U2360° TOUR

Apr 2 2011
Buenos Aires, AR / Estadio Unico de La Plata
with Muse

Even before the band arrived on stage tonight, we had a great ovation from another full house when over the PA came a track by Soda Stereo, the Argentinian band led by Gustavo Cerati, now hospitalised in a coma, and to whom Bono paid tribute at the opening show on Thursday.

Even Better Than The Real Thing again signalled the arrival of U2 onstage and what an inspired choice it's turning out to be as a show opener - everyone in the groove from the off. It closed with Edge making his way to the piano which almost certainly meant that New Year's Day was back in the show - and it was, to universal delight. Adam Clayton was introduced for the uninitiated, along with The Edge ('On guitar and everything else...') and Larry Mullen Jr ('On drums and everything else...')

After 'Boots', Until The End of the World jumped forward in the show to fourth track, one of a series of variations tonight: Stuck In A Moment was back and Ultraviolet also made it into the set list. Mysterious Ways went out to Kate Hudson who was at the show and the Saturday night party vibes had descended good and proper by the end of Elevation with the whole stadium chanting 'Ole, Ole.'

'Thanks Muse,' said Bono, taking a breath.' Thanks for taking us out last night.
'Tonight is Saturday night. Nowhere else we'd rather be than Buenos Aires.
'People go strange when they stay here. The Edge likes to dance. And Larry Mullen is dancing - there's something wrong in the world when Larry Mullen is out dancing.'

Another moment that will stay long in the memory was when a beautiful and passionate young woman took the stage to read the last verse of a poem by Violeta Parra, a Chilean Poet, Gracias A La Vida - a poem made famous by the late Argentine singer Merdeces Sosa.

Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto/ Me ha dada la risa, me ha dada el llanto/
Asi uyo distingo dicha de quebranto/ Los dos materiales qu forman mi canto/
Y el canto de ustedes que es el mismo canto/ Y el canto de todos que es me propis canto

('Thank you to life, which has given me so much/It gave me laughter and it gave me longing/
With them I distinguish happiness and pain - / The two materials from which my songs are formed/
And your song, as well, which is the same song./ And everyone's song, which is my very song.)

These were some of our highlights tonight, how about you ? If you were at the show and want to add your own reviews and post your photos, we'd love to see them below.

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Gracias Totales!
Thank you guys for an unforgettable night. Thank you guys for give us your best songs. Thank you guys for comming Argentina. Like Gustavo Cerati said: "Gracias Totales!"
the show last night was AMAZING! You are unbelievable! Everything was perfect!. You guys are so talented and humbled, i really admire you not only as musicians but also as persons. I have no words to describe the show and how much I enjoyed it.Thank you so much for coming to Argentina, we love you here, and I hope to see you really soon. (Please don't you wait another 5 years to come back, PLEASE). My best to all of you!
Esta noche la rompemos!
We loved all the show, the strength of music, the scenery, Bono, The Edge, Larry, Adam, EVERYTHING! It was a breathtaking show, an unforgettable night. Thank U2 for ever!!!!!
unforgettable saurday night at La Plata
My son Matias (17) and I, Fabian (46) lived yesterday a magic and unforgettable night with U2. Thanks U2 for coming Argentina, for remember Mercedes Sosa and Gustavo Ceratti, for the music, for the feelings. Never in our lives we forget this 360 tour.
Thank you for all and Soda Stereo
I WAS HAPPY YESTERDAY. Quiero agradecer por todo y por incluir De música ligera, la canción de Soda Stereo. Realmente no esperaba tanto en una misma noche. U2 + Soda Stero in 1 night is AMAZING ! THANK YOU THANK YOU U2 NO SE VA U2 NO SE VA ! DON´T GO U2 DON´T GO ! U2 STILL HERE I LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU
Hi there!. Well I just wanted to say THANK YOUUUU. Thank you for coming. Thank you for sharing this huge showwith us. It was very dificult for me and my boyfriend to get tickets (actually, for all of us!) but we finally managed it and we also managed to be in the first row right outside the inner circle and it was great to have you so close. The sound was absolutely incredible and the whole experience was breathtaking. I must also say THANK YOU for bringing MUSe with you, these guys really know how to rock. I love you both and I hope to see you soon. Thank you for this magnificent memory inside my head :)
Love You All
Thank you so, so, sooooooo much for this beautiful night. It was my first U2 show, and it will remain in my mind FOREVER. I was totally pleased to hearing New Year's Day again, and that acoustic version of Stuck In a Moment. I was about to cry, as we were getting closer to the end of the show. I cannot explain how much I jumped, how much I sang, how much I yelled, how much I danced. It was the best night EVER. Thanks to Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry... I will never forget the moments I lived there... Love you all!
Inner circle twice!!
It was an incredible night. Thank you for this unforgettable night again. Best track: Ultraviolet! Will see you tonight again!! Hope you can feel how much Argentina loves you.
Inner circle twice!!
It was an incredible night. Thank you for this unforgettable night again. Best track: Ultraviolet! Will see you tonight again!! Hope you can feel how much Argentina loves you.
thank you!!
Thx for that beautiful, beautiful night. The show was magnificent and I loved that you played Ultraviolet. A fantastic show! =)
I cannot thank enough!
One of the best shows I've ever been to! Thank you so much for this amazing night. I wasn't hoping for anything less, and I wasn't expecting such wonderful gig. Again. Thank you. And especially for 'Stuck in a moment', one of my favourite songs. I couldn't believe my ears when you started playing it. The show was flawless, such as Vertigo, back in 2006. I hope to see you soon again!
It was a real PARTY with dearest FRIENDS, because U2, now, are DEAREST FRIENDS !!!! Will be unbeliaveble if you can do better than last night, it was the best experience of my life ! Thank you guys, and Bono, I LOVE YOU FOR EVER !
Thank you for a wonderful night!!!
I love you, it was the best night ever, the best show ever!!! I want ore and i can´t wait to the next tour!!!!!!! The best track was Magnificent en Walk on!! Please, come soon to Argentina!!!! The argentinian people loves you!!!!!!!
La Plata, April 2nd
I loved tonight's show! I'm so glad that Bono actually knows the stadium is in the city of La Plata (capital of Buenos Aires province) and not in Buenos Aires city. They played Ultraviolet! I loved every song. I almost cried at the end because of the emotion.
Even better than march 30
Edge playing the guitar in front of me!
I have the pleasure to have been to the two concerts in Estadio Unico La Plata. If the first was pure emotion , the second tonight was strength, vibe and rock and roll.Thanks for the return of New Year`s day and Utraviolet... We`ll never forget U (2)... Best of the best!!
Finally I saw U2!!!
It was stunning! The show was totally great and I would see it a thousand times if I could!
April 2nd
Please please, let them know we want ULTRAVIOLET!!! We've already listen to this setlist last time in Buenos Aires!
From Bolivia to Buenos Aires
Hey U2...it's been a while since Santiago on the Vertigo Tour, which by far has been the best show ever. Now I think this time, Argentina will be even better....we'll see you next Saturday!!!! Hope you can include STUCK IN A MOMENT...in my humble opinion a perfect song to complete your setlist. Thanks for all the memories in a life time...April 2nd a new one to add! Jorge Dunn
Last night I dream with the show. And one of my friends had the same experience a few days ago. I CANT WAIT NO MORE... I dont care about the set list... but I really want to hear BULLET THE BLUE SKY Sorry for a horrible english (my english teacher will be proud, anywhere) Thanks
Hey U2!. Can't believe i'm just 5 days away to have one of the most expected and dreamed experiences in my life...meeting you!!!. I'd really want u to play all of my favourite songs, but i know they're on the setlist for sure. It would be a pleasure to hear Electrical storm live, but if it's not the case, being there with you would be the best thing EVER! Love you!
Flying from Bogota to Buenos Aires
Well can´t wait for the show to start.Will fly from Bogota on Monday to take a rest on Tuesday, and have lots of energy for Wednesday´s concert. Can´t believe it!!!! I have been waiting since the last concert which was in Bs As in 2006. Guess this time will be UNFORGETTABLE as the last time. cheers!!
U2 - the
Came back please ! come back , my baby Nazareno Not stop to scream U2! U2! like to see in the photo. Great, the best band around the world!
Pleaaaaase... Play Kite!!! The most beautiful!!!
Getting ready to leave the ground!!!
Hi, from Ecuador ready for the concert in La Plata!!!....check the photo of Bono Vox my dog!!!, maned after the great Paul Hewson!!!!...see you in La Plata!!!....1, 2, 3, 14 !!!!!!
intro with
please guys!!!! ....first! space odity!............................. the return of string guitar!! (bono dance" of corse!).... and finaldly......... magnificent"" or "breathe"". !!!!! explotion DE LOCURA GARANTIZADA!!!!!!!! Soy ruben de merlo!!!! see you in la plata el 2!!!!!!!! viva U2 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello from Venezuela!!!
Hi guys, my wife and me are so excited... because finally we're gonna see you playing live. Venezuelans are big fans of U2 and we hope someday you could visit us. For now, we'll fly to Buenos Aires and we expect a great night!!! Please... you have to play "Bad". it would be a great birthday gift for my wife :D
Ive been waiting all my life for see you!!! Well no was possible in Colombia, sad.... a lot fans were waiting x this show. :( .... so ill be there in BA!!!! Im very happy and ready for enjoy all!! Hello from Colombia Claudia :D
Still waiting...
I've been waiting five years just to see you all come back to Argentina. I couldn't go to Vertigo Tour in 2006, cause' i was too young in that moment. But now, I'm more than happy to have the ticket in my hand. I'd love you to play "Acrobat"... Although is a song not played very much in shows, I think it deserves an opportunity, and most of us are really keen on this song... It's lyrics and music are really good! And, I am still waiting for April 2nd...
2 april !!!
i can´t wait !! please, the edge has to sing!! see u soon!!
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