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Jun 7 2011
Oakland, CA, US / overstock.com Coliseum
with Lenny Kravitz

'We love it here, Oakland, San Francisco, you've got a lot of everything. You guys invented the C21st, didn't you?'

A beautiful night, tailgating parties in the parking lot, fine warm-up with Lenny Kravitz and the usual storming opening to the show with Real Thing, I Will Follow, 'Boots', Magnificent, Mysterious Ways.... before Bono takes time out to reflect a little on the unique local vibes.

'I think I understand why you think, and why you act differently,' he says. 'Its music: music shaped the Bay Area and the Bay Area shaped the world.'

An already top-of-the-range decibel reading now goes completely off the scale. 'And the music is still potent,' he continues. 'The ideas are still coming. Don't know if you noticed, but there was a major summit over the Bridge last night, they're calling it the G3 Summit - U2, Greenday and Metallica. In bars.'

Adam and Bono, he reports, were not among the high-ranking delegates at the Summit but Edge is able to report back on the salient agenda items: 'We dealt with the important issues of the day, new touring concepts, we discussed the possibility of the three bands creating their own festival and touring... some great ideas discussed.'
But after the first hour, he concedes, his memory 'gets fuzzy'. Eager for more information, Bono turns to Larry - whose response is characteristically robust.
'What went on at that summit... stays at that summit.'
This response is universally acclaimed and Bono turns to the subject of Lou Reed, who is in the house tonight, at which point Larry breaks into a chorus of 'Perfect Day'... and Oakland goes ballistic.
'Lou, we love you man!' says Larry at the end of his moment on lead vocals, a moment no-one is going to forget.

Bono confirms that tonight 'the great man is walking amongst us' and soon we're into All I Want Is You. Later, during Vertigo, Lou is back in the set when Bono sings a snatch of 'Dirty Boulevard'. And, as in Seattle the other night, Bono also drops into David Bowie's Space Oddity in the outro to Beautiful Day - Commander Kelly brings greetings from space again.

'Imagine a man looking down on us from 200 miles up. Looking down at our beautiful crowded planet. What would he say to us? Commander Kelly?'

As Miss Sarajevo arrives, Bono adds, 'America, you don't have to put another man on the moon... Just bring us back to earth...'

We can't close without mention of Voicheck, who'd travelled almost as far as Commander Kelly to be with us tonight. He's flown from Poland, for 20 hours, and he comes onto the stage to receive the plaudits and be introduced to the band. He is a symbol of everyone.

'Thank you,' says Bono. 'For your love, your support...thank you for giving us a great life...'

Were you at the show tonight ? What was it like when Larry took on the vocals ? When did you realise you were lost in space ? Add your own review and post your photos below.

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Larry took my breathe away...
Last night was the most special night of my entire life... So far I couldnt afford a ticket to see U2. The night before a concert I posted in craigslist.com (bay area) the following:<>To my surprise a good Samaritan helped me giving me a ticket to see a concert that I had anticipated for years. My Bday was on May 27 and this was my Bday present from God. It was him who interceded & gaved me the most wonderful present of a lifetime. May God bless all of you & miracles does happens. Faith is the greatest gift God has given us. Peace & Love forever!
Los Angeles
When are you guys coming to Los Angeles? Believe it or not, the last time I saw you was when I was a DJ back in Carter Allen days (1986). Saw you at the first shows - the Orpheum theater, Brown University, Providence Civic Center. Look at this picture with me and the Edge. Yikes!
What Happens in Oakland Stays in Oakland
A fabulous show last night, I enjoyed this one more than Las Vegas nearly two years ago. I took BART to the show and avoided the nightmare. Overstock is a great way to describe this stadium it’s a dump and they need to blow it up. I hate this stadium. I have seen so many shows here over the decades. This show however was the best as far as Sound, Stage and Performance. Bono’s line about how music shaped the Bay Area and the Bay Area shaped the world. Yea in some ways he was right. But the British set the bar, or the Irish..I loved Larry candidly singing “Perfect Day” they should have bought Lou up for a song. I hope they release another DVD of this leg of the 360 tour. It was so different from the first US leg. The local reviews in the SF Weekly and Mercury News are just what to expect from today’s writers. It was a perfect show after waiting two years and getting older
The Claw -- New Band Member
The technology that drives the Claw is as vital as the band itself! So impressive. Good opening act with Lenny Kravitz. Got the crowd going in the right way! Love the banter between Bono and Larry Mullen (and who knew he could a carry a tune!). I loved that they switched up the playlist!
A Beautiful Night......
Quite a dazzling show. I loved the Claw and video set up......Personal highlights were Magnificent and Walk On. The video cameos from Commander Kelly, Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyi were heartening. Also great to hear Zooropa and Hold Me Thril Me Kiss Me, Kill Me!
U2 in oakland
Great show! Not so great transit! Actually epically not great. Hopefully the boys pick a venue that can actually handle the crowd next time!
sskwan June 08, 2011 Oakland Show
U2 is like fine wine,they just keep getting better with time! Bono and the Edge did the most beautiful acoustic version of Stay. They are truly the best rock band in many ways. Rock on.
I have got to see/hear this!!! Anybody got a link?
Amazing experience
An incredible production! U2 was as wonderful as ever! The light show had us all captivated. A surreal experience. Lenny Kravitz rocked the house and got us all warmed up for our boys! A great night!
This was such an awesome concert! I was blown away! These guys really know how to put on a show. Lenny Kravitz was great as well. And to the person with a comment entitled "disappointed", 6 comments before mine. The show actually started at around 9:30, so you could have made it in fact. None the less great show!
Dave McD
3rd time I have seen this show, and first time in 2011. Never gets old and always surprises. Brought my 3 kids and they were singing right along. Liked the mix of songs, but still wish for some more old stuff like "Bad"
We were center on outer ring. Amazing show, with the play list ranging the entire range of U2 history. Mixing in the old footage really hammered home that U2 is a story of friendship as much as music. U2 is special, period.
Thank You
I must say it was definitely worth the wait. U2 are bigger and better than ever. Please come back soon to the Bay Area. Thank you for a night to remember!
It was an amazing show.... just amazing. Nothing compares to a U2 concert. I did the waiting to get into the inner circle and it was SO worth it. The guys killed it. Music, stage, atmosphere -- all of it. Incredible.
I bought 4 tickets to this show in Oct. 2009. After spending 4 hours in traffic for what is a supposed to be a 44 minute drive. We had to turn around and go home at 10:30pm after realizing that there was no parking and there was no way we could make it inside before the concert would be over. Terribly mismanaged by the venue and City of Oakland. I will NEVER attend another event there!
SF-Oakland June 7, 2011
Great set list of songs. Best moment: Aung San Suu Kyi addressing the audience via videotape between "Walk On" and "One." The sound mix could have been better, & they need to have more staff to help sell T-shirts/merchandise to cut the long lines/wait times.
U2 in oakland
The Best U2 show that i saw the special effects the lights the huge tv screen and the songs seeing u2 stage. The Best U2 Show Thanks for coming to Oakland i would waited another year but 2years was fine. U2 fan 4ever.
U2 Rocks ... Oakland sucks!
The show was awesome ... the part I got to see anyway. After getting horrible and slow service at a local restaurant, and a $60 parking ticket, we had a mere 6 miles and two hours to get to the venue and we still missed the first eight songs. Had to park in a weed laden field a half mile away and pay another $40. The boys made up for it, but Oakland still disappoints. Zooropa was awesome live and Sunday Bloody unfortunately never looses its pounding relevance.
So worth the wait!
Wow, what a night to remember! SO worth the wait! AND had the most amazing date with me! This wasn’t just a concert, this was a “show” an “Adventure” beyond imagination. And only at a U2 show do you talk, meet and are treated by thousands that are kind and friendly, mainly because what U2 strives towards. Larry, Bono, Adam and Edge..People took this into the streets when we all left! Thanks for an amazing show I will never forget! And I’ve seen a few!
Rocking Good Show
We took our twelve year old son. We wanted his first big concert to be a great experience and to walk away with rocking good memories! And boy did he! Thanks U2 and Lenny and Moon Alice!
Rock N Roll Stops the Traffic
Thank you U2 for such a special night. Lenny and his band rocked and were a perfect opener. Was at the Rose Bowl and the Oakland show had a better pace and killer opening. Zooropa and the fresh videos were great. The boys rocked it out and yeah bring on the G3 tour. From BART we could see the freeway backup and I thought Bono is still right after all these years.
Relo Table
When I sat down in my seat I noticed that my view would be obstructed by one leg of the claw. I went to the relo table and they gave me a better seat! Great show!
"I love my wife and she knows it..."
No more moving moment happened last night then when Mark Kelly spoke from Other Space, from the Space Shuttle. He gave a floating intro to "Beautiful Day" and then said, "I love my wife and she knows it." His wife is my Congresswoman. Gabby is recovering from her wounds in Texas, but all of us in Tucson miss her very much. I drove up for the show. Yesterday was your birthday, Gabby, but your husband gave me a present last night. We love you, Gabby. Get well, come home soon, and smell the sweet desert air. And thanks so much, U2, for enriching my life in mysterious ways. Love, Stu.
Truly Amazing!!
I have been to many U2 concert, but never have I heard "I will Follow" and "Zooropa" live. You guys are Truly Amazing and Truly the BEST ROCK BAND...PERIOD!
The light show was awesome. U2 never disappoints the world with the music for the soul & mind. Good luck guys on the rest of your 360 tour. Suerte! -babylitemyway (sm in sj, ca)
After spending two hours from our house to the freeway exit, (should have taken 30 minuets), and then another two hours from the freeway exit, and not even making it to the parking lot, we ended up leaving..we left after 9pm, and there was still a 4 mile backup on the freeway trying to get to the venue...what the heck was the problem??? I was sooo looking forward to the show.....
What A Show!!
Just got home from show, we had a great time, Moonalice, and Lenny Kravitz, were great. Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry just wrecked the joint, from start to finish!! Introduction of Beautiful Day from space station was great. Get ready Anaheim a special show is headed your way you lucky devils, Enjoy!!
U2 fanatic
Awesome concert guys. You rock!!!!
The venue
Saw the aerial shots of this location. What a wonderfully unique location and the signage is perfect. If i had known I would be able to upload I would have doodled something while I waited. Next time.
The day is finally here
Looking forward to the show tonight. My heart is pounding with excitement already. Welcome back U2 to the Bay Area!
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