U2360° TOUR

Jul 30 2011
Moncton, NB, CA / Magnetic Hill Music Festival
with Carney, Arcade Fire

'Moncton, Hub City, where you gonna take us tonight?'

Moncton in Atlantic Canada was going to take us to the end of the world tonight, and then even further, to the end of U2360°,  the most successful concert tour of all time.

Two years after opening up in Barcelona in June, 2009 tonight the band played their final show in a record-breaking tour of  110 concerts  in 30 countries across 5 continents. It's been some ride and the fact it had rained all day and was moist underfoot here in Moncton was not going to stop anyone  in this 75,000-strong audience making this a night to remember.

A breathtaking flyover from the  Canadian Airforce  set the scene before the show along with  powerful opening sets from Carney and the one and only Arcade Fire.

'Extraordinary band, give it up for Carney,' said Bono, after Get On Your Boots.  'I don't know if there's vocabulary in English or French  to describe Arcade Fire. They asked to play here as they have a relationship with you guys. They're not like a band, more like a miraculous event, carnival of chaos...'

Six songs in and Moncton had put the 360° spaceship into orbit for one final trip: 'This is the best time we could be having anywhere,' explained Bono, adding that the band wanted to make the most of the fact that this is the end of the tour. 'Eighteen babies, two marriages in the crew, eight separations... over 7 million served!'

And the best thing about this remarkable structure they've played under night after night ? It has no roof, 'but that's because it won't rain - right?'

On bass guitar tonight, we had Adam Clayton. On drums, 'the man who gave us our first job', Larry Mullen. On guitar? 'People like to remind us that without Edge we'd be nothing... but without us, he'd still be in his room twiddling knobs.'
And at the microphone: 'My name is Bono, I'm a work in progress...'

'I have climbed highest mountains
I have run through the fields...'

The end of 'Still Haven't Found' segued into The Ballad of Springhill while the lyrics of 'Stay' were customised for the occasion.

'110 shows, strangely it feels like home
Glad my wife is here tonight, not a night to be alone
Just a bang and a clatter, as 360 leaves town...'

The night, like this tour, raced by. Special thanks to Live Nation, Universal Music, Principle Management and the unrivalled 360 Crew gave way to Moment of Surrender which was not to be the final song of the tour.
' We're a band from Dublin, Ireland. We're called U2..'
Out of Control, the band's first single,  was an inspired way to bring things to a close.
'A higher than high here, out on the Atlantic Coast
Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, Bono, The Edge... still... out of control.'

But there was one final piece of inspiration, marrying this legendary tour to the band's earliest tours. A bottle of champagne was found for Bono to uncork and the band left this audience, singing with so many others,  as the night came to an end.

'How long to sing this song
How long to sing this song ...'

Bono, Edge and Adam waited at the back of the stage for Larry to end '40' and once he did, he took the mike at the front of the stage; 'We'll miss you guys, Goodnight!'

With that the four members of U2, arms around each other, took a final bow and the U2360° spaceship was gone.

As Sandie put it on the U2.com online text feed, '360 has taken off to space! See you soon boys!'
OK,' chimed M31, 'I have to get back to my own galaxy, been away for two years now but it was worth it...'

Were you at the final night of the tour tonight? Was it your first U2 show - or your 101st? Tell us what it was like. Add your own review and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Moncton!

Stay in Moncton
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The tour will last forever in our hearts
I was in Morumbi-SP 09/04/2011, 10/04/2011 and 13/04/2011. I don´t know how we brazilians can thank the U2 Band for everything... the best I can think is: Bye boys and good vacation... see you soon I hope so!
Moncton 2011
Where was I the final night of the tour? I was rockin on the Hill to U2. It was my first U2 concert and it was simply AMAZING. I was speechless at the end of the night. U2 THANK YOU.
Fantastic, Amazing, Awesome,Fabulous
Last night was my first U2 concert EVER!! I have been a fan since the age of 15, now 25 years later, I finally got to see my all time favorite band live. The show was beyond my wildest dreams!! I sang along & danced during every song (even cried thru some). Thank U for coming to Moncton boys...it was truly an experience I will never forget...amazing from start to finish....a dream come true for me :-) Tanya :-)
Moncton-Last Stop
It was an amazing night. I was so happy that U2 came to my section of Canada. I thought the night was electric, even better than Montreal a few weeks ago. It was an honor to have the boys there and the opening acts were terrific.
2 shots happy, 1 shot sad!
What a blessing to be in Moncton last night to see the last show of the tour, mud and all. Thank you Thank you. What a month!
Religious Experience
I have always been a follower of the Church of U2 but this final night in Moncton I think I was speaking in tongue. I cried, sang, danced, laughed and felt connected with everyone in the stadium and those around the world. Carnay and Arcade Fire were phenomenal as well! CF-18s flying over our heads was breathtaking, and so was the awesome light show. I felt like I was in a music video the whole time. Kudos for the Ballad of Springhill chorus. I know it was appreciated by many!
I was at the U2 show in Moncton last night. It was memorable. You just knew you were witnessing an incredible moment in time never to be seen again. The energy on stage and in the crowd was un believable. It was incredible and will never be forgotten.
My first U2 on my 49th birthday!!!!
what a gift for my 49th birthday. After seeing the Rolling Stones 4 years ago in Moncton, I commented to friends "The only thing better were to be if U2 were to play here. That would make my life complete" And they played last night...oh, how they played. Thank you...
best show ever
mud or no mud in Moncton it was the best show ever!!!!!!! I loved the intro to beautiful day and how bono sang to his wife how much he loved her. It was the best part of the show!!! I hope u guys come back would love to see you on the hill again!!!!!!
Thank you U2
Thanks U2 for the best show in my life abd i will be at more of your shows in the future was well worth my price of admission in the reds!!! Thanks for coming to Moncton and please come back!!
Amazing show!
It took longer than expected to get into the venue; due mainly to mud and rain so I missed Carney. Arcade Fire was stellar. I was thrilled to hear Wake Up live. The wait for U2 to take the stage seemed to take for ever, not sure if it was really that long or if I was just that anxious to see the band walk out on the stage for my first ever U2 concert. To the delight of the crowd Canadian Forces Jets flew over 3 times doing some acrobatics behind the Claw [from my perspective]. Shortly thereafter, U2 walked onto the stage to Major Tom. The site erupted into a near deafening roar. Just watching them take the stage was a thrilling/memorable moment for me and it only got better from there. I can now truly understand why so many people have gone such great lengths to attend so many shows. Given our proximity to Springhill the Springhill Mining Disaster (snippet) was special, but it was all great! Loved 40 at the end!
First U2 Concert
This was our first U2 Concert, and it will not be our last. It was absolutely unbelievable...Please come back to the Maritimes!!
The end of te tour on my birthday
I was not able to be there but I was in heart and soul, I was stuck in a moment here in Montreal still reeling from the two fabulous nights on July 8-9 and celebrating 2 things- my birthday and the end of a spectacular tour U2 I LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU A WELL DESERVED BREAK. To all the fans worldwide , I will see you in 3-4 yrs from now when they come back right?God bless you U2 ,and your families. We will all be here waiting for you. With love. mariamontreal.
U2 360° Tour Moncton, NB photo by: Allan Zilkowsky
The show was ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! This was my first U2 concert and in my own town!! What a way to cross off my bucket list!
Wow the show amazing sitting on the edge the power and rhythmic edge breathless excited energy Reached as the stage took off The weather gods knew something special was coming they let it dry so Moncton Could see legends do what they do best send the musical rocket to space an amazing time Thanks
I am such a big fan....That is all I can say...Cannot wait to next disc and next tour..THANKS U2..
Best show ever
Merci beaucoup Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry. You guys are the most generous band I have ever seen. This was my first U2 show and I hope to have a chance to see you guys again. WOW... What more can I say, TWO AND A HALF HOURS of pure bliss ! Come back to Moncton any day, we will be happy to host you, anytime !!!
After the rain all the stars came out... Great Show! THANKS U2!
Last Night
Absolutely amazing. Being from the states all my life and now residing in the Maritime provinces there was nothing that I have seen in my 40 years that compares!!!! Fantastic show and fantastic atmosphere to see a show!!
Will never forget my first!
A big thank you to U2 for last night...I am one satisfied 1st timer...I will never forget this experience. Thank you for playing in my hometown...Hope we can do this again in the future...Now get some rest and quality time with your families...Lots of Love to you all <3
All I Can say is........Ground control t
Ok so in Summerside our idea of fun is milking the taxpayers of 1.3 million and coming up with a spin. This show overwhelms your senses except taste and based on the weed that was flying around,a wee bit of that also. Song list incredible;acoustics incredible and the 4 member band was out of this world.The bass to me was the best part as it just entered your eardrums and tore your inside to jello! Well done boys and see you next year!!!
Sound & music was awesome! Small venue made it up close and personal. The air show was a great anticipation builder. Saw the show on Sept 20, 2009 at Foxboro - gotta say, even with the mud, the Moncton show was much better. I hope that U2 made a DVD of the show. All tracks were great...
U2 Takes off from Moncton
Very emotional night for the band and the audience. Unbelievable spectacle here in Moncton. Best moment of the night..."Stay". Sad to see them go but looking forward to having them back!
Last but not least
Wish I was there as well. I´m sure Bono and the other guys left a nice message for their fans. Please, post all memorable moments at u2.com or youtube.
U2 in Moncton
Well worth the flight from British Columbia. Better than the 70th Birthday Tribute concert to Nelson Mandela in London I went to.
Sound & music was awesome! Small venue made it up close and personal. The air show was a great anticipation builder. Saw the show on Sept 20, 2009 at Foxboro - gotta say, even with the mud, the Moncton show was much better. I hope that U2 made a DVD of the show. All tracks were great...
Thank you
Dear U2 and the entire 360 crew, A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made lasting memories that will forever stay with me. Because of these 4 men, I have made countless amounts of new friends because of this tour. I will always be thankful for you because of the friendships you brought into my life. Rest up and hope to see you in 2013. Love, Iris
Party in São Paulo
In Brazil on July 28, U2BR fan club provided a worderful night at a pub Café Piu-piu in São Paulo remembering those fantabulous nights in Morumbi Station, even with the balloons!!! See the link below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL__RgXGhsc
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