numb. this is the set
I Will follow Boots No line Desire M Ways Stay Who is going to ride ur wild Horses Ill go crazy... Sunday end of the world Miss Sara running to stand still B Day Pride zooropa city B lights Vertigo scarlet one walk on streets moment of surendr Encore Elavation Mageficent with or wit out
Awesome show
This show was unusual because of how late the sun sets, but it was electric in the city all day. I went down to the stadium (I had reserved seats) at 6am to check things out and people were excited. The red and white theme, especially the balloons, were really cool. The band put on a spectacular, heartfelt show that really lifted off with Zooropa, as the sun was setting more. A real electric show and one I feel priviledged to have made the 1500 mile trip (air) to see.
Steller Performance
waited 5 hours to get into the inner circle... it was the best thing. I got to stand at the feet of some very amazing performers. Bono was a riot. Adam was amazing. Edge could have come to the right side of the stage a bit more.. and Larry.. always nice to see him get out from behind the drums.. Wonderful show boys!
Best Concert ever in Edmonton
We loved the show. Stage and sound were unreal! Favorite songs were Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday.
Edge please do "Numb"
I know its a long shot but would love to see you guys perform "Numb" in Edmonton. I know its a long shot but would be cool and appreciated.
Wedding Anniversary
I was so excited to see All I Want Is You on the set list. Our 14th anniversary is today and All I Want Is You was our wedding song. I had no idea when I bought these tickets 2 years ago that this concert would turn out to be such an amazing anniversary gift to my husband.
Just one more sleep!!! Can hardly wait to see the show!
its tomorrow!
i have been a fan ever since i was 10 and want to hear bad and ultraviolet. this would make me cry
Request: Ultra violet (Light My Way)
I really want hear that song! I missed the Popmart Tour back in 1997. This year I get a chance to see them.
the end is near
the end of waiting for two years in near just to see one of the most power band ever in edmonton. For me am so exiceted to see my favour band u2 playing in my city and will be one of my dream come true to see them. so i salude to u2 and i wish all the best for them and for the world. music can change life if you let it in.
Mothers of the Disappeared
I just wanted to let the band know how admirable their work is both on and off the stage. Your music and lyrics speak volumes about your talent, however, the work you do with various humanitarian campaigns makes me love you that much more. You guys are an inspiration! Keep doing what you do!!!!
The long wait is almost over
It seems crazy that the tickets were purchases in 2009...and now in 2 sleeps I get to see you again:) I just love you guy!!!
Love this, we have been through so much in our lives and this brings tears to my eyes..........love U2 We are coming to Edmonton from the Northwest Territories.....:)
We got tickets two years ago for Christmas me and my sisters, it was the best gift ever. My sister had a stroke after that, she is so looking forward to this concert and so am I......Love U2.......
12 days left
hey u2 im thinking u could sing this songs for opening song in edmonton it called breathe thnx. i cant wait to see u in edmonton
Wedding Proposal
I know this is a long shot, but my best friend is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him at the show in Edmonton on June 1st. Is there any chance the song "Ultraviolet" can be played for them. Their names are Dave and Kim and they have been fans for as long as I can remember. Dave is going to have the ring on him for when the song starts, and it would be the ultimate gift if U2 could play this song for them.
My name in Colin Walsh and I understand if this is not possible, but if "Ultraviolet" could be played, I would forever be thankful.

Bono Please perform " Bad " In Edmonton
Long time fan seen you perform in Edmonton in 1997 and in Calgary in 2001. Both fantastic shows and looking forward to 360 in Edmonton a few weeks down the road. Would also like you to pull up a few pop tunes or a tune from the pop album in Edmonton, was quite a show in 1997. Would be fitting to pull out a tune from POPsince the performance was legendary. You guys rock and the value of the music is immeasurable to the world and all the good you do in the world and the world loves you for it. Keep affecting change, your affect on the world is HUGE!!!! Great respect !! Another musician of sorts :)
too excited!
Have been waiting a year for this concert. Had my tix for last year....not a hope in Hell that I was giving them up! LOL! Will be a great nite out for my hubby and I, we will be able to fill all of our Moncton Friends in on what they are in for! and yes, we are going to Moncton, too! Twice in a lifetime, how lucky are we!
Wedding Anniversary Request??!!
Seen you guys 6 times including the Las Vegas 360 show. It blows my mind. PLEASE PLAY ALL I WANT IS YOU. Its mine and my wifes 15th wedding anniversary on June 1st and that was our Wedding Song!!
U2 coming to edmonton 2011
i cant wait to see them in june cuz this will be mine first u2 concert ever :P
Been Waiting SO LONG
Looking forward to an amazing show in Edmonton. I'm flying out from Victoria, BC for it. Saw you in Vancouver at BC Place and out of the 13 shows I've seen, that was at the bottom. I love you so I'm coming back for more. Looking forward to see what you do with the light show since it doesn't get dark until about 2230 at that time of year. PLEASE play all the oldies, but goodies.... including BAD (alltime favourite!)
hope to hear 'Bad" in Edmonton
Been listening to U2 since the "Unforgetable fire" album, I have seen U2 twice.....Calgary, and in Vancouver. going to see them again in Edmonton. Vancouver was AWESOME!! WHAT A STAGE!, AND WHAT A SHOW YOU GUYS PLAYED!!!! I am hoping that you play " BAD" in Edmonton as it is by far my favorite tune. To see you guys play it live, IS OFF THE HOOK!! SO AMAZING!! cant wait to see you again. Thanks for the many years of fantastic songs and memories.
the best band in the world hands down
My life is worth living when I hear the sweet sounds of u2.. Bono,Edge,Larry and of course Adam make the world a better place to live... Thank you for your hard work and talent.. Zlong
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