U2360° TOUR

Jul 26 2011
Pittsburgh, PA, US / Heinz Field
with Interpol

'Real Thing', The Fly, Mysterious Ways, Until The End of the World... what an unexpected set list U2360° has developed over two years and four continents. Twenty years after release the opening quartet of tracks from Achtung Baby lead us to the 1970's (I Will Follow),  back to now (Get On Your Boots),  to 1987 ('Still Haven't Found') and we're in 1993 (Stay) before we've even noticed the trip.

'If I could stay, then the night would give you up.
Stay, and the day would keep its trust.
Stay, and the night would be enough....'

Nobody else can do this, nobody else has the songs and the staying power and tonight, as Bono put it, on a beautiful evening in Pittsburgh,  'there's no place we'd rather be'.

The penultimate show of the tour, the last one in the US and at Heinz Field, on the site of the old Three Rivers Stadium,  Pittsburgh was up to the challenge. 'Hot summer night in the burgh, come on now champions, where you gonna take us?'

There's so many great people associated with this city that the band might feel intimidated, suggests Bono, but... actually they weren't! Pittsburgh may have introduced Charles Bronson to the world 'but we have our very own movie star, Larry Mullen Jnr.' Pittsburgh may be associated with that 'paragon of style and comfort Perry Como.. but I give you Adam Clayton!' The world would not be the same without the great Andy Warhol 'but could not the same be said of the man on my right... The Edge?'
As for the vocalist, he'll take comparisons with that blue-eyed soul singer Christina Aguilera: 'I'm in touch with my inner chick'.

Special guests  tonight included a little boy who received a tour of the stage during City Of Blinding Lights and 'Matt and Melissa', serious about the band and about each other, who slow-danced their way through With Or Without You as if they were the only couple in the house. 'I never thought of our band as a smoochin thing... '

We thought it was the beginning of the end when the lights went down, the cellphones came on and the milky way arrived 'for all the people who are trying to hang on' but Moment of Surrender from 2009 led into another song about surrender. This one came from 1984 and it arrives in the show like a miracle on special occasions, tonight complete with some Van Morrison and Lou Reed and a final benediction in '40'.
'This is a special song for a special city. This is for a very special man who grew up on Cedarwood Road. We wrote this song about him, we play it for him tonight...'

'If you twist and turn away.
It you tear yourself in two again.
If I could, yes I would
If I could, I would let it go.
Surrender, dislocate....'

Were you smoochin' or wide awake at the show in Pittsburgh tonight? What was the moment you thought you'd died and gone to heaven?  Post your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Pittsburgh!

Stay in Moncton
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Nothing compares.
I've been a lifelong fan, but first time concert-goer. It even made my non-fan fiance love and adore the concert. Nothing will compare to this ever.
Living the Dream
After seeing U2 in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth (Dec. 2010); I had the chance to see their last US show in Pittsburgh. It was worth every sore muscle from flying 20 hours in one day! The highlight was walking on the stage and feeling the immense power of The Claw. I will never forget this night as long as I live.
2+ weeks have past & i still get the chills thinking about excellance. 7th time, 2nd on this tour, thought singing was at the top of their all time game. To the person below that thought Bono "forgot" when they were here last, u misunderstood. He asked what was the name of the bar they played at 30 years ago on their 1st time in Pittsburgh. The place was called "The Decade" and when he was reminded, he said oh yea, what a decade that was....They been here at least 6 times since then.
Great Show, Joined Amnesty Intl!
What a great show! Not only was it an amazing musical experience, but it also reminded me of the great things that come out of supporting organizations like Amnesty International! Re-joined Amnesty(after too long of a lapse) as a birthday present to myself and a commitment to try to change the world in a positive way! Thanks!:)
Best show of the 360 Tour!!
Flew in from L.A. and what an AMAZING show from the inner-circle!! Bono sang Miss Sarejevo so beautifully that the couple next to us got engaged! Stay was moving and Vertigo had more energy than ever! U2 gave it all and then it happened.....BAD/40!!! What a monumental ending to a great show!
Finally the second performance of Bad in the 360 tour!!! Hope it shows up in Moncton
I loved the U2 show!!-they rock!!.U2 fans were cheering and singing.After when they performed "Even Better Than The Real Thing" U2 performed their second track "The Fly" was their best track on their setlist.When THE GROUNDBREAKING PRODUCTION DESIGN FOR U2 360 DEGREE TOUR lit up durring the show was amazing.I wont forget durring encore two when they were performing "Hold Me,Kill Me, Kiss Me,Thrill Me" Bono singing and swinging on the litup microphone wheel.
great to hear Bad and 40
Great night! The lads were in great form. Hard to believe they have been at this tour for 3 years as they were fresh and new and willing to please.
Scottish + Russian Travelling Fans!!
There was a group of around 11 of us. 1 Scottish and 10 Russians directly in front of Bono in the inner circle and we went WILD like many around us throughout the show. I am the Scottish guy and wore my U2360 Moscow t-shirt :o) 12 shows I have seen and this one rocked! Well worth all the travelling. 20,000 miles I have logged and made many friends with many special moments throughout the tour. It has been incredible!!! Denis. :o)
How can you top this?
After seeing you at NC State in Oct. 2009 and now in my own City of Champions, I found myself asking how U2 (or any band!) could ever top such a fabulous stage setup and performance. Thrilled to be with 7 of my friends, 4 of whom are U2 addicts who had never been to a concert -- just loved seeing the glow on their faces and in their hearts as they watched you perform. Love you guys and absolutely cannot wait for your next venture and tour!! So please, please come back to us at Heinz Field! Until then, enjoy a very well-deserved break and God Bless you all!
Bono Forgets His Last Visit / Heinz Fiel
Did anyone catch Bono mistakenly noting that it was the first time that the band had played Pittsburgh in 30 years, only to be corrected by fans near him that it had “only been a decade;” – classic! They were on their game, though, at Heinz Field. The only issue I had was Heinz Field itself. What a piss-ant way for the stadium folks to treat their GA ticket holders, first being so annoying as to not let any small bags into the arena, the ONLY place on the tour this CHEAP and strict when it came to searches and rules upon stadium entry, and then the CHEAP-ASS concessions area for the GA folks, ONE LONG frigging line for snacks, ZERO soft drinks available, and not allowing GA fans to visit with friends in other parts of the stadium. I’m from Pittsburgh, but Heinz Field is a JOKE. U2 should know how pathetically Heinz Field treated their fans. Poor Steelers fans! Heinz Field can KISS MY ARSE!
philly, east rutherford, pittsburgh
a wild two weeks, caught 3 of the last 5 US shows, two and a half hours flows by like 40 minutes, silky smooth sonic textures, the new and old forged together to melt the sea of souls - better by design, indeed - a blast gents thankyou, GOD BLESS
I brought a friend of mine who has a daughter who is very sick with cancer. I wanted her to "forget" life for a while. You did this for us in spades:) She felt your music and message from the beginning and the concert really helped her rejuvenate. Thank you so much for helping her to "escape". If you ever have time to come back, please consider giving this family some inspiration. This brain cancer is rare and virulant and Lauren just turned 11. This family could use all the inspiration that you could give them. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!
Bono singing Hallelujah leading into Where the Streets Have No Name is nothing less than brilliant Thank you, U2 for an amazing night in the City on the 3 Rivers!
Sharing U2 concert with my grandson....P
I took my grandson Kyle to his first U2 concert on Tuesday in Pittsburgh. In 1992 I took his mother and his aunt to their first after my brother had taken me to my first earlier that summer. This time I returned the favor and brought the same brother and a friend who had never seen them. Seems like you guys have started something! Thanks for the memories and good times!
Was SOOOO worth my whirlwind trip from T
I decided early Monday evening to see if I could make it up to PA for the show. I had no ticket, no plane ticket, no hotel, no nothing. My husband worked his magic and made it happen for me. Thank you, honey! <3 I flew in to Pitt Tuesday AM and made it into the GA line about 12:45 PM. I met up w/ the wonderful U2.com-ER to get my ticket she had for me to purchase (Yea! Thanks so much!) about 3:30 PM...so I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. It was REALLY happening for me! I made friends w/ my neighbors in the GA line & they were kind enough to let me hang w/ them in the venue. We made it into the inner circle betw/ Bono & Edge. The night was PURE MAGIC! & To have the lads end with "Bad" and a snippet of "40"...it was worth all the aggravation I caused my poor husband in order to get there. So a BIG thank you to him, as well as a BIG thank you to U2! What a phenomenal way to close out the US on this beyond amazing 360º tour!!! Loved every show I was blessed enough to attend (Arlington/Dallas, Houston, Anaheim 1 & 2, Montreal 1 & 2 & Pittsburgh).
I had so much fun thank you u2 and adam clayton you are one of rocks great bass players. All ways look up to you as a bass player. Thank you u2.
Drove From Boston
My boyfriend, a friend and I drove from Mass.. It was a long ride but well worh it.. I have been to many shows and I saw you in Foxboro 2 years ago.. I am so glad I got to see your last US show of this tour.. We are leaving for Canada in a week.. Would love to leave early for your Moncton NB show but I cant... LOVED THE SHOW LAST NIGHT..
3 Down 0 To Go
Well, Its seems like just yesterday I was saying It was going to be a great summer of U2 shows and now.......It`s all over. Pittsburgh was a great show. I know you all have one more show in Canada,but I`m already thinking about the next tour. What great series of shows. First time we`ve done multiple cities and loved it. Meant some great people, saw some weird sh#t, and heard some great music. Thank you some much for some more great moments and for all that you do. That goes for not only the band, but all the 360 crew. Incredible to watch the controlled kaos after the show.I`ve been going to shows since 1987 and they only get better and better. Bono fell on a wet stage at RFK and dislocated his shoulder, but still played on. I was on crutches from a broken leg.You`ve provided us with our greatest concert moments in 91`. Thanks and we love you guys. Hope 2CUSOONU2
Awesome show in PGH!!!
i WANTED TO THANK u2M THE GREATEST BAND IN ALL TIME FOR COMING TO pITTSBURGH, this was my first concert ever, and seeing them "live" is just inspiring, love the set design and the " cylindrical " dish that came down, Which I thought was so amazing, only U2 can do this, from zoo tv, to the elevation tour and now the best tour of all the 360 degrees tour, they, up in Canada are going to have a "show", ill hope to see u2 again in the future, only time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!... "innocence, and in a sense I am!!". Take a well deserved break U2!!! YOUVE FER GOSH DARNED EARNED IT!!! hope to see the fab dublin foursome again!!!
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing Amazing Amazing. Amazing. Thank you. ......Wish it never ended. Everythong about last night was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Please come back to see us soon. Love ya.
It was a Beautiful Night in Pittsburgh!
The band made us sit a bit but that seems to be the norm. But they delivered big time. Unbelievable set list, it was as if I was consulted in its making. Sweet moment at end with couple dancing on stage. I am attaching a very buff photo of Adam. Adam, you have been hiding that ab of yours! Venue could have done better job at policing the general admissions. I think many more were allowed in than tickets purchased. Way too crowded and only 1 full food wagon to service all. 45 minutes to get very poor food.
There could not have been a better evening in Pittsburgh for U2 to visit. After 30 years of listening and watching every tour, the bar is raised every time they tour and I leave speechless. There is and never will be another band that can touch the sounds and visuals as the this band has accomplished through the years. I thank U2 for lifting my spirits. God Bless.
cincy mike
Ready for Lift off!!!!
from Sec 132, seats 6-7. Thanks for a great night!
Bad, Wow!
Nice, I was following the show last night but the stream cut off at Moment of Surrender. Few said that was the final song..they were wrong Many who were tweeting / posting wanted "Bad." (some said "40") I guess you guys got it! Simply an AWESOME ending to an amazing US tour. Thank you U2.
It Just Gets Better and Better and Bette
Each U2 concert is so unique and when they leave you emotionally drained each time, it is absolutely incredible. Wonderful night. Getting to see Bono and Edge before the show was the topper.
my eleventh show was at Pittsburgh
i was told by a wise man who i grew up with me about a dream i had and the river depths of each pittsburgh river where 11 feet...so he said eleven is a very powerful and special number for me...so to have this be my eleventh U2 show in the town i was born in...there isnt much i can...got to shake bonos hand when he arrived...my mom got to see her first U2 show finnally and my bueatiful wife elizabeth saw her first U2 show and bono sang a snippet of a song only God knows how much she loves..it was her answered prayer and what a night to celebrate our one month anniversary by getting new one brown(my power color)and white bracelets because I have been wearing my original one bracelet since October 22 2005 and have never taken it off...when it finnally breaks i will have a new one..i hope it lasts eleven years...what a set...especially because i love achtung baby and zooropa...i have waited so long to hear even better...with or without you was flawless...get on your boots wow...streets wow..pride wow...one wow...elevation wow...i have always wanted to hear hold me kiss me live and did...it brought me back to high school...it took us till 333 in the am to get a cab...no worries we were cheering all the truckers on as they left the stadium...thanks Bono for the handshake, thanks adam for the great bass..i could feel it on my chest...larrry thanks for keeping the beat...theres a lot going on around you and you keep it all solid and keep the jello from breaking in the mold...edge..we could hear you vox amplifier on the moon...thanks for closing with bad and letting us sing 40 with you...i sing 40 everymorning of my life...i have prayer meetings for the world every morning evening at noon to all your live dvds...thanks for coming to pittsburgh...thanks to all your crew...dallas thanks for stringing all those guitars...willie great lights...i hope you guys get some much needed rest and i will pray everyday and wait patiently...and i cant wait to see spiderman...God Bless...i give the show on a scale of 1 to 10...i give it 111111111111111111111111111111...as many ones as I could ever give
Perfect Pittsburgh summer night...
After several years and serveral continents on this epic U2 musical road trip, the band was as engaging as ever, and with the confidence of having over 100 shows under their belt, the Irish lads are "ready to let go of the steering wheel..." U2 welcomed the crowd with a barrage of sonic genius from Achtung Baby on its 20th birthday, and never looked back!
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