U2360° TOUR

Jul 8 2011
Montreal, QC, CA / Montreal Hippodrome
with Interpol
Another beautiful evening in Montreal tonight, and a festival atmosphere on site all day. With folks hanging out in the 'Fan Jam' area since noon, by the time the band took the stage there were huge chants of 'U2 U2 U2' ringing around the stadium.

'Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied. Give me two more chances, you won't be denied...'

After that, nothing was going to go wrong for the people of 'la belle province' - from The Fly to 'Streets', from Mysterious Ways to Moment of Surrender.

To general delight, Bono spent much of the evening speaking French, reflecting on current issues of State and introducing the members of the ancient Irish House of U2.

'Ce soir nous commencons notre tournee royale du Canada... nous sommes les Irlandais royaux.'
Larry he introduced as 'Bonnie Prince William', Adam as Kate Middleton and Edge as the Prince of Wales.

A glorious night reached its benediction as ever with the people's light show. 'Eteins les lumieres Willie voici Moment of Surrender.'

Like a scene from an exotic, magical kingdom, the rain finally started to arrive with serious intent halfway through as the band remained on stage to applaud the people of Montreal. With the wind picking up, everyone got thoroughly drenched.

'U2 killed it tonight.' tweeted @The_Shoe_Freak 'Just an amazing show. And the rain made everything more interesting.'
'Not even the rain could ruin this one.' added @DrewKrawczyk. 'Epic part one of #u2360mtl, can't wait for part two.'

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U2360° FANCAM in Montreal!

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See U2 IN A LITTLE WHILE!! We hope to find what we are looking for!!:)
Please play Bad - I am bringing 7 people with me and for most it is their first concert and need to see this!
Streets and then Pride!!!
In that order; the best couplet in the history of live R&R...
Bad and Discotheque!
Please play it for the first Montreal show for all the fans attending the show! Both songs have such a strong meaning to me. Thanks for all.
Please play Bad! It would mean so much to me if I was able to hear this song live. The song has meant so much to me in my life, and to hear it performed would be completely out of this world. Either way, I cannot wait for this show!!!!
please play vertigo its my 1st U2 concert pleale
Bill Tessier
Bad is a must
please play Bad !!! Flew from Montreal to Vancouver for a U2 show in 2005. Listened to bad live and my life changed. The bad and the ugly is now behind me. It should be a dandy and I am fortunate to be at both shows. Bono, you know how crazy Montreal is about U2 so expect a warm and loud crowd. So far it is a beautiful day and hopefully we will found what we are looking for before the end of the world.
Favorite tracks
Because we're before the show, I'll take this opportunity to ask for the tracks I would like to hear this summer in Montreal! One Where the street have no name Walk On All I Want Is You 40 Magnificent Elevation Beautiful Day Mysterious Ways ...or anything else and I will be great! See you soon, Charles S.
93 more sleeps!
My first trip to Montreal and this will be my first double show and I can't explain how excited I am for it. I am also praying for Bad and Stay and Every Breaking Wave --but really...they could play anything and I would be ecstatic. I have heard about the magical nights in Montreal with U2 in the past so this was a must see for me. I can't wait to come back here and post my most memorable moment and a picture. YAY!
Show must go on ...
On year late....just can't wait to see you...i've been waiting on big year more than the year it was supposed to be.....i survived,, it's ok ,but i'm just waiting for july 8th in Montreal !! I've got a Parterre ticket..hope to be able to be neer to you... U2 !!! xxxx Love you too much !
"please" play "bad"!!
If I could, I would.... :)
POP in Montreal
Flying in from Manchester UK (via Zurich) on the 7th July for both Montreal shows, will be my 15th & 16th U2 360 Tour concerts, would be good if a couple of songs from POP were included in the setlist.
Please play "everlasting love"......it's a really good song Thanks
Bad Too but a snippet
U2 (Bono) can you sing a snippet of Celine Dion please, every body gonna sing with you !! ex. My heart will go on... U2 is Ireland and Celine is Québec. thank you
Father and sons
I will be attending my 4th U2 concert, and this time, the emotions will be at is peak, as my son Samuel 12 year old, will be by side. I remember walking on Madison avenue in NY and signing Elevation along with him, 2 french canadians trying to sound Irish! July 8th we are going to elevate our souls! Bono please don't move any furniture until then! Normand Alain, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Bad, too!
Driving up from Boston to see the July 8 show. Please play "Bad"!! I want to hear it live, too.
Eddie Anderson
Driving up from NYC, with my family, to see both shows in Montreal.Please play Bad.The version you guys did in Rome (10.08.10) was fantastic !!!!
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