U2360° TOUR

May 24 2011
Salt Lake City, UT, US / Rice-Eccles Stadium
with The Fray

We've had storms this week but turned out to be a beautiful, crisp evening at the Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City tonight, another capacity audience executing spectacular Mexican waves as we waited for the band to take the stage.

And then we were in it - 'Real Thing', I Will Follow, Get On Your Boots, Magnificent, Mysterious Ways - the audience response was deafening, U2360 was in orbit again.

'Thank you for coming out, thanks to The Fray and thanks for your patience!' said Bono, taking a breath after Until The End of the World. 'Let me tell you that we are so much better this year... I've been rebuilt by better design... vorsprung durch technique...What do you make of Robo-Bono?'

No exaggeration to say that 'Robo-Bono' was well received.

'A lot can happen in a year,' he continued, looking stage left. 'There's something about the way this man is walking and moving around the stage, a certain manliness - Adam Clayton has become a father for the first time.. and proud of it!'
Larry received plaudits for his newly released and 'very cool arthouse movie' and then there was The Edge.
'Look over there! Some things remain the same - nothing phases this guy. Even today there was a crisis when we found out Edge's hotel room had no hot water. Did he complain? No. Throw a hissy fit? No. He went out and bought a kettle. Several kettles and an old radiator, a plastic container and he rebuilt the plumbing system... he's a genius. Give it up for The Edge...'

After the entire stadium carried off All I Want Is You, it was time to pay birthday greetings to an old friend of the band celebrating his 70th birthday today.

'Happy Birthday Bob Dylan,' announced Bono, before leading everyone in a birthday chorus. The spirit of Dylan was in the house tonight with Bono later slipping into 'Blowing in the Wind' before 'Streets' and 'The Times They Are A Changing'.

More poetry when three girls climbed up on to the stage to read a verse each of a poem before Beautiful Day - 'Utah' by Minnie J Hardy - as the people of Salt Lake City made this a night we won't forget.

'Take out your phones,' came the call before Moment of Surrender. 'Everyone has someone they want to think about at the moment.
'Make the light brighter. No need to kick out the darkness.
Hold on to this beautiful world... Hold on tight..'

Were you at the show in Salt Lake City tonight? What took your breath away? What was your highlight? How would you sum it all up? Add your own review and post your photos below.

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Perfect Setlist and an entire stadium singing Happy Birthday. It was an amazing night. Can't wait to see U2 again because they are the only band who can top that performance.
Unforgettable night !
This was such an unforgettable night for me my dad and my brother i couldnt believe that i actually got to see you guys live and ive never seen such a big stage in my whole life like this one , my uncles and dad are big fans of U2 . with or without you , vertigo , one , mysterious ways , & ; beautiful day are some of my favorite tracks ! you guys were amazing that night everyone cheered but we didnt want you guys to leave we had been waiting for this for a long time i never thought id go cause it was expensive & we couldnt afford it at the moment but i got to go & even tho i had school the next dayy i loved the show & ' i actually cried ! i hope you guys come back to Salt lake soon !
how do i get to inner circle?
going to baltimore show. have GA tix. what time get to stadium to get wristband for inner circle? Any advice would be great. thanks.
Magnificent !
after 20 years being a fan, this Salt Lake City concert was my first concert. great night ! best wishes from Brazil !
4 Sisters
Epic set list, perfect night with a personal message to me and my 3 sisters. Bono saw my sign that said "4 Sisters <3 U2!" and during One, he switched up the lyrics a bit, pointed at us and sang...One life with each other: 4 sisters, brothers. Thanks Bono, Adam, Edge and Larry for another remarkable night!
u2 Spider man
Great performance. Fabiana-Brazil
Thank you U2 for giving us music to live our lives better by! The show in SLC was all that I had hoped for and more - my eyes, ears, and heart are still buzzing! With an amazing set list covering every single album it’s hard to choose a favorite, that transition from Until The End Of The World to All I Want Is You was incredible and when Zooropa started up, this Montana kid couldn’t have been happier! Thank you so very much!
Thanks from SLC!
What a night. Well...two nights. It was worth every minute we spent in line, and even worth the year long wait. We got into the inner circle along the back rail. Bono and the boys were in top form and put on the most amazing live show I have ever seen. My two sons, ages 8 and 13 are truly converted to the church of U2. And to top it all off, I got to meet Bono in person and stole a real HUG! Love you guys. Thank you for including SLC. See you in St. Louis!!!
I have been to a few U2 shows in the past, BY FAR the best one yet! I think it may have been that I FINALLY got to be in the inner circle! It was SWEET!!!!
Well Worth The Wait
This night was magical. It was a night of goosebumps, smiles, tears, and a indelible desire to see U2 in concert again. Looking at the calendar and counting the pennies. I will follow!
Another Amazing Show
Drove twelve hours from AZ to see the band--they just keep getting better as the tour goes on. Thanx for three decades of great music and amazing performances.
Bono in SLC
Great Show
Psychic Setlist
What an awesome show!!! The setlist was just what I had hoped for; a great mix of tunes old and new. We had a great time and danced all night! We love the stage and the way you interacted with us fans, it was so cool to be able to get up close. The energy was the best!
Salt Lake City
Amazing show
The Best Ever
This show was the best ever. My wife and I have been to Elevation and Vertigo tours but the 360 tours was unbelieveable. The crowd was loud and energized. My favorites were Where the Streets Have No Names, One, With or Without You, and Mysterious Ways. Great Show, please come back to SLC soon.
One of the best
I have seen this show 12 times and this has to be one of my all-time favorite shows. The boys were brilliant. High energy, great crowd, awesome set list. Found a new love with Zooropa. See you in Anaheim
Best Concert of My Life
I am a longtime U2 fan and this was the first U2 concert my wife and I were able to attend. I absolutely loved it! My favorite tracks were Zooropa, All I Want is You, Get On Your Boots, and Until the End of the World! What an awesome show! If you guys ever come our way again, my wife and I are already committed to being there!
Salt Lake Magic
I drove 18 hours from Vancouver Island, Canada for this show. My best friend flew in from Ontario to meet me. The highlight? Every single moment!!! It was worth the wait for this...THANK-YOU!!!
My first U2 show!
I had the time of my life hanging out with Bono and the boys last night! I was in the inner circle and it was so much fun to meet new people and I was so close to them! The set list was amazing and I cried during one of the songs, Stay (Far Away, So Close)! It definetly was a beautiful night in Salt Lake City! Please come back soon! Love, Megan Blackson
Fav Songs: 1. Where the streets have no name 2. Sunday bloody Sunday 3. Until the end of the world
All I Want is U2
Last night was my 6th U2 show and my second on the 360 Tour... It was definitely in my top two or three U2 shows of all time... Quite possibly the best one I have seen... It was only the second time I have heard "All I Want is You" live... That song is on the start of our wedding video and as soon as The Edge hit the Intro I hugged my wife and started to cry... Go figure, another moment that I will always cherish that happened at a U2 show... So many magical moments last night... "Mysterious Ways" was rocking as always and I absolutely love the acoustic "Stay"... "With or Without You" was as indescribable as ever and I will never forget this amazing night we spent with you in Salt Lake City... As always, you left us craving the next show... I might just have to make it down to Anaheim in a few weeks... Thanks for making the music that has shaped and inspired my life... And know that my beautiful 5 year old daughter is almost as big of a U2 fan as I am already!!!
Yet another amazing show by the boys from Dublin! This will go down as one of the most exciting events of my life (along with ZooTV, Pop Mart, Elevation and Vertigo : )) Thank you so much for the privilege!
Great show, thanks!
Loved the show and that we got to hear so many songs from all over the range of albums! Thanks for the awesome show U2.
So Awesome!!!
It feels so surreal seeing the band live, so engaging, so awesome. My favorites? Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday, just loved them. Thanks for a great night!
Amazing concert!! Zooropa was awesome, and every single song sounded pefect and flawless. Bono was funny and quirky and I have not seen him with that much energy in a while! Great Show!
1st stop
Overall a very good show.. Incredible fan engagement from start to stop. From the front row rail adam side the sound was very good with only a few minor error occuring.. Willy and the boy did an awesome job! see everyone on the road!
I have been a U2 fan since 1982 and have been to many shows. The Joshua Tree tour has a special place in my heart due to being my first U2 show. I have to say the 360 Tour Amazed me in every way! Loved the song selection, the stage and presentation. I want to Thank U2 for doing what they do and how they do it for over 30 years. Simply said "MAGNIFICENT"
Best. Concert. EVER!!!
Incredible and amazing are the first words I think of to describe this concert!!! My husband and I were in GA for the first time ever and what an experience!! U2 is by far one of the greatest bands ever!
Early Birds
Great show.... loud loud loud.... sorry for those people that missed half the show because they went home early......
Salt Lake!
What an awesome show! U2 still passionate about the musci after all these years. So many favorites, but "All I Want Is You" stood out for me last night. Was in the circle - SPECTACULAR! Thanks U2!!!
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