U2360° TOUR

Jul 23 2011
Minneapolis, MN, US / TCF Bank Stadium
with Interpol

'When the night has come
'And the land is dark
'And the moon is the only light we'll see
'No I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid
'Just as long as you stand, stand by me...'

One of the stand-out moments in tonight's show in Minneapolis was when Bono brought on stage the Somali rapper K'naan to join in a duet of 'Stand By Me'.
'I want to introduce you to a very special spirit.
'Showing great leadership on behalf of his country, Somalia
'Get used to his name cos your going to hear it a lot...K'naan.'

The rapper, a former Twin Cities resident got quite a reception, as the stadium remembered the people of the Horn of Africa and that was followed by another poignant moment  introducing 'Stuck In A Moment': 'We wrote this for Michael Hutchence... but tonight you will understand when we play it for Amy Winehouse.'

Thunderstorms and severe weather were  forecast for today. We had rain in the morning and if it held off for the start of show, it was soon with us for the evening. But two years after buying their tickets,  nothing was going to stop the people  of The Twin Cities having a blast.
'Get on your boots in your fancy new stadium, handsome place for us to be hanging in tonight...'
Bono reminded us that Minneapolis was originally set to be the last night of the tour and the next two shows had  only been added when this leg was rescheduled. This show, however, marks 'the place to begin the end of tour party.'
'It's amazing to be on stage with these people,' he says. 'Really amazing. At the end of the last show I thought I heard thunder and saw lightning flash from behind me, I thought I 'd been hit by truck,
I thought Mike Tyson had jumped out... but it was Larry Mullen playing the drums.'
Then he felt the ground shaking beneath his feet and when he looked around it was the 'handsome Adam Clayton on bass, a force of nature'.
In this vision he also saw angels, 'some friendly, some wearing beanies but all creating chaos with a host of crazy harmonies.' Turned out it wasn't angels at all, 'it was The Edge on guitar and everything else...'
'And then I heard the voice of God .. and you know what God said?
'He said, 'If you think you're having fun now, wait till you get to Minneapolis...
'The end of tour party starts here...'

Didn't matter that by the time we reached 'Elevation' the rain was getting serious and continued pouring for 'Pride', 'Miss Sarajevo' and Zooropa'.  We were having a  wet and wonderful party. 'America in the rain, singing your heart out - and it's a beautiful heart'.
By 'Blinding Light's we were all 'singing in the rain' and so it continued: 'Don't know what's happening, but we like it,
'Just want to thank you for standing in the rain...'

'Despite all the bells and whistles,' reported The StarTribune,  first out of the blocks with their review of the show. 'U2 gave a performance that was both over-the-top and intimate, both epic and informal, both highfalutin' and fun.'

Did  you get wet in Minneapolis tonight? Were you singing in the rain? How was the start of the end of tour party for you? Add your own reviews and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Minneapolis!

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One word: Amazing
To nail the songs like you guys did with rain pouring down, lightning in the sky, was truly awesome. I heard prior to the concert an interview from one of your crew who said if it rains, that the band really jams. Wow was he right! I wish you toured every year to Minnesota!
Simply Unforgettable...
It was my first time seeing U2 and actually my first concert, I loved the show, being with people with the same feeling for U2, the wonderful rain that made it even more mindblowing. I also wish there would be a DVD of it, keep on rocking...
Best Show Ever!
This is the the 4th time I've seen U2 and they get better every time. Got completly soaked during the show, but who cares... Had a total blast! Laura Saint Paul, Minnesota
Wish we had a tape of this!
The rain made everything that much better. This was the show that should have been on dvd! u2 was in top form singing their hearts out, making it up as they went and every single person in the crowd was along for the ride. Thank you for stopping by Minneapolis and thank you for the best u2 show I've seen yet! It is one I will never forget.
Communion of believers
My 6th or 7th U2 show and they keep getting better! City of Blinding Lights was the highlight with the rain, Bono, and the crowd singing along as a communion of believers. Amazing.
Steven Donatelle
Far From Home...
Took my wife and kids all the way to my home town of Minneapolis to see the show this summer-- from our home in Yerevan, Armenia. My kids (7 and 9) loved it, despite the rain. They want to know when U2 is gonna come to their home: Yerevan! As for me, I am wondering if it is too late to have one of the oligarchs here put in a bid for one of the claws... It would look crazy, but be very cool in the square outside the opera building!
Immense all around
Seeing U2 play outdoors and in the rain was pure joy. First saw them live in 1985 when I was 15 at the old Minneapolis Auditorium for the Unforgettable Fire tour. Again at long last in 2005 for Vertigo with my wife. Now, 2011 again with my wife and 2 good friends, one who had never seen U2 live. The heat and warmth before the show was immense. The sound of the crowd as U2 made their entrance on stage was immense. The starting song was immense. My favorite was Zooropa. I have always loved that album and hearing them play that title track live was immense for me. Very thankful to have been part of this night most of all because I was with my wife and friends. Thanks guys for making a bright night for us all despite the rain which also was immense but fun. Enjoy this picture my wife caught of Bono "singing in the rain" Grace and peace.
Worth The Wait
Concert was great. Enjoyed the show greatly. Well worth the extra wait
The modern day "Live at Red Rocks!"
This show should be put to DVD! Seeing this show was fantastic, but the rain, Miss Sarajevo and One sang in the rain was one of the best concert experiences of my life. I will never forget it. Torrential downpour and not a soul left the stadium. A true testament to U2 and their fans having a great night!
Truly an unique night
Hard to say that one of the 360 concerts could make the stadium a living room , but at that time, it happened. At least for me. It was just me, them, music and the rain.
Best U2 Show Ever
I was there with my 3 kids - ages 11 - 17. They knew all the words and danced along. Best part was when the sky opened up and no one missed a beat - the crowd or the band. I think the energy level went up. Great music, great show, great night!
Truly an Experience
Thank you, U2, for an incredible experience! I am still amazed at how great everything about the show was: the musical abilities, the song selection, the staging, the playing through the rain and much more. "Mysterious Ways" was my personal favorite.
Agreed, DVD!!
The energy was indescribable. During Beautiful Day the sky unleashed and it only got better. Dancing to Zooropa in the pouring rain is a moment I will never forget and will replay over and over again. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!
Best concert ever!
They kept thanking us for being there, I want to thank you for being there through the rain and the storm. You guys gave your all in this concert for two hours. That is greatly appreciated, more than you will know.
never can post here...will try again
it was amazing. flew from SF that day, back the next. worth every penny. 5th concert in a month - and a great memory for the last of this tour. U2 fans, crew, band...you all are the best.
Minneapolis DVD!
Once in a life time gig! Minneapolis will go down as the best U2 gig, bar none. Big props to the road crew and U2 for all the hard work in monsoon like conditions. Special props to Dallas Schoo, keeping the guitars in tune during the deluge. Please turn this date into a DVD!!
life is a balance
The Edge played better than ever, his signature touch on Vertigo sent chills down my spine like lightening from the sky! Frederick Frost
Zooropa was the best!
Love that song and was surprised to hear it! I just put my face to the rain and absorbed the music of that song. Really awesome!
I was not a U2 fan, but I went with my husband. Between the most amazing performance I have ever seen and singing & dancing in the rain to a backdrop of fireworks it was magical. To top it off a skeptic turned into a fan. I admire them as performers and advocates for the world. THANK YOU for the moment.
Baptized by Bono
My first U2 concert was everything I imagined and more. Thanks to U2 for an unforgettable night. I never had so much fun getting rained on. Plus: Adam + no shirt = HAWT!
communion of souls
Absolutely incredible concert, to see 3 generations of families dancing in unity in the rain to "Pride" along with 60,000 fans was something I will never forget. Bono and the band, could you please look at FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN online to learn about this Minnesota charity??? We pack life sustaining food packs (manna Packs) and ship them to the neediest nations. Most of the volunteers are school kids and I have personaly seen the impact that it makes when kids realize the severity of the needs. We need to get the word out that YES....we can change the world with service...and love. God Bless your band and your crew.
WOW - What a show
Worth every bit of do$h I coughed up to be there... hotels, flights - who cares, this was well worth it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/barnes-family-photos/5973102006/in/set-72157627274414354
U2 was amazing! They are my favorite band ever! Bono dancing and singing in the rain was awesome! I had the best time ever! Bono is a magnificent gift from God. It is so great to see someone with so much talent that gives back.
Minneapolis Show ROCKED!
I was wet, sloshy, and dripping....and it was glorious! Here is a video I put together from the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTQhC6tlZtc and some pictures I took at the show: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=neilbakker&target=ALBUM&id=5632788429913869649&locked=true&authkey=Gv1sRgCIbLxfTznKGaxwE&feat=email
U2... simply the best!!
Great, great show! Thanks, guys, for an unforgettable night.
Extraordinary event!! I watched all week as your crew worked through the heat and storm to set up the stage. Kudos to the stage hands and the band for the performance. Give my best to Dallas for his work keeping the Edge in tune! Please consider turning this evenings performance into a DVD!
Mysterious Ways = Magical night!
"Mysterious Ways" led into the start of a rain that was both electric and inspiring! The guys embraced the rain as a welcome addition to the friends and fans who already gathered to have a magical evening!! We were all ONE as we all took a part in the 360 degree experience! Rain, shine, lights, inspiration. WE ARE READY FOR MORE! "How are you doing?" We are doing GREAT! We want MORE and MORE! Well done! Well done!
singin in the rain
Flew in from New York for the show...what a fantastic night the stadium was a perfect venue for this show...the boys were on fire and no rain could drown their flames...the crowd including myself got CRAZIER the longer and harder it rained...Bono a soakin superstar...Adam has a smokin bod took off his wet t shirt wow!!!GREAT PARTY IN A GREAT TOWN!!!
Amazing and Epic Show When the Rain Come
What an incredible show. First time ever seeing U2 in a downpour, and it was Epic! To see these four boys smiling in the rain, they look like kids excited to jump in rain puddles! Couple Videos I took of the concert: Moment of Surrender: http://youtu.be/BZ2ZiY61D7g Stand by me: http://youtu.be/9ahh2Q35frc
Singin in the Rain in Mpls
Powerful, spiritual, moving and fun, and an awesome crowd! Stand by Me --- just took me. Loved Stuck in a Moment -- and please release a live version of Moment of Surrender, gives me chills. It was fun to be on the rail with people who had never seen a live show before, of course they are now hooked for life! Thanks for the music and for keeping us singing our hearts out in the rain!
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