U2360° TOUR

Jun 18 2011
Anaheim, CA, US / Angel Stadium
with Lenny Kravitz

'Saturday night in Anaheim, hope you like our big ol' rock show,' says Bono. 'Now I know this is Angels territory and miracles abound, but there's a magic trick that we'd really like to try tonight. It's called 'Shrink This Stadium, Turn It Into A Club...'

It's a trick the band have been playing for some time and they pulled it off again tonight, mixing up the set list and dropping in some surprises.

'Closeness is not about physical proximity, we feel close to you up there on the top tier, we're feeling it (and) over to the left... can you feel us?'

The deafening response from another capacity audience suggested everyone in the house was feeling the closeness tonight. So 'Real Thing' took us off the ground and then this.

'Are you ready for some Kraut Rock - circa 1990?'

Were we ever ? Second nights often throw up something no-one is expecting and no-one was expecting The Fly.

'It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight...'

Wow! After that this show was in orbit, circling the planet in the 360 spaceship.

'Saturday night, Sunday morning, that's the kind of band we are...' And it's time to give thanks for Lenny Kravitz, his last show with the tour tonight and his 'fine and extraordinary band.'

'Thank you Orange County for your patience, some of you are two years older than you were when you bought your tickets for tonight's show...
'A lot can happen in that time, for example Adam you may see there's an extra bounce in his step. That's because Adam Clayton is a proud father.
'Larry. A movie star, it had to happen. Our Lawrence plays opposite the great and gifted Donald Sutherland in a new movie called Man On A Train.
'And The Edge became a farmer, just yesterday actually. He had a slightly different plan. He was going to build a nuclear reactor, but farming is good, he's back to wind farming. On guitars and everything else - The Edge!'

Lots of special friends at Angel Stadium tonight. Quincy Jones is here and Still Haven't Found is dedicated to him, while 'Stuck in a Moment' goes out to Michael Hutchence, 'a beautiful man, he loved it here.'
'Big love to Morleigh' - she and Edge celebrate their wedding anniversary today - as well as shout-outs to everyone who signed up to the One campaign. But tonight the most special dedication brings the show to a close on a poignant note.

'I want you to think about the beautiful symphonic sounds that came out of a saxophone...' says Bono, referencing Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. 'This man carried music and music carried him until this day...'

Moment of Surrender is dedicated to Clarence Clemons.

Were you at Angel Stadium for the second show in Anaheim tonight? Check out the set list, add your own review of the show and post your photos below.

Saturday Night in Anaheim U2360° FANCAM

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Anaheim: 2nd Topped 1st Night!
Went to both shows and 2nd night was incredible. The whole stadium was on their feet dancing and singing. The evening was electric. First show was good, but the second night was amazing.
AWE Inspiring Show---Every great U2 Conc
This was the absolute best U2 event ever!! We went to Anaheim1 and 2---Both were great, but Anaheim2 (June 18th) was spectacular. We were in the GA Red Zone....OMG. Bono sang to us! Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono in the moment and making joyful and powerful music into more than art!
AWE Inspiring Show---Every great U2 Conc
This was the absolute best U2 event ever!! We went to Anaheim1 and 2---Both were great, but Anaheim2 (June 18th) was spectacular. We were in the GA Red Zone....OMG. Bono sang to us! Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono in the moment and making joyful and powerful music into more than art!
please use Anaheim 2 setlist in baltimor
way better in my opinion
Another amazing U2 experience!!!!!!!
The Anaheim experience was truely amazing! Thanks for bringing the show to our neck of the woods guys! The momentum and energy of last night show had everyone in the house up on their feet singing and dancing!!! What a show! What a blast! WOW! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anaheim -Awesome!!!
OMG last night concert was AWESOME, a full spectrum of emotions and sensations that made me feel as part of the worldwide unity that U2 brings to the people that follow them, both musically and personally. I love you U2, and thanks for made us feel as the 5th member of the group!!!
On my feet!
For the first Hour and 1/2 we were on our feet!- My heart was pounding out of my chest- vibe was awesome- ONE- was my fav- Thank You! This was my first U2 concert, and it was a memorable ONE- I got the message- Truely I felt the emotions, and music- Best nite of my life! <3
GA - FREE!!!
We drove from Phoenix, AZ without tickets, hoping to find some last minute scalpers. We toughed it out for almost 2 hours trying to find a decent deal and all of a sudden, a crowed rushed to the gate - They handed out probably 100+ GA tickets for free!! We got in, got to stand on the floor and enjoyed every second of the incredible show!! I think this is my 9th U2 concert and was definitely one of the best!!
Worth the Wait!!
Had a fantastic time at the June 18, 2011 show in Anaheim. There were many highlights, but for me I Will Follow was the apex. Our seats were disappointing, so we moved to the beer pavilion area. We set up our own little table and watched the show on the big screen. It was great because we could move about, and dance whenever we felt like it. The tribute to Mark Gifford at the International Space Station was amazing. It was another beautiful day at a U2 concert.
BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. BONO EDGE ADAM LARRY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Everyone here felt so connected with the stage and I felt like they were playing for me. THANK THANK THANK THANK YOU FOR THE FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MADE MY YEAR. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFIANTLY U2 HIGH RIGHT NOW
awesome time
I saw the 360 tour last year in Vegas, I was so glad it was closer to home this go around. The guys were on point as always and they put on a great show... I took my godson and even though U2 is not his usual music he still enjoyed it a lot, his favorite moment was when they sang One... This was my 5th concert and they get better each time, thanks guys for a great show and a great moment I got to share with my godson!
RE: Hints
If it were that easy why do people line up in the GA line in the A.M. on show day? We got into the GA line ine Seattle before noon, with a plan and a back up plan and once the gates opened it was a freefor all. My Son raced to the inner circle while I grabbed the best spot on the uoter rail I could find. We communicated by cell and decided that the spot I had was better so he ran back out to claim his spot next to mem within 15 minutes the crowd behind us was pressing us tight and thats the way it stayed the rest of the night, dont even think about a bathroom break, you move, you lose. I guess that the fans in Seattle are more rabid than the ones in So Cal? look at the fancam from Seattle.
Off to Anaheim....
On the way to the show! :) Been waiting a long time for this night!
Today is the day!!!!
Cant wait to get our U2 on tonight. :)
I am reading a lot of people asking questions about how GA is working. I did GA in Oakland and I thought I would answer what I can. -I arrived at about 3pm and they opened the gates at 5. Me and my buddy were able to get right up to the front row in the middle(inner circle). Technically it was the second row because I wasnt leaning on the railing but there was a little kid standing in front of me so it didnt matter. -There were no numbers handed out in line only bracelets about an hour before they opened the gates. -If you want to get into the inner circle or have a particular spot in mind I would recommend studying a layout of the floorplan. It is a mad dash once they open the gates and it gets crazy. If you hesitate or dont know EXACTLY where you are going you will get passed by. The inner circle filled up within 5 minutes or so of opening the gates so there isnt much time. -Because the gates open with atleast 2 hours before the show, a bunch of us got out spot and then sat down. If there is enough people around you that are sitting down you wont get squeezed out of your spot. Be ready though because as soon as the show starts people will try to squeeze up closer so hold your ground and dont let anyone get in front of you. -Getting out of your spot to use the bathroom or get food is tough. We sent 2 people to get stuff for the group. People can get pretty rough about letting you squeeze past them so be quick. -If you cant get into the inner circle between edge and adam spots, anywhere on the railing of the outer circle is good also. They all spend a lot of time on the runway and its a good place to watch from. -I would never complain about being in the front row, but I was looking up the whole time and that can be rough on your body(neck,back,legs) so being in the inner circle but on the outer railing might be the place to be so you arent looking up the whole time Hope this helps and enjoy the show. I cant wait to see them in chicago and New York!
Setlist change
Come on boys, break out of the comfort zone
Yes Bad
In agreement please play BAD!!! BAD.BAD.BAD.BAD.BAD.BAD. looking fwd 2 seeing both nights, the rose bowl was an awesome show!!
D Mc Namara
change it up
i agree miracle drug and how about breath or No line....??
Anything to let my wife know on the big screen that I love her would be great. "Hey Lisa Christian loves You!!"
been waiting way too long for this
first timer!!!!
please play MIRACLE DRUG, thats all i want for my friend with cerebral cancer that will be there that night....
& THE RED ZONE, BABY!!! Can.Not.Wait. Seeing Nt. 2 in Anaheim with the hubs. Coming to CA all the way from TX to see Nt. 1 & Nt. 2. Again...CAN.NOT.WAIT. Peace & Love, Collectoraholic
first time
looking forward to this day for 2 reasons..first time ever seeing U2, and taking my daughter 2 see them on fathers day weekend!!!!
Sister Album
I feel u with amaze yet u are tears away
June at last!
I thought June would never get here. Fourteen more days to go!
please play BAD
please please, play Bad. u will make me cry if u play that song. never heard it live. this is my 6th concert.
The big A will be rocking on Saturday
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