U2360° TOUR

Jul 11 2011
Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with Interpol
'Come on now Hogtown...  in the summer night, where  you going to take us?
'Under the pale moon...where you going to take us?'

Tonight Toronto took us from 'Real Thing' in the 1990's to 'I Will Follow' in the 1970's, from 'Scarlet' in the 1980's to Moment of Surrender which was first played live when this tour opened over  two years ago. We travelled, as usual, on the U2360° spaceship, the night flew by and in the end we were all just stars shining in the summer night - not just inside the Rogers Centre but right across the city.

'Didn't know U2 was in town,' tweeted andrispone. 'Then I heard this ringing on my balcony that sounded like The Edge. Sure enough, the lid is open at the Dome'

'We're free to fly the crimson sky
The sun won't melt our wings tonight.
Oh now, oh yeah, here she comes
Take me higher, take me higher
You take me higher, you take me higher....'

A lot can happen in two years, explained Bono, apologising for the delay in the band's arrival here. Adam is 'walking differently because he's become a father',  Larry has a film out, Edge has had an idea for a new musical. 'Who can fathom the workings of this man's mind? A genius on guitars and everything else... very good at train sets.'

'Faraway, so close
Up with the static and the radio.
With satellite television
You can go anywhere:
Miami, New Orleans
London, Belfast....Toronto in the summer sun.'

'Can we take this space station any higher on a Monday night?' Elevation is rocket-fuel for a U2 crowd seven nights a week and sure enough it took this show into warp mode: 'Noisy, noisy folks. Don't tell us you treat all your rock stars like this!'

Special thanks tonight to Arthur Fogel of Live Nation 'Who believed in this tour when it was just a rock star wanting to take a space ship around the world. You should be proud, he's one of your own... Canadian.
'You're incredible people, you've got an incredible country. Thanks for loaning it to us for the evening...'

Did the lid of the Dome open for you in Toronto tonight? What took you higher?

Some fans are, to quote a song, 'geniuses of compression' - like @GeraldtonSteve on Twitter who summed it up: 'Weather cooperated, dome stayed open, epic setlist, amazing lightshow. Thanks, #U2360TOR Worth the 15 hour drive.'

If you were at the show at the Rogers Centre add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Toronto!

Stay in Moncton
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staring at the evening sun
Toronto, July 11, 2011
A fond farewell - until U2360 lands agai
Awesome, awesome, awesome - what more can be said!!! 7/11/11 - a terrific masterpiece of a concert by Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry at Rogers Centre, Toronto. As much of a musical masterpiece as their engineering masterpiece of a stage - "The Claw" - seen 7/12/11, in a Rogers Centre Tour Experience, as it was being dismantled.
Hate to say it but...
The boys really "mailed in" this performance. I have been to a few shows on this tour and many U2 shows in my life and went away with nothing memorable from this show. You sure can tell that the tour is winding down and they would like to forget all about No Line on the Horizon. Songs from the new album are almost absent from the set list. Sorry boys, hope next tour lives up to all you can be.
a new U2 fan is born
What an amazing show. I went with my 4 year old son, it was his first concert ever. To anyone whose view we blocked with him dancing on my shoulders, my apologies! He had an incredible time. He got a smile from Adam and Bono, and a setlist from a fellow fan as well as a roadie. Lots of high fives and smiles from other fans too. It was great to watch the show through his eyes, and made for a great memory for my wife and I. Thanks to the U2 for the show, and for being the kind of band that you can take your kids to without a second thought!
No Freebies Tonight
The boys of U2 showed up in perfect form and rocked the house, but even more impressive was the 62,000 fans yes real U2 fans that never gave a moments rest from Even Better than the Real Thing , until the band had their Moment of Surrender . Just goes to show how great a rock show can be when no tickets are given as freebies. This night belonged to the city of Toronto, the great country we call CANADA and the thousands of fans that all came together for a couple of hours to celebrate something we all have in common, U2.
The whole show was absolutely fabulous. We had gone to the two shows in Montreal and they were great but were in the inner circle for the Toronto show. Thank you U2 for making me go crazy and feel magnificent. Hoping that there will be another tour in the next few years.
Loved the show, guys sounded great the Red Zone rocked. what come I say a life long fan I am and never a dull point.. Rock On
well worth the 2 year wait amazing show full of excitement, energy and entertainment, INCREDIBLE!!! anticipating the next tour already! lol
Waited all my life for last night
Since I was 15 (now 38) I dreamed to see the greatest band of my generation. Last night I did it in the best country in the world. Canada. Thanks Bono, thanks U2.
Beautiful Day in TO
Wow what an amazing concert U2 rocked the whole time...loved it from beginning to end... so worth the year long wait and the wait in the line to make it into the inner circle middle stage right in front of Bono...night to remember for sure...<3 U2
Toronto July 11, 2011
Great show last night! Got some great shots from RZ 2!
Incredible show. I was at the 2009 show in Toronto and this was every bit as good if not better. My personal highlight was probably "Hold me thril me kiss me , kill me"I thought the roof of the dome was going to lift off. Oh yeah it already was off lol.
Amazing Night
Again, this is one of many shows for us - but again another memorable night. Great birthday for me. So happy that my kids came and enjoyed this experience of a life time! Thank you to U2 - the greatest band in the world!!!!
U2 once again, spectacular. "magnificent" is the only word i could come up with. thank you Bono,Edge,Larry and Adam you keep me alive. Live, laugh, love.
wonderful show
never heard zooropa or scarlet played live, or seen someone record it on youtube, so its was the first time ive e3ver heard it live rocked my night!!!
What a night! What a show! I can hardly wait to see the lads again - Miss you already. Tears. Happy tears, but tears. Helen
Simply Amazing.
Thank you U2 for the many years or great music and the incredible shows you bring us. I would love to see a DVD of the Toronto show.
Great show in T.O.
What a great show! Lost my voice again. Thank you boys for making another U2 show memorable. It was my 8 year old first U2 concert and he loved every minute of it. Nath
It has all come down to this. My 30th U2 show......my hometown show.
Fantastique show vendredi à Montréal! Énergie incroyable dans la foule! Spectacle magique... Bono et sa gang exceptionnels! Thank you U2!
Will be a Beautiful Day in Toronto tomor
Also going to see U2 for my birthday!!!!! Hoping to see Electrical Storm or The Hands That Built America!!!!!
almost time
almost time to see u2 again...will be my 7th u2 concert...I am from halifax as well and we will see you in moncton for my 8th show....it doesnt get any better than this
Toronto here I come!
Hooray! The countdown is into the final hours....so looking forward to it!
heading to the Toronto Concert with `cheeky bugger`..Cant wait, gonna be a brilliant weekend !!!!!!
You are the best !
My 1st U2 show, and am excited as this is my birthday present to myself - that I bought over a year ago - Happy 50 th to me ! Its gonna be a blast .
So Excited!!
Will be my third U2 concert (until I see you in Moncton for the final show)! Would love to see One Tree Hill, especially after you played it the other night!
Please play All I Want Is You
We are coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia to see this show - so please play it for my wife. She has seen U2 10 times in the last 6 years and has never heard All I Want Is You live.
Request for Bono!
Well, it has been quite a journey since my first U2 show back in 1985 at the Montreal Forum! I was totally blown away and never saw a crowd singing in unison that way (still the case)! Would be so delighted if a little more oldies, such as 2 Hearts Beat as One, could be in TO next week!
Dutchies are celebrating Birthday in To
i `am so glad to see the toronto show on my birthday, Greetings Marcel,Amsterdam Holland
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